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  • I hate that i depend on them...?

    this is more of a rant than a question, I just feel so alone and need to talk it out. i hate that I'm dependant on anti depressants, I wish I could get off them but I know if I did I would be right back to where I was four years ago. i feel so pathetic, so weak, i wish my brain was normal, i miss being happy. i was doing so well last year, i started going off them, and then whatever high i was on left me to slam dunk back into reality. i just want to be a strong woman who doesnt let anything hurt her, i want to be the one people lean on, i want to bring peace and joy to people yet here i am, a failure. i cant bear myself right now. i'm worried i'll be on them forever.

    thanks for listening 

    2 AnswersPsychology2 weeks ago
  • How to convince my dad he needs help?

    I'm 20, still living at home, and my relationship with my dad is a wild rollercoaster. he's loving and i know he cares but he is so emotionally abusive and has so many mental issues. he's seen a counsellor before and has been to my brothers appointments with his psycologist but he's hated both of them. it's like he has it out to hate them from the begining. and also, he doesnt think there's anything wrong with him. if not for his sake, for the entire household's sake he needs to get help. i'm afraid to suggest this because i know he'll lash out at me verbally. any tips?

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  • good conversation topics/debate topics for two friends who run out of things to talk about?

    me and this girl are best friends, like sisters, but we ALWAYS run out of things to talk about. this doesnt at all affect our relationship, but we do enjoy looking for conversation suggestions online. what are your best, funniest, and deepest conversation and debate topics?

    1 AnswerFriends8 months ago
  • Food for picky adult eaters?

    I'm a picky eater and its been really affecting my health, (i try to eat food but its like my body rejects it and i cant swallow it etc). anyone have any suggestions on snack or meal ideas for picky eaters? or even just your favourite meal? also any tips on being a not-picky-eater?

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