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  • One life; two women and what could be the outcome.?

    A man turning 40, has never been married. Straight and not a mumma's boy, he's traveled, had various careers and generally enjoyed the choices he's made and has developed many friendships along the way. Nice, good looking, easy to get along with man. He has always been able to pull women and has had several short term relationships. He has fought commitment all through his life, due to things that happened during his own childhood which makes him resistent to accepting love and committing to someone. He has recently changed careers and is struggling to find his feet.

    He has the option of two women, one he was previously with for some time but whom he left because he couldn't commit to her and give her what she wanted. He feels safe with her because she's a known quantity rather than an unknown quantity. He has spent some time believing he's missed the boat so to speak after he broke up with her. It is likely she wants children, he's previously stated that he's never been keen to have kids and realises at 40 that whilst he can physically father one his age must be considered.

    Woman number two is good, fairly recent friend, loving and generous, is at a crossroads herself after a long term relationship. He has spent time talking and getting to know her and she him. She has encouraged him to be kinder to himself, to see that he has much to offer; whilst she hasn't walked in his shoes, she has had many similar childhood experiences and has worked through many of them giving her the ability to be empathetic, understanding and patient. She has indicated she has feelings for him, after his friends encouraged her to do so and whilst he has never encouraged her beyond friendship, he has never really discouraged her either. She feels that he should learn to love himself first so that he can love others.

    The question is.. woman a woman b or stay alone.

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