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  • Does anyone use Oracle Micros?

    I have a chain of 12 KFC type of fried chicken takeaway stores. I was looking to get some new PoS systems. Someone told me to have a look at Oracle Micros.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of Oracle Micros? 

    I am more interested in how much it would cost? I am looking to install 2 PoS terminal, and one Kiosk if it's possible. Does anyone have any idea of how much would this cost per store? I couldn't find much information online.

  • Power bank battery for mobile phone.?

    I got this power bank to power my s4

    But i don't know how to use it. Do i need to have a rechargeable battery in this to make it work.

    Because i tried just charging the power bank off the wall and then plugging the micro usb to my phone, but it didn't charge.

    I tried asking the seller but he didn't seem to reply anymore. I asked him initially before buying the power bank whether i needed a rechargeable battery or not.

    He said "NO. It is a power bank which can charge for your mobile phone battery .

    It means that you should have battery fist ,not for the power bank ,but for your phone".

    So im just confused now...



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  • I want to improve my english any courses or any tips?

    I am good at other subjects like maths, science etc. but i really need help with my english.

    Does anyone have anyone have any courses or any tips?

    please help me

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