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  • How can you tell if a food has Vitamin K?

    I never see "Vitamin K" on a label before.

    4 AnswersMedicine8 months ago
  • How much Omega 3 does Avocado have?

    I'm wondering if I can take Omega 3 supplements along with eating avocados. I don't want to intake too much Omega 3. Does half an avocado gives you enough Omega 3 per day that you wouldn't need supplements?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness8 months ago
  • Do eggs lose their B vitamins when you cook them?

    I read vitamins like B and C get destroyed when heated up.

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness9 months ago
  • How can I see a dentist outside of my month away appointment?

    I noticed I have a cavity on my molar and my dentist appointment is on January. which is faraway. I want to do something about this cavity now but how?

    3 AnswersDental3 years ago
  • Did fish oil helped your body?

    I'm currently taking Natrol fish oil and I see so many videos and artificials saying not to take fish oil and eat real fish instead or something else to get omega 3, because of the risk of prostate cancer. It's making me debate whether I should continue taking fish oil or not.

    5 AnswersMen's Health3 years ago
  • Why when I download a zip file it become a RAR file?

    This happened just recently and I don't know how. Now whenever download a zip, it looks like a RAR file instead of a zip and some of them cannot be opened by just clicking on them. How do I make it go back to zip?

    3 AnswersSoftware5 years ago
  • Is there such a thing as a mouse hovering Romaji dictionary?

    It gets tiring having to copy and paste all the words into a dictionary to see what all the words means. Is there an add on or something where I can put my mouse on the word and it will tell me what it means?

    1 AnswerWords & Wordplay5 years ago
  • Can a DVR record a second Laptop monitor?

    If I connect my Laptop to my HDTV Samsung 5000 with VGA to VGA, will the DVR be able to record whatever the Laptop is showing on the HDTV or any other HDTV screen recorder? There's some games that are too laggy on my Laptop when I record it with screen recording softwares. I use Windows XP.

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks5 years ago
  • What is this Kanji?

    What's that Kanji that is between the ば and い?

    Can somebody type it just so I can copy and paste it into notepad? I'm using a website to draw Kanji symbols and I'm surprised that none of the results looks similar to that Kanji, no matter how I draw it even though it looks easy to draw.

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration5 years ago
  • How was this Japanese translation done?

    This translation was done by someone else and I wanna know how he did it, just so I can have a clue on how to make romaji sentences into a English sentence. I know when you translate a Japanese sentence, the romaji words are going to be in a different order subject, object and verb. That I know and the goal is to make it into subject, verb, object but this isn't the problem I'm having. This is the sentence:

    今日から、 この新しい部で新しい生活が始まる。

    The romaji sentence:

    Kyō kara, kono atarashī bu de atarashī seikatsu ga hajimaru.

    The translation:

    Starting today, I will start my new life in this brand new room.

    I know 今日から/Kyō kara means starting today. kono means "this", the two atarashī means "new" bu is part, section, or department which I think is suppose to be the word "room" in the translation. de is "in" and finally hajimaru means start or begin. What I want to know is where does the "I will" comes from in the translation? Also where does the word "brand" come from if none of the romaji words means brand?

    1 AnswerLanguages5 years ago
  • Can someone give me an example on how to translate Japanese sentences?

    What should I know about when translating a sentence? There's a visual novel I want to read but nobody is translating it so I have no choice but to learn Japanese. What would be the correct translation for this in English?


    Google Translate: Current text display speed,


    Google Translate: Otomo is a sample of one de rate of progression.

    Now when I put them together, it comes out different.

    現在のテキスト表示速、 オートモ一ド進行速度のサンプルです。

    Current text display speed, is a sample of one Otomo de rate of progression.

    Yes I know google translate can be really bad, which is why I wanna learn how to translate text better than the online translators. I was using google translate just to see what the sentence would look like. I have no problem with Kanji because I can just use a site that lets you draw the symbols then see what word it means by using a translator.

    1 AnswerLanguages5 years ago
  • How to record second monitor being displayed on HDTV?

    I have a VGA to VGA cable that connects my Laptop to my HDTV Samsung 5000. It creates a second monitor and I want to know what I can use to record the second monitor that is being shown on my HDTV? There's a PC game I want to record and any screen recording software I use lags the game. So I thought if I use an outside hardware to record it, the game won't lag.

    2 AnswersMonitors6 years ago
  • Why no sound on Laptop after using turtle beach?

    I plugged my turtle beach headset into my Laptop usb and whenever I take it out, there's no sound coming from the Laptop speakers. The sound will comeback when I restart it but how do I get the sound back without restarting?

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks6 years ago
  • How do I use a Pinnacle Dazzle with an HDTV?

    I know how to use it on a SDTV with a RCA Modurator Modulator along with RCA splitters since the SDTV didn't have input components but how do I use it on an HDTV? The game doesn't show up in Windows Movie Maker, no matter how I connect it. It just shows a black screen. I know the yellow goes in the green. The HDTV is a Samsung 5000 and I'm trying to record PS3 games.

    2 AnswersHome Theater6 years ago