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  • My cousin thinks i’m mentally ill, what should in do ?


    My cousin thinks that i’m mentally ill and danger to others, and she told me that i need to get some help. 

    Just because i have hatred towards society that doesn’t make me mentally ill, am i right ? 

    I mean i’m very jealous of talented people, and of course i’m jealous of couples, because i’m 18 and i’ve never had a girlfriend, and that makes me angry, and i hate those people.

    I’ve been only diagnosed with anxiety when i was younger and last year i got diagnosed with social anxiety, so i’m not dangerous. 

    I feel kinda stressed because of this, i don’t need mental help i’m 100% sure. 

    1 AnswerMental Health2 months ago
  • When I’m gonna get a girlfriend ?

    I’m so tired of this... I’m 18 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend or female friends. I’m kissless, handholdless virgin too..

    I’m so angry that other guys can get girls easily, because they are douchebags, but I’m not - I’m normal and quiet guy. I’m very very angry since 2018, that was the time when I wanted to get girlfriend - I tried everything, changed my style, found a new hobbies, guess what - i’m still single and virgin...I can’t even sleep because of this anymore, i’m very angry and sad sometimes, I literally want to argue with some couples on the street, and i want to tell them everything what i think about them..... Remember when i was younger - i was throwing eggs at some random couple, at that time i didn’t care about girls, well i want to throw eggs at couples again, but i’m gonna get trouble now, so no!!I mean i’m good looking, and i’ve seen ugly guys with hot girls... And i’m not fat - i’m 125 lbs and my height is 5’11” so i’m not short too.

    Singles & Dating2 months ago
  • Sex under 18 should be ILLEGAL, does anyone agree with me ?


    Yes i think that sex under 18 should be illegal, because every teenager is experiencing sex these days, and some of them have kids now... That is just pathetic, they are so stupid because they are doing something like this.. I’m 18 years old and I’m kissless, handholdless virgin, I’ve never had a girlfriend or female friends. You see that i’m different, but they are just very very dumb people, and of course young parents have stupid kids, and that’s true. 

    And society doesn’t care about that, i mean WTF. This is big problem, because of this society is brainwashed. 

    This needs to be STOPPED!!

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 months ago
  • Why do girls find ugly guys attractive ?

    I’m so confused, I don’t get it - Why do girls find ugly guys attractive? Just why ?

    I’m good looking and I’m struggling to get girlfriend my entire life, and I’m angry that ugly guys can get hot girls, I’m very angry.

    When I see hot girl with ugly guy, I just want to argue with them, well I’m scared to try that, but one day I will argue with them, I’m - 100% sure. 

    I mean I’m not fat, I’m only 125 lbs, 5’11” my height. 

    Really pathetic..

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  • Why I’m struggling to get friends, girlfriend ?

    I’m 18 years old male.

    And yes I’ve been struggling my entire life to get girlfriend or friends. And that is just pathetic, because other people can get lots of friends, girlfriends anything.. But I have to struggle, because no one wants me... I hate this, why people are so mean and evil towards me ? I don’t get it..

    Every time I go outside I see teenagers even younger than me, they are having fun times with their friends ? What about me ? I have to walk alone, with nobody, because people are rejecting me. 

    When I’m trying to get friends on Snapchat, IG (Instagram) people will always ignore me days later.. Why always me ? 

    I don’t get this, and I’m so pissed off, literally angry, full of rage. 

    2 AnswersFriends2 months ago