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  • Need Help, Used Car Dealer, Small Claims?

    I'll try to keep short again. Year ago I bought a used VW, car ran good, then timing chain broke and bent valves, car quit, wouldn't move no more. Dealer said he would try to fix, only if I sign goodwill agreemnt first. Goodwill said, no guarantee fix will work, car still AS-IS, may be damaged while fixing, he not paying for rental or hotel. Month later car running good. He offer to fix wipers because rubber gone and scratching glass, but I need sign first, so that fixed too. He said that since I had no car that month, he would give it to me free, and gave me a receipt on a payment I did not make. Unlike before, he didn't get my signature on this, we didn't have this agreement, but he did it anyway. FTC says you can sue a dealer for fraud or misrepresentation. I have evidence that he misrepresented my payment. Clerk at court gave me papers to fill out, says I can sue for damages (1X) + punitive damages (3X), for a total of 4X. But what do I sue for, just the payment $420 X4 = $1680? Or the whole thing, $8,700 X4 = 34800? I'm in Nevada, small claims max is 10k, anything more go to arbitration because I signed agreement, but I want more than 1680. How do I do that? I dont need grief, just help, please help

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  • Need Help Filing Suit Against Used Car Dealer?

    I'll try to keep it short. Nearly a year ago I bought a used car from a Buy Here, Pay Here dealer. I made my payments, car ran good, everybody happy until the car broke. Timing chain broke, bent valves, really bad. I talked to dealer, and he convinced me to sign a goodwill agreement, stating that he would try to fix, but no guarantee fix would work, the car is still AS-IS, no guarantee there would not be additional damage, he would not pay for rental, etc... Month later, I get the car back, and it runs good. Thing is, he tried to surprise me by saying he wouldn't charge me this month, and gave me a receipt showing that I paid for this month, when I had not. That wasn't agreed to in the agreement, and FTC says that you can sue a dealer for fraud if the dealer misrepresents or omits material facts. I still have the receipt as evidence. I went to court and got paperwork I need for small claims. Said I can sue for damages (X1) + punitive (X3), for a total of 4 times the damages. So I owe 8,700 and my payments are $420 a month. So what can I sue for, my balance X4 which is $34,800? Or just that one payment, X4 which would be $1,680? I know I wouldn't be able to get the $34,800 because the limit in Nevada is $10,000, but I want more than just the $1,680.

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