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Cooking , cleaning, working are my favorites besides taking the kids out and spending times at home staying cozy with my husband.

  • Is my husband overreacting?

    My husband and my ex are always fighting. My exes cousin touched me inappropriately in front of my son while he was sleeping. I told my husband and he doesn't want my exes cousin around me or our son. My ex needed help to get some of his things from our place and brought his cousin after my husband told him not to bring him and he did anyway cause that is the only person he has. My ex takes care of our son although he isn't his. We have a daughter together, my ex and I and he is a great father. When my ex tries to hit on me or try to make moves on me I tell my husband and he gets angry. He doesn't want our son around him when he does things like that. My husband wanted to call the cops on him because my ex had our son taking him to park.

    my husband is just overall upset because he brought his cousin to our house to help my ex move things out while he was at work. He has never met or spoken to my exes cousin and yet he hates him so much. Is my husband overreacting.

    Also my ex took care of his son since he was born because my husband was not around at that time. He didn't talk to me at all while I was ending my pregnancy.

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  • Would you date a male massage therapist?

    My daughters father is a LMT. I am kind of old fashioned and would rather much date a man who does hard work. I thought only women and gay men do the profession. Most men I hear that are into it are to only get touchy with women.

    To my point, I have known him for about 4 years. We have a daughter and live together but not together. He just became a massage therapist about a year ago and all I do is support him. I recently told him I never saw myself dating someone in that profession. I am not sure if its the thought of him rubbing people all day. Or some of the clients getting off to him rubbing them. He has client numbers and they call late for him to come over. I tell him not after 8 its just not professional. He thinks I'm overreacting and I'm insecure. Which I'm not. Just not comfortable.

    Please tell me your experiences or would you date a male masseur.

    Would love to here honest opinions from male masseurs too.

    Thank You all!

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  • He doesnt love me anymore does he? If so, what to do?

    ok well we have been together for 3 years. we are not together but I am currently pregnant with his child. He doesnt come around but he calls when he wants and check on me. Says he loves me but never wants to be around me. I miss him and want him back. What do you suggest?

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  • Is sex on the first date keeping guys from being a good friend to me or being the one?

    Here is how it works...I meet a guy and the same day we have sex.Crazy wild aggressive sex or slow passionate sex.I have had sex with guys I really like and I wanted them to be the one.But we end up not taking and my interest turns off and we never talk anymore.Now I met this guy last night and I think I really do like him and yes we did have sex last night for 4 hours straight and I hope we will talk again because I would like to talk to him again.So guys if a girl sleeps with a guy on the first date, do they think she sleeps with everyone and they dont want them...or do some have feelings sometimes and dont care. I can never wait its just Im an sex addict and cant help it.

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  • Did she choose him over me?

    It all started on my 18th birthday. I had a big party and I invited tons of my friends,even my best friend I knew for 16 years. Well she has a boyfriend and they have been together almost a year and we hate each other for something in the past.She told him she was going to my party and he told her if she goes he wouldn't talk to her and he would be mad at her for going to see me on my birthday.So she called me up and told me she wasnt going because her mom said no...(which she lied) It was her boyfriend told her not to.Now am I wrong or was she?

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  • Please help me.?

    I just need to know what site can I go to so I can play Harvest Moon online but I cant seem to find one and play it for free.I get pretty bored and I really enjoy that game.Guys mostly know where right?

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  • I want to satisfy him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(guys opinoins)?

    Well I have been dating this guy for two weeks now and we really like each other.We had sex twice but I want to satisfy him and do something different.Dont get me wrong I know how to do alot of things and I am pretty flexible and I wouldnt mind giving him a ********. I just want your opinions on what feels good to a guy coming from his girlfriend besides money. :)

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  • Am I afraid?

    Well I am dating this new guy and its almost been two weeks we have been together,but every guy I ever dated I usually dump them pretty early but the ones I really like and I fall for something always happens like they would die,turn gay or disappear and I like the new guy but I am worried I am pushing him away but I dont think I want to lose him and I am trying to be less of a cheater because I use to cheat on guys i dated but i have changed. I really want to work things well with him and want to make it where we be together for longer times than my exs am I scared and pushing him away or am I just want to be single?

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  • Is he using me or does he really like me?

    Well this is kind of complicated right now so I met this guy and we set a date for thursday and we had sex and we barely knew each other for a week.Then after he left to Frisco to visit his mom, and I am kind of confused because he lives with his ex-girlfiend and he is trying to raise money to move out on his own so I can move in with him...But we haven't talked in a while because he says if his ex sees him talking to another girl she will put him out but he wants me to be friends with her so I can go and chill with him so I won't feel like bad.So are they together or am I over reacting.And their might be a possibility that I am pregnant by him.Please help me I need answers before Tuesday I think I am in love for the first time.

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  • What is wrong with a guy if he doesn't have sex with you?

    Well this guy i have known for a good two or three months we talk sometimes and when he isn't at work and around 11 or twelve at night he tells me I can come over if i want.Then when I do I want to have sex but then he asks me for a ******** and i give it to him and he says I will give you what ever you want if you ive me what I want.Then after we finish he makes up an excuse so we can't have sex like I don't know what he is doing.What is wrong?Is it me or him?

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  • I am in love for the second time but with a gay guy and he seems awfully straight...what do I do?

    O.k. I am friends with this guy and he is gay but he gets all over me as if he is straight and he touches me as if he is straight and we almost had sex I am in love for the second time and I want one person and I love him.I am so confused and I know I can't change him and he knows how I feel but I love him and I know definitely what I am feeling.So what do I do?Is he bi or gay and How can I at least try to make it work?

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  • What do I do if I think I am in love with a guy who I think is gay?

    Saturday my friend had a party and this guy followed me outside on the balcony and we got drunk and went into my friends room and he asked me to cuddle with him.Then we made out and almost had sex.Then nhe kept grabbing my hand like we were together and he told me that if you feel good with someone your meant to be.I felt good with him it's just I think he is kind of gay cause he hangs with lots of my gay guy friends and not too many straight guys.Then he said it's nice to be around a girl because he feels right around me.I like him alot but I want him and I dont know when to call him.Please help me.

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  • How do I get my Bi boyfriend back?

    My ex boyfriend lives in Indiana and I live in Texas and I think he is gay or Bi and i miss him so much what do you think?

  • What do I do if I like a guy who has ADD and he hardly talks to me?

    I tried to talk to him but he walks away and one time he yelled at me. He is so cute and I am like one of the Hottest girls at school but I freeze up in front of him and I never freeze in front of a guy.

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  • Who believes in gods and goddesses.?

    I believe their are gods of the wind and gods of the water and more.

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  • If another guy kisses you are you cheating on your boyfriend?

    I was walking my guyfriend and his cousin home and on my way home it was dark and he offered to walk me back. Then we hugged and then he kissed me right out of no where.I felt bad,because me and my boyfriend just got back together.Whos wrong.

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  • What do I do if I like a guy with totally different interests than me but we are kind of the same?

    see i like this guy and hes my Best friends friend and he likes rock music and so does i but he thinks i doesnt because i dont show it by the way i dress but i love rock music what should i do.

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  • does it hurt to have sex for the first time?

    i want to know when you are ready

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  • what do you do if everyone in your family turns against you and doesnt trust you.?

    i want to be with someone who makes me happy and my family isnt really there for me right now and i want to get away from them because of how they treat me.what should i do.

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  • what kind of job can you get at the age of 15?

    i need to know what kind of job can teens get at 15

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