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  • PC is very slow to echo typed characters?

    Annoying performance issue. When I'm typing in any application (browser, MS Word, notepad, anything) the system is VERY slow to echo the typed characters back to me on the screen.

    It's a less than 2-year old Dell Inspiron 1501 with a 1.6GHz AMD Turion64 X2 with 1GB RAM running Windows XP Media Center 2002 SP3. According to the Task Manager perf meter less than half the RAM is in use and CPU is <5% utilized. Minimal hard drive activity.

    Trend Micro security software is up to date and comes back clean malware free. Additional freeware adware/spyware scanners report no issues. All Windows updates up to date. No recent config changes, app installs, etc. Video is an ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 but I don't think I should have to troubleshoot the hardware acceleration because everything was fine for so long. But obviously, something's changed. My gut still tells me malware, maybe a keylogger, despite the clean bill of health from multiple security tools. If so, other ways to detect?

    I also thought of dust buildup (seen that cause perf issues before on OLD machines) and I haven't opened it up (yet) but I'm sure it's very clean, dust free.

    What are your thoughts, things to try? Thanks.

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  • Help Solving an Exponential Equation ?

    Trying to solve 2*4^x - 4*2^x = 5 but I think I'm missing how to get started. Immediately take the log of both sides, or some other approach? Thanks for any pointers.

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  • Black Belt Test Preparation and Diet?

    Fellow Martial Artists,

    Seeking input on what to do (or NOT to do) in terms of eating and vitamin supplements the days before and the day of my black belt test next month. It will be fairly intense, about 4 hours, some parts will be less strenuous than others but the final part will be the most difficult, sparring and groundfighting, and I want to pace myself properly and not gas out. I have myself well prepared already but want to make sure my diet/vitamins are JUST RIGHT for the test. What has (or has not) worked for you? Thanks.

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  • Smell antifreeze leak, need new intake?

    Have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with 60,000 miles and a Series II 3.8L V6 and I smell that burnt antifreeze odor, but there's no visible leak, no puddles, etc. I only smell the odor outside the car, it doesn't come inside when I turn on the heat. Might just need an intake gasket, or might need a whole new intake. Common issue on these engines? How major to repair? What can I expect to pay (including labor) if it's the whole intake that needs to be replaced?

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  • SCUBA divers: Wondering if and why to go for AOW certification?

    Hello divers,

    I did a standard 8-week course and got my open water cert back in college about 10 years ago. I have since logged several dives including wrecks, deep dives and night dives, and I'm working on 100 hours TBT. (Small beans to many of you I'm sure, but unfortunately I usually only get to dive while on vacation, and had a year or two with no dives, bummer.) My question is should I get my advanced cert?

    I have been on dives (like an 80-foot wreck dive) where AOW was "required", but they asked to see my log book, checked the experience summary and said "no problem". So, given that, and for someone who mostly does tropical reef dives while on vacation maybe two weeks per year, is it worth the time/expense going for AOW? No desire/plans to go for instructor or divemaster, so would I be getting it just to say I have it? Thanks for your input.

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  • Pool repair question, vinyl liner leaking, temporary fix?

    I have a 4 foot above ground pool, and a very wet corner of my backyard, I believe I have located the slow leak. There's an area where the sidewall meets the bottom, where the sand seems to have been washed away or compressed, about the size of a softball. I put on my scuba gear for a longer/closer look and it looks like (because of the depression) the liner has been stretched very thin and is seeping. I'd like to make it thru the summer so then I can empty it and replace the liner in the off-season. What type/kind of patch can I use that can be applied under water and will stick well? I got some vinyl patches at my local pool store and they were crap, didn't work well. Any kind of underwater paste, glue, patches, etc?

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  • Cannon A75 Camera Video Capture Timeout?

    I have a Cannon A75 digital camera and when I select the setting for motion video capture to take short AVI movies in the hi-res 640x480 setting, it stops the recording after 30 seconds. I cannot find a way to change this or a reference in the manual. In the 320x240 setting it just keeps on recording well beyond 30 seconds. Is this a hard coded feature of the camera, maybe due to file size? I'm using a 512MB compact flash card, so no issue there. Thanks for any info!

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