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  • How do you change an E - 1st guitar string on an acoustic guitar?

    Every time I try to replace it, the string snaps and breaks. My problem is every time I try to tighten it up by winding it up it just snaps, the instructions on paper and online don't tell you when to stop winding. What am I doing wrong? I've gone through two E-1st strings trying to replace it and I'm getting annoyed, frustrated and angry. And don't tell me to take it to a music store or guitar center because they'll charge money which I don't have right now.

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  • How can I stop feeling bad? (coronavirus is ruining my chances for a relationship)?

    My name is William I’m 22 years old and I have Asperger’s syndrome. This coronavirus pandemic is ruining my chances to get a relationship. If I was the president I would be demanding war with China because it’s their fault we are in this coronavirus mess. I’ve never had a girlfriend nor have I been kissed before and my friends constantly poke fun at me, but they’re the ones who’ve never been screwed out of relationships, before the coronavirus every time I tried to talk to a girl in real life they always have a boyfriend. I’ve tried online dating I even had dates with online girls but they never turn into anything and I don’t know why I quit social media because I’m tired of everybody talking about their girlfriends and if a friend has a girlfriend I cut them out of my life, my friends also never try to hook me up with a girl despite making fun of me. So how can I stop feeling bad with all this crap with the coronavirus, I was making good progress but the Chinese ruined it. So how can I stop feeling bad about being single

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  • What should I do?

    I am in a film directing class taught by a professional film director, I'm. struggling in that class, my problem is assembling a cast and crew, I have trouble finding actors and crew on my projects in that class I've always had to resort to doing everything myself I act, write, direct, sound mix and all, and every time I do that I get criticized, for my final directing project assignment I was planning on shooting a script I had wrote in scriptwriting class, I love the script, it's something I want to see made but thanks to nobody replying to my messages on the film school's facebook page, now since I can't get anybody to help me it looks like my script won't be able to come alive, I can't go to the acting agencies because their fees are to ridiculously expensive, money I can't afford at the moment, I mean crew wise is it really that hard to help someone for at least three hours on one day? I'm pretty pissed off because if I do it on my own I'll get a low grade and get criticisms, so what should I do?

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  • eHarmony question?

    I try to pay for my 10.95 a month for 12 months subscription but I get the term agreement:

    "I agree that I will be charged $131.40 today, for a total of $131.40 for a 12 month term; my subscription will automatically renew on these same terms until I cancel; I authorize eharmony to charge my card now and upon each renewal; and a cancellation will be effective on the next renewal date of my subscription."

    I can't afford to pay 131.40 in one day just 10.95 a month, do I really get charged 131.40 right then or do I still get to pay 10.95 a month?

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  • I'm Stuck on Dead Space 2?

    I m on chapter 6 where you have to battle those baby things in the auditorium my problem is I have about 3,00o credits, low health and ammo most of it being used on that back creature thats at the end of the auditorium I can t seem to get any more pulse rifle ammo I keep getting killed by those baby things, how long does it normally take for the next area to open? advice?

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  • How would I categorize my manuscript.?

    my book is about a group of teenagers battling the demon ZoZo, would I chose the young adult category because the protagonists ate teenagers or the horror category because it has a lot of cuss words like "****" and "****" and a lot of mature moments.

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors3 years ago
  • What am I doing wrong in Destiny?

    So I'm trying to beat the mission Songs From the Void on the Rise of Iron where you got to defeat the abomination but overtime I do that mission nothing happens The Marker for the mission is still there I even defeated the abomination myself what am I doing wrong I'm tired of this mission

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games3 years ago
  • Where can I get my novel manuscript published?

    I am a beginning writer My manuscript is done the problem I have is finding a publisher my genre is young adult comedy. There are websites like,, etc. my problem is are these websites trustworthy because I worked hard on this novel I've been working on this for years and I don't want it to go to waste

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  • None of my friends want to do jackass like stunts with me?

    My name is William and I'm 19 years old and it is my dream to make people laugh and entertain people and I want to do stunts that won't destroy my ureathra my friends won't do it because they are afraid of getting hurt but I don't care if I hurt myself as long as I make people laugh and entertain them I also want to pitch this to a tv studio but how can I convince them to help me or where can I find people who will do this with me

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  • Anybody know some haunted locations in Oklahoma they'll let you investigate all night?

    Hi I'm William and I'm a 19 year old film student and I have an upcoming assignment where I'm suppossed to make a documentary. I was inspired by Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures to do a documentary about ghosts with me and a couple friends stating all night in haunted locations but the problem is getting permission I wanted to investigate at a haunted fort but the people wouldn't let us. So my question is does anybody know of haunted locations in Oklahoma that will let us investigate all night? If that doesn't work I was planning to do what Paranormal State on A&E did and just post on Craigslist that we're looking for haunted locations to investigate all night

    2 AnswersParanormal Phenomena4 years ago
  • Question about canon rebel t5i and I movie?

    Hi I'm William and I have a canon rebel t5i, the newest MacBook, and the newest iMovie. I try to import my video through connected usb instead of plugging the memory card in but when I import to iMovie only the first few seconds come in and then the rest cuts to black, I'm confused and angry, I've been having a lot of problems with tech all my life and I'm sick of it, what am I doing wrong?

