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I have been working in IT and administration since 1994 and have extensive experience in a variety of computing areas. I am NOT currently impressed with how this site works. Other message boards appear to work much better. I can't believe I can't post a new comment to a question, and I'm not sure that merely editing my comment will allow notify the author of a change.

  • Need Collection Agency/Service?

    I have a client who has not paid their bill for several months or even acknowledged that I send them bills. I'm going to try a few more things, like a certified letter and the like, but assuming that fails, I'd like to send them to a collection agency of some sort. So... Do you know any such service in the USA serving NY (Long Island, in particular) that will accept single instance collections? In other words, companies that don't have a minimum number of collections I need before they handle them? The amount due is over $300

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