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  • why biden .?

    i see biden is recruiting attorneys to challenge the election results if he loses , biden must be scared ,' after all why start recruiting attorneys now , wouldnt it be better after the election ???

    4 AnswersElections2 days ago
  • covid money wasted .?

    why do people stay  home instead of working and earn money , its just covid is only the flu , so much money wasted , spend it on protecting the elderly , after all you people get the flu and recover . more the spend on you the more you have to pay back .

    Politics2 days ago
  • has trump over stepped ?

    has he stood on the chinese  feet and said enough is enough , after all you buy an apple computer , mobile phone , fridge even a toaster , all chinese made ! Seems the chinese technology is hurting , try buying a new computer , dell and hp , american and available , some cell phones arent available such as hauwie , a chinese sold phone who out numbers most noteable brands .and you want democrats in , lol they love the chinese .

    5 AnswersMobile Phones