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  • My child's father makes me uncomfortable?

    My daughter's dad was MIA for nearly ten years of her life. We were together when she was conceived but he just had to go be a hoe in the street and left me "holding the bag". After I had her we were on bad terms cuz of the hoe bag he left me for. After he left her, we were on good terms again after almost a year. He said he still loved me and we started dating, slowly, again. He was in the street being a hoe yet again so I cut him out of my life but not my child's life. Ten years passed and he and his wife come blowing in, I still have unresolved issues with him but I really just don't want to have anything to do with him. I still have to communicate with him because of our child but he says sexual things to me and has said some of these same things IN FRONT OF HIS WIFE. I don't like how he believes he can breeze in and destroy my life again but I'm stuck, for now, between him and my child and I dunno what to do. I know I can't cut him out of our lives cuz she'll hate and vice versa. What do I do? 

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  • My supposed bestie falls asleep on me all the time?

    I've known my bestie since about 2014 and he's a great guy and all but he doesn't seem to respect my religious beliefs and a lot of my opinions. I listen to him vent about a lot of his issues and I really don't mind that but when it's time for me to vent then he falls asleep on me and makes me feel like my issues or stressors are less important. I've had to tell him about his @$$ many times and I feel like we aren't as close as we use to be because he indirectly alienates me. My therapist said that one day I'll have to just let him go because he will never really respect my faith and my opinions; and I kinda feel like she's right about it... I guess, my problem is I don't really want to lose him but I really really don't want to be disrespected any more. 

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  • Isn t Rome where the Nazis live at?

    I have a science paper to do and I want to do it on Nazi Rome.

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  • Could you still love your family if nobody ever remembers you EXCEPT when they want to complain about something?

    I m a mature female who s always been invisible to my family. Both my parents were all kinds of abusive not just to me but my siblings. BUT the difference is they were MORE abusive towards me because my dad believed I wasn t his and my mom thought it was just plain fun to torture us. The abuse had stopped in some aspects but continues with just being invisible to them except when they want something or want to complain about something or someone. I m so tired of them and I want to cut them off... My birthday was the 16th and every year nobody cares enough to remember so I stop celebrating and adopted a new birthday. Would it be so wrong to just cut them off and never talk to them again? I feel that that might be too extreme but at the same time I feel like I d be liberated from all the pain I ve felt. And no, talking to them like ppl didn t work, and I ve tried.

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  • How to get rid of gnats in my home?

    We don't leave any food out or place any In our trash cans but the gnats keep breeding and biting us. We Live near a pond and the gnats and mosquitoes are bad in the evenings. We don't understand how they are breeding or where the are breeding at but they bite us all day long and I'm tired of it! HELP!

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  • What does recurring numbers mean?

    almost everyday I keep seeing the same four digit numbers. It's been going on since the summer of last year. Like most, I played these numbers in the lottery to see if that's what it meant but nothing came of that-didn't expect it to. Any ideas?

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • What's up with guys wearing those tight pants?

    It's like this disease here in savannah, ga... the guys look like girls-the girls look like guy-girls and the guys, what the word I want to say... fruity... do those pants hurt your little nut sacks or are the nut sacks just non existent? I'm really not trying to insult anyone but I'm the nut sack patrol and I just wanna make sure I'm doing my job right.... my boss is here and he looks pissed...

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  • Why can't manufacturers make girl clothing in other colors (at an earlier age) besides pink?

    That has always erked the hell out of me. I hate the color pink! It's like red got drunk one night, met white at a club, went home, had drunk sex, white calls red weeks later then BAM! PINK! It would be so nice to have little baby girl clothing colors in more colors than pink. I do alot of online and regular shopping but its like I'm stuck with pink! (gagging) Oh and I have submitted a request to alot of manufacturers.

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  • Why are emos such posers?

    Why do emos think that they can copy off gothic people and call themselves 'goth emos' when they're not. I mean-when the next 'Fall Out Boy' group comes along or whatever emo music fad is out there they'll be chasing that fad right? Goth People aren't emos. They aren't sad, mopey people who cut themselves and dream of death or 'falling off buildings' (as ROMANTIC as Anna Blue put it). Why the hell do you posers have to bite off us NON-Conformists when you clearly CONFORM to every FAD out there? Gothic is about originality, seeing beyond what the 'herd' sees and does and we don't worship Satan. Hate to burst any bubbles.

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  • Does anyone have a true account of meeting a vampire?

