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dad song

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i love dad songs about killing dads when your drunk

  • should my kids move schools?

    my daughter stabbed a kid with a pencil should she be taken to a new school. she said it was because he liked someone else

    7 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education11 months ago
  • should i let my newly found son get lit?

    So i just found out that my old high school girlfriend has a son and it is mine. i just can't even believe it i just think it is crazy. i can not believe i have another kid. don't get me wrong i'm thrilled i have a son but its just crazy i never knew. he is 17. she has me spending time with him and stuff and i am introducing him to his half sisters and my family. he is really amazing and everything i could ask for. but with that being said i know he is a teenage boy and wants to experience things. i caught him with a girl in his room and they were not fully dressed, he went to a party and got super wasted, and he got high with his friends. i'm not mad about this i mean i did things too we all do but i just want to make sure he is alright and make sure my girls are not being exposed to too much. what should i do.

    5 AnswersMental Health1 year ago
  • should my daughter get an Instagram?

    my daughter is only 8 but really wants an Instagram she said she would make her account private but i still worry about pedos

    25 AnswersOther - Internet1 year ago
  • should i go to my ex wives wedding?

    hey i am scared i was invited to my ex wives wedding after she has not talked to me in over a year. i want to have a good relationship with her though for our kids. she is marring the guy she cheated on me with and i am getting over it and moving on with my life but i still feel a bit of tension could come out of this. i want to be the best dad i can to my girls though they mean more to me than my pride and i feel like i need to suck it up and go for them but at the same time what if it is the wrong move.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • 7 year old bf?

    all my daughter wants for Christmas is a boyfriend and she is only 7 this worries me is she the hoe of first grade idfk but i hope not i don't know what to do help

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • will my mom be offended if i get her a dildo?

    my mom has been single for a year now my dad left her for a younger woman so i want to get her a dildo for christmas do you think she will be offended. is it a good idea.

  • Christmas gift ideas?

    i have a friend who is kinda sporty and im not sure what to get her for christmas she is 17 and babysits my kids for me when i am at work but im also on a budget so what would be a giid gift under like 7 dollars.

    4 AnswersPolitics2 years ago
  • if my moms say i'm a bad dad is it true.?

    my moms say i'm a bad single dad. they are woman who raised 4 kids so maybe they know best. i try my best being a single dad rasing 2 daughters. i struggle to relate to them but i try they are still kinda young. i work and provide for them but im trying to play two roles. i could be better but they say i dont do near enough and that i need to stop feeling sorry for myself.

    2 AnswersFamily2 years ago