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Let's see, I'm a retired U.S. Navy Journalist, a single dad of 3 boys who honestly enjoys helping others -- be it providing answers to questions here or some other way in the "Real World." I believe we can all learn much from each other here on Y!A (& all around this great big world we live in), and during the short time we have here on Earth we really should share as much of ourselves as possible and help each other out. Quote: “If I have been of service, if I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good, if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action, if I am at peace with myself, it has been a successful day.” - Alex Noble My motto: “Life is ‘good’ because God gave it to you. Make the most of that talented gift & share it with others every chance you get!”

  • Whatever Happened to the Potawatomi Resort on Lake Michigan?

    If I remember correctly, it was in northern Indiana, very near the Indiana Dunes State Park and right near the border with the state of Michigan (lower southwest corner). Beverly or Beverly Shores may have been the name of the "town," or maybe it was Michiana Shores. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  • Would Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president, be considered a conservative or liberal today?

    Please explain (briefly) as to why you think so, either way. Best answer awarded to your response based on a current conservative Republican and liberal Democrat coming to an agreement on selecting which one is the best answer. Good Luck!!!

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  • What has happened to the meaning of sex?

    Sex used to be between two people in love, or even further back in time -- two people married to each other. Nowadays sex is done willy nilly here & there as casual hookups between people that barely (or may not) know each other's names. :-(

    Is the value of sex purely physical these days? What about the moral implications of having sex between unmarried people, or people married to others? Has that been tossed in the trashcan these days or is it still around & I'm not seeing it?

    I know this is somewhat lengthy, but sincerely appreciate anyone taking the extra time to give me their honest thoughts and answers. Rewards are the standard found here on Y!A along with a hearty {{{HUG}}} or pat on the back for best answer received & 10 points! :-)

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  • What does the U.S. Secretary of Commerce do exactly?

    The reason I ask comes from an article I saw about Michelle & President Barrack Obama's Chicago friend & billionaire Penny Pritzker being nominated to be the next Secretary of Commerce. So, how will this newest addition to the White House team (if in fact nominated & confirmed) help us all? Or the economy? or the commerce department? (please add your coherent thoughts & ideas as well).


    **BTW, I'm truly not trying to be "political" here with this question, but I know it happens (quite often) in these forums. However, I would sincerely appreciate an honest answer & assessment of what the Commerce secretary does for the U.S., and what possible implications come with hiring a long-time friend into such a position. :-)

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  • How many of you decide who to vote for closer to election day?

    Whether Republican or Democrat - doesn't matter to me, I want to know who holds their "final" decision of who to vote for closer to the time they step into the election box - maybe even on election day & why? Does it matter if the candidates are for president, senator, or representative, or some other state or local elected office?

    Thanks in advance for answering this question seriously. I truly appreciate all of your valuable input and would like to consider some of the answers possibly for inclusion in an article I'm considering for publication.

    By answering this question, I'd like to ask now if I may include your answer as consent to be quoted? If your answers are in fact chosen for inclusion in the rough draft and the story idea is accepted, I'd like to attempt contact for a follow-up if necessary. Just a heads up on that. Thanks again!!!

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  • What's going on with these girls?

    I've been on facebook since May 2007 (five years now - Wow!) shortly after I separated with my wife of 16.5 years. I've had at least one or more women/girls approach me "out of the blue" and ask me if I'm single. I typically answer, "I'm a single dad of 3 special needs boys, if that's what you're asking." I didn't know facebook was a dating site - I went there as an alternative of MySpace because of all the ladies hitting on me. So, what's going on here with these women - are they trying to pick me up, even though I'm busy raising three boys on my own? I'm not sure if I'm ready to "trust" yet, hence my hesitation. Now don't get me wrong, I've dated a couple of times, the most serious lasting six months when we ended it shortly after she asked me to marry her. Wish me luck, offer advice - or give me divine guidance please.

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  • SURVEY: What is your favorite season of the year and why?

    Let's make it 5 pts for the correct season + 5 pts for the best answer associated with that season -- I just have to be a little different than all the other people on here. :-) Make your answer as interesting (to me & all the other viewers on here) as possible to score higher. Good luck!