    1 AnswerCameras4 years ago
  • What does "not provided by employer" mean on Snagajob?

    So I'm getting that message and it doesn't make sense I filled out the application and everything it's pissing me off because it's hard for me finding a new job

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  • I have a question about job applications?

    I my name is William and I'm 18 years old I'm trying to apply for retail jobs currently and on the applications it says list your last three employers, assignments, or volunteer activities starting with the most recent including military experience but the thing is I only had 2 jobs or volunteer work in the past and the first one was at my dad's business so I had no application and the second one was a fast food job I got at so on those I left the third column blank as I only had 2 jobs but do I leave it blank or what?

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  • What Earth do you think the DC Extended Universe takes place on?

    So Supergirl's Earth is reveled to be Earth 38 while there's Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth 3, Earth 17, and Earth 19. Since Geoff Johns confirmed that the Arrowverse and the DC Extended Universe are seperate but coexist there's got to be an Earth somewhere. I personally think the DC Extended Universe takes place on Earth 0 or Prime Earth. In the current comics Earth 1 and Earth 0/Prime Earth are sepereate universes from each other. But what Earth do you all think the DC Extended Universe takes place on?

    1 AnswerComics & Animation4 years ago
  • Why am I never given a chance, anywhere else I can go?

    Hi I'm William, first off I attend a tech school studying film and I feel I'm never given a chance to shine I'm on my last year there and we were suppose to pitch a student film idea. Filmmaking is my dream and is being a director but I never got to direct anything big and today I find out I wasn't chosen to direct a student film. I had a lot of issues come up at the last moment and I had a very bad title, I don't believe I was given a fair chance with our judges. Since I didn't get greenlighted is there any film school where everyone gets to direct a student film not just some, because I'm done being treated as an errand boy by my school and m tired of everyone not liking my ideas. I'm also tied of not getting my chance to shine. Also those who didn't get greenlighted only get to shoot the first scene but to me that's a big **** you to my face as I find it very useless for my reel or whatever you call it

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  • Need help with title ideas.?

    Hello I'm William and in my class we are making short films about 5 to 10 minutes long and I need help with title ideas. My short film is about to girls who runaway from an evil cult and must find their way out of the woods. I've narrowed my title ideas to Runaways, Cult in the Woods, Leaving Polygamy, and Out of the Woods. I want to know your thoughts and if you have any ideas of your own, I'm open for suggestions

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  • Advice for my entertainment production future??

    My name is William I'm 18 years old and I have a question.

    So I want to be a filmaker well sort of.

    You see I first want to create a tv show it will be called "Misfits of Class" and it's a live action teen sitcom/slapstick about Two kids named Thomas and Henry as they navigate their Boarding school I want to pitch it to Disney Channel or Nickelodeon it would make refrences to Henry's favorite punk bands his favorite being My Chemical Romance and Thomas who loves superhero stuff and makes jokes and refrences to them and would constantly wear superhero shirts Marvel doesn't care the The big bang Theory/Warner Bros. makes references to them hy should Paramount or Disney care if I make refrences to DC heroes, but any way the pilot script is almost complete but not yet, I plan on finishing tech school then going to college and then getting my show ptiched and after the show is done I would gone on to do films, if you guys are wondering about a portfolio, my youtube channel IS my portfolio

    here is the link to it:

    If you want to know why haven't made any short films on it, it's because I don't have the time or energy thanks to my current job but I'll start again soon once I'm back in tech school and if you go to my first video I created a lot of things in High school which I hope to upload later, so yeah any other advice is nice.

    2 AnswersOther - Entertainment4 years ago
  • Do I have o pay for a damaged ar if the accident wasn t my fault?

    Hi listen I got into a fender bender today the car behind me hit me and it was at the conclusion that it wasn t my fault my car a jeep was not damaged to my bumbers being made of titanium nothing wrong with my car the the driver behind me car s front was damaeged it s obvious I don t have to pay for it but is there anything else I need to do even though my car wasn t damaged and the accident wasn t my fault, also do I have to pay anything if the accident wasn t my fault (I have Farmers" insurance)

    4 AnswersInsurance & Registration4 years ago
  • I'm mad :(?

    My name is William I'm 18 years old.

    Ever since I was little I had a passion for making movies I have 2 screenplays written down one is about the life of Nero and the other is about drug trafficing but now I found out you need a portfolio like where the hell do I get one, then I found out going to film school will not help you even if you have a bachlors degree, plus when I got to a website that greenlights films they need a trailer now how the **** am I suppose to make one if I don't have ******* equipment or money to make anything.

    I mean I have a great vision ad yet no one cares in this day and age why.

    What can I do?

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