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  • Finding hidden url direction?

    When viewing properties on a page, I know there is a command that you click that brings us something that says target a ref (something to that effect) that will direct you to the URL that they next page would bring up. I can not remember what the command is can someone help me please. TY

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  • Voting Problems and Question?

    I am trying to vote on Undecided Questions, that are unresolved, not answered by me, states 6 days left for voting, it does show Answerer 1, etc, but no link button to click anymore for Vote as Best Answer. I also continually, will click show me more, and if I don't vote on one, I don't feel comfortable choosing in that category(like questions unrelated to the category, or not my area of expertise), it will restart over again to the beginning of questions I have already voted on.

    Second, Do you think it is a unrealistic that with the new change that you do not receive a point for no best answer, which is fine with me (when I voted yesterday), that the ones who "game for points" pick any rotten answer, when it is so obvious that it truly wasn't a best answer?

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  • Fair amount to charge for babysitting for family?

    I have in the past babysat for my brother-in-law and his wife. At first it was at the beginning of the school year, after school until 10 pm at night. The children are 12 and 8, although major tutoring was needed with both (both were held back), dinner and nightly baths. I charged $20 a night, for the 6 hours. They don't make or rather manage their money too well, and we have gone as far as buying the children school supplies and clothes. Now, the brother in law has obtained a new job (pays less, after he just "quit" on a whim the other one) and now has asked to babysit during the day which is 8 hours, breakfast and lunch, and will so conveniently go to 2nd shift when school begins, that they will not have to deal with the childrens school work. Long story. What in your opinion would be a fair amount per hour or daily for family members, that live paycheck to paycheck? I would do it for free, it our finances could afford it, but we have 2 children ourselves we are raising.

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