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  • Yahoo Mail Box Frozen Solid?

    Before I ask this I need to ask that anybody who replies do so to my alternate e-mail address Here is my problem I was away from my computer for 6+ days due to a unexpected hospital stay.When I came home I found that my yahoo mail in-box had in excess of 7 THOUSAND unread e-mails and they continue to pile up as I write this.I have tried practically everything to get back into my yahoo mail in-box all to no avail.Therefore what I need is someone who can provide me with a STEP BY STEP way to get back into my yahoo mail in-box.What happens now is I click on yahoo mail and it brings the mail main page and I click on "CHECK MAIL" and it puts the words "ABOUT BLANK" at the bottom of the mail main page and it goes no further.Should I try to refresh it or close the mail main page I get a "MICROSOFT "NOT RESPONDING" notice that asks me if I want to end what I am doing right now which kicks me out of yahoo altogether or continue to wait.(10) TEN points to the first person who replies and helps me get into my yahoo mail in-box successfully

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  • People are being allowed membership without my permission on a restricted membership group?

    I am a GROUP OWNER/ONLY MODERATOR of a group with restricted membership yet people are being allowed to become members without my permission,sometimes they are added before YAHOO notifies me about their intent to join.I am a very active GROUP OWNER so I am able to ban them as soon as I find out about them.My QUESTION is why are people being granted membership TO MY RESTRICTED GROUP WITHOUT MY APPROVAL.

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