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  • How to know if burn wound is infected?

    I got a second degree burn 3 days ago and the nurse put ointment on it and a bandaid and prescribed me with ointment. Later that day when i took off the bandaid it kind of ripped my skin and opened another wound. I haven’t covered neither wound for the past 3 days because my mom said I need to let it breathe and she told me not to let the wound touch water. The big wound to the smaller wound looks a bit reddish purple and there’s yellow scab around the bigger wound. I got ointment for it yesterday and put it on at night but I’m worried it may be infected and I told my mom and she said I’m overreacting and compared my burn to her old cut :/

    1 AnswerInjuries2 weeks ago
  • Bowel problem?

    So for the longest time I've always had pebble poop but sometimes it would be normal poop. I've went to my doctor about it but she just said to take laxatives which I do but my poop always seem to be pebbles. It's not small pebbles though they're some what large. I eat vegetables and fruits twice a day and drink around 16 oz of water a day. I don't really know what else to do. Is this a serious problem?

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 months ago
  • I didn't brush my teeth after eating gummies, is this bad?

    I've had a history with cavities due to not brushing my teeth one year but for the past 2 years I've been free of cavities. I brushed my teeth before going to bed but I got hungry and I ate some gummies but then I forgot to brush my teeth again before going to bed. Am I going to get a cavity from this??

    2 AnswersDental9 months ago