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  • i want to ger a nose job!?

    ok so i totally HATE HATE HATE my nose. Im 20 years old and ive hated it since like forever! To that end, I really really really want to get a nose job but im so scared of the risks attached to it. Most people say that the main reason why people die from plastic surgery is due to an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. Has anyone had any experience with anesthesia? Was it life threatening and how would i know if I was allregic to aneesthesia. Im pretty healthy, never get sick and I dont have any allergies that i know of. Thank you!

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  • Plsssssssss.....Urgent Answer........Help!..Answer!......Urgent!.........................?

    i like this guy and i know he likes me so much. I would love to go out with him but the thing is i'm a virgin, and i dont want to jump into a relationship because i dont know if he'll want to stay with me 'cos i'm not yet ready to put out. I'm kinda waiting till marriage! I dont know what to do? Do i say yes when he asks to be my boyfriend, and should i tell him immediately or just not go out with him?

    I dont know if he'll stay when i tell him my decision!

    Pls honest answers! Thanks.

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  • Guys........Pls answer................???????????

    Do u think its o.k for girls to ask a guy out?

    Guys what do u think about a girl that tells u she likes u and asks u out?

    Pls answer, i'm trying to make a decision? Thanks!

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  • would u date a girl that has lil' boobs?

    she is skinny but really cute. Almost 20 years old but she has little boobs.

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  • Would u date a virgin?

    Is there any guy that would go out with a virgin, really pretty and innocent . Even if she aint ready to put out?.

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  • How do i show this cute guy i like him..............?

    I'm a shy gal and i met this really cute guy i really like, and i think he likes me too but i dont know how to let him know. He was very nice to me but i backed off b'cos he has a girlfriend. i am cute so thats not my problem, i'm just shy and dont know how to show him or let him know i have a crush on him and want to go out with him.

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  • i want to get married...?

    im a 17 year old girl dating a 28 year old not proud of the age gap but he's one of the cutest, sensitive, most caring guy ive ever been with...once he knew i was a virgin he never tried to pressure me into having sex with him like all the guys my age often do...about 1 month ago he proposed to me and i accepted..we're supposed to get married in september...i love him soo much and even though i know im a bit young for marriage i feel i can make this work...the downside is my parents would never hear of this..they were so angry and now they want to send me away to boarding school in england! i cant bear to be away from the man i love soo much it would kill me! he has a great job and he makes good money and i know he will take care of do i make my parents see reason??

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