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  • My philosophy on guitar work. You're thoughts?

    I live I'm a 'poor'' town.. If a beginner can only afford a $100 Abileen that's what they can afford. If they ask how can I string it left, I tell them. Is it right? No. BUT if they play it a month of days and are rrally try, who am I to tell them? They will go to a teacher and they will tell them "You're guitar needs set up. It will be easier to play.".

    It's a $100 guitar. I'll make it more playable. If they stick to it, many don't, they will want to step up as soon as they can. They'll buy a base Samick hopefully be able to pay the extra for a lefty. If not they bring it to me. I'm not bracing, radius a fretboard on a $200 guitar because they're broke. I make it more than playable and I don't charge what a new braced new fret board or radiusing one cost. I want the kid to play. Not get scared every time he comes to me. I'll sit and talk to them. Save your money and find a lefty. Until then I'll work with you. I do this to help ppl. I charge them what I know they can afford. I've done working musicians, bar band garage bands guitars on fronts. if they can't pay me the rest of what's owed. I won't see them again. IDC. I'm old, I'm retired and my income is fine with or without their money. Do I get boned, sure. It's a risk I can take. If I've made one person happy. I'm happy. I want to give ppl their shot. What's wrong with that?

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  • I've read a lot of comments about 5w30 used instead of 10w30?

    I live in Arizona. These are reasons I've used 10w30. My neighbor worked at the Ford proving grounds. Their petroleum engineer said he personally "... wouldn't use 5w anything in any vehicle he owned.".

    I had my Hyundai serviced at local Hyundai here in NW AZ every 3000 mi. The manual states 5w30. The receipt read they used 10w30. They said Winter or summer thats what we use here.. Brand new car being serviced by the manufacturer they wouldn't use 5w in AZ

    I change the oil at 5000 now using only OEM filters, but have switched to Mobil 1 high mileage 10w30. There's 90k on car. It has been totally dependable. It doesn't leak or burn a drop of oil. Never a warning light Combined it avg 28 mpg.

    If I changed to 5w30 what benefits are possible? The next oil/filter change will take me into fall.


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  • Does anyone own a Sig 556008 DMR? On ejt do the cases hit the recvr and are your ejection piles?

    My ejection pile isn't a pile. It scatters from my 1 to my 5 sometimes my 6 and the shells are anywhere from 15 to 25 feet. Some I never find. Also when the cases ejt they knock the finish off of the reciever and creases the neck. I've lightened the extractor spring, which stopped the dragging cases across the ejector, putting a huge crease in the case. The ejection pile still scatters the same, cases still hit the back of the ejt port and it occasionally bends a neck. This happens with any ammo I use. 72gr match to 55gr M855. Its chambered 5.56x45 NATO

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