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  • Anti-D Antibody?

    I had my first child in January and did not receive my RhoGam shot until 37 week. I had fallen down the stairs earlier in my pregnancy and had vaginal bleeding. The babies blood mixed with mine and now I have the anti-d antibody in my blood. Does anyone know what this is, or what the effects are? I have been told that I may not be able to have more children, but I have an appointment with another doctor coming up in a few months. I was just wondering if anyone else had this, or if anyone could give me links or information. Thanks!!

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  • Question about my cycle?

    The last period I had was really really light. Almost no blood at all, and was very short. Even though I'm on birth control, I've never had a period that lasted about 3 and a half days. The period before this last period was really heavy. I dont know if this is normal, or what. I had a baby 6 months ago, but I am sexually active now. Is this normal?

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  • Is this wrong...or am I overreacting?

    My spouse and I found out we were pregnant about 3 weeks after his brother announced his wife's pregnancy. We announced our name if it was a boy would be Benjamin Alexander. A few weeks later, they said they wanted to name their girl, if it was one, Alexandria. This frustrated me to no end, but my spouse asked me if we could change ours to keep the peace, and I did. This was very hard for me, but I did it. We found out that we were having a boy, did the whole registry bit, and then told everyone where we were registered. A few weeks later, they found out they were having a girl, registered, and announced their registry today. Well, I go online and look up their registry, and they have registered for at least half of the things my spouse and I had registered for. The same patterns, blue for everything, I am livid. The name thing was one thing, this is another. They are asking people to buy them things that would be for my son. Am i overreacting?

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  • Cramping and discharge at 21 weeks?

    I'm 21 weeks pregnant and am having severe cramping and discharge. This is not the normal discharge of pregnancy, this is more like water. I'm very uncomfortable and the cramping is painful. This has been going on for about 5 hours or so. Is this normal, or should I be concerned?

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  • His family and a miscarriage???

    We shared the big news with his family about two weeks ago. Everyone is very excited and I dont know how to tell them that I miscarried this morning. I was 16 weeks pregnant, so it was a very late in pregnancy miscarriage. And on top of me being emotionally down and crying all the time, we have to tell them and hear all the "I'm sorrys" which is not what I want to hear right now. Does anyone have any ideas or know what I'm going through. Please dont be mean, it's really not what I need right now.

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  • carseats???

    I have been looking at the Grace Snug Ride collection. I was wondering if it came with a base? Does anyone have a suggestion on a carseat? My only thing is I want all the stuff to match. This is my 1st, so wierd stuff is important to me.

    Thanks in advance for the great answers!!!

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  • carseats???

    I am looking at the SnugRide Infant Car Seat - Windsor, and I was wondering if it came with the base, or do I need to buy one. I cant find the answer on babies r and I wanted to know. Also, if anyone could reccommend a good car seat that would be great!


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  • Another question about shopping for the baby...?

    When do I start my baby registry? I havent even told anyone about being pregnant yet. Trying to get everything figured out now... Also, when do I talk to my sisters about throwing me a baby shower and when is the usual time for a shower to be thrown?

    Thanks for your answers in advance:)

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  • Shopping for the baby???

    When should I begin shopping? Im going tomorrow to look, but I'm only 6wks. I have to spread buying things out b/c of the cost. im not buying anything tomorrow, just looking. Also, does anyone have a ballpark figure of how much I will need to spend?

    Thanks for your answers in advance:)

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  • A question...?

    I was late, and have a whole hanful of symptoms, including the metallic taste and morning sickness. I started bleeding really lightly a couple of minutes ago. Am i pregnant, or not, or am i miscarrying?

    I just need some advice for tonight until i can get to the doctor tommorrow. Please dont be judgemental.

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