    I have a story of my own to share. This is real-100% non B.S.! I will only share my story with those who have their own unique story. I know for a fact vampires do exist and they are NOT the Twilight (shiny, sparkly THINGS on Twilight) or the Vampire Lestat's ppl associate them with. I've been bitten more times than I can count, been visited and actually touched this man-totally blew my mind how he leapt off of a 2 story balcony and out into NOTHINGNESS of the night! Then re-appeared on my balcony after I sat out there and waited on another siting of him that same night! My cousin has seen this guy several times and has had his own encounter with him on a visit to my house! My daughter who's 8 has seen him and doesn't know anything about vampires except the cheesy stuff that she doesn't believe ont.v.! My 2 best friends on different occasions have seen the same guy and their descriptions are all the same! I don't care if no one else believes... CUZ OTHER HAVE SEEN WHAT I'VE SEEN!

    12 AnswersMythology & Folklore9 years ago
  • Has anyone out there experience true-to-life supernatural phenonmenon?

    In 2007, I saw a man lounging on top of building ten of my apt complex. For years I have seen this very same man in almost the same attire in dreams and in real life. He entered my apt which has but 2 entryways (balcony and front door) and I live on the 2nd floor. I actually got a chance to touch him and verify that he's real! I don't write this to jerk anyone's chain but please don't respond if you'd like to leave a joke! When I f things in 3's it always comes true! He tells me that he's coming for me-that I'm the one for him and I'm the one he's looking for. He's not out to cause me or others harm. I don't know what he is but he's real! My daughter who's 8 has seen him 3 times and my cousin has seen him countless times-my friend Sara has seen him more times than I can count-I just wanted to know if anyone else has a similar case going for them. REAL EXPERIENCES ONLY!!!

    8 AnswersParanormal Phenomena9 years ago
  • Is it wise to get in a relationship with your child's dad if you had a rocky past but you're reconciling?

    My daughter's dad is cool now. We talked about what drove us apart-other people & our child rearing ways etc. We care about each other and I'm afraid that if we try to work things out & it don't work-our child will suffer because we'll be back to hating each other. It's take 6 yrs for us to come full circle. The answer may be a 'yes, don't do it' but apart of me has been non existent to any other human for nearly 8 years. Everyone knows what lonely is like but not the severity of mine.

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  • I have an eating disorder. I'm addicted to eating sand. How can I quit when there aren't any programs 4 this?

    Ppl seem to think that pica's stem from lack of minerals in your diet and stuff-well I've swallowed a lot of vitamins over the years and nothing has quelled the urge under stress or depression-to stop tasting and/or eating sand. I have lost so many teeth over the years-8 to be exact-b/c I can't quit. ppl will think this is gross or whatever but I'm very serious and I know I have a problem. I suffer from OCD as well as occasional panic attacks and sometimes i hear voices-not bad voices-and it's really hard when you're a mom.

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  • Is it safe to have sex after passing fetus matter...?

    I lost my baby on 9/10/09... guess i'm still coping & wanting to try again. Well, I think my body is wrapping up the bleeding so me & my b-friend got alittle wild & i started bleeding, not alot but like a very light period with very little uterus cramps-back cramps, and i worried i disrupted something & i'm alittle scared to go to the Dr. b/c they might tell me something bad! I'm sick of bad news but what else can i do?

    4 AnswersPregnancy1 decade ago
  • I passed alot of things after my fetus died 9/10/2009 but it took 5 weeks after the fetus died to happen.?

    How long am I suppose to bleed after I've been given Cytytec and all? I'm going on 4 weeks am I can safely say it's not look period blood but more like when you're on your last day of your cycle and its tidying up. Another thing I'm worried about is if there's anything left in my uterus-really don't want a DNC! Been through enough all ready.

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  • Do I need a d&c if I haven't passed any clots or had heavy bleeding?

    My fetus died about 2 weeks ago. I was very upset. My dr. said my body was in the process of expelling the rest of it. She said to go home a prepare for bleeding/clotting but I've been spotting since 9/11. I've had several inner and outer ultrasounds and I still haven't gotten an answer yet. I felt extremely bad last week (physically) and have had to take naps and rest pretty much all day. Sometimes I think something is rolling around in there or something. Sometimes I get really bad cramping but no bleeding, just spotting. what should I do?

    3 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • I have mold the landlord claims they don't see but they smell it. Several home visits later no resolutions!?

    I've had respiratory issues not long after I moved into my apt. in charlotte, nc. I've had at least 4-5 asthma attacks-more than I've ever had in my life in one year! The landlord keeps coming over when requested but their fix-it soltion is to paint over it and forget. I want to move because I know I'll just have MORE issues in a differnt apt. because this community has more people leaving it than staying. I also have everyone else gettting sick and feeling like crap. i have a 6 yr old daughter who stays sick at this place all the time and I can't take it! I'm financially drained and on all of this medicine and I don't know where to turn. And to top it all off I fell down the stairs 6/12/09 because of the cheap nails sticking up out of the stairs!

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 decade ago