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While I am not on Answers too often, I like to use the program to ask and answer puzzling questions, that need a variety of answers. Over my entire life, learning has been important to me and I've gained an expertise in living life. Most of the time when I answer, I really do have something worthwhile to say, even if it is not the best or only answer to a question. Please feel free to ask me questions through my email. I am a widower, looking and wasted time doing so until it now seems impossible to find a woman that I can feel enough interest in to go out with a second time. I think I wasted the most time in the online personals, but it is easy and available so I kept using them. I've gotten good answers on here and hope that I've contributed some good ones, as well. Love to travel, been to many unusual places. Particularly, enjoy small expedition ship travel.

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