    Oh, please remember the correct first part of the answer will be one of these following options: Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.

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  • Do you eat the ears or feet first on chocolate Easter bunnies?

    And why do you choose that part first? Most entertaining or enlightening answer awarded 10 points as Best Answer. Good luck & Happy Easter (just in case I forget in three weeks) :-)

    18 AnswersEaster10 years ago
  • POLL: Would putting 'Looking for my future ex' in a profile be good or bad, and why?

    I'm getting ready to start "dating" again after a little more than a year of separation and the final divorce (coming very soon), so I wondered if putting that phrase would be a good thing or a bad thing? Please vote "good" or "bad" for this poll & then for Best Answer please tell me why. Thanks in advance for all of your help here!

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  • Are Office Romances Always A Bad Idea?

    Whether you are for or against office dating, what should be done? Either to prevent it (set office policy to prohibit it or face being fired) or to help it (after working hours office get-togethers)?

    Any romance success stories out there? Any dating failure stories? Please share. THANKS!!!

    Best Answer for the best advice given.

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  • Is it out of the realm of possibility that avatars have a little "persona" all their own?

    They can be exact duplicates of you & your beliefs, or maybe they could be complete opposites? Maybe they are rebels who are extremely extroverted & you are really shy & straight-laced. Do you find that your imagination really rules your avatar"s coming & going, or do you control it, and it mimics your personal belief system already in place inside of you?

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  • Why will someone add me, but not allow others to do the same?

    I've had some people add me as a contact, but when I attempt to reciprocate a popup says "CANNOT ADD TO YOUR CONTACTS - This person is not allowing anyone to add him or her to their Contacts."

    So what's up with that? Do you do the same or not, & why?

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  • Are we **"Just two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl Year After Year?"?

    Sometimes I feel that way -- does anyone else? What does it mean (if anything) to you?

    **Of course it's from Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" - is there a place you'd rather be?

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  • OK, Dumb Question: I received 200 Stars -- What can I get for That?

    If you know the answer to that question, can you tell me what the stars are truly good for besides alerting my contacts/fans that I starred a particular question? Is it worth points at a certain number (then please "star me" if you feel this is justified)? Can I go shopping and use them as "Bongo Bucks," or receive a discount on purchases? What do they possibly mean when shown in my profile -- that I've had a lot of my questions starred? Thanks for your help on this!!!

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  • My Ex-wife is not Calling to talk to the Kids?

    "IF" she calls at all, she calls me after the kids have gone to bed, or send a text message around midnight.

    She says she'll send gift cards for the boys soon (that was the day before Christmas) & the boys keep asking about them. When they get upset - because I get onto them for misbehaving at home or school, or ground them for a week.

    They call their mom & leave a message on the cellphone given her so she could call for free (no excuses).

    So what's up with this behavior? We have been separated for nearly a year (with divorce just around the corner) & I have custody of three boys. She moved to Iowa to live with one of her boyfriends & recently moved into her own place.

    So what could be going through her mind that she doesn't even make an effort to talk to her own children? What will the children think? How will this effect their future? Anyone else have something similar (maybe a husband or wife do the same thing to their kids) happen after separation/divorce?

    22 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • Is Flirting a "Good" Thing in your Eyes?

    What's your take on flirting? Is it a necessary evil to enter the dating game? Or can you get into a relationship without it? What about after you're already dating? Is it essential to keep flirting to keep the relationship fresh? How hard do you flirt (or how often)?

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • GIRLS: If you are friends with a guy, will you ask him out if you want to?

    proceed a little further to the next level & get into a more "meaningful" relationship?

    You have been "friends" for an extended period of time, maybe one or both of you were in relationships with others in the past, so it has been strictly platonic. Circumstances have finally changed, & the opportunity has presented itself to you now, would you ask a guy friend out?

    What would you say (or do) to let him know that you're interested in taking it to the next level?

    OK, (aside from all that rambling above LOL) my wondering mind really wants to know, looking at this day & age where it's become acceptable for the woman to ask a man out if she wants to -- do you ask a friend out? And how would you go about doing it?

    8 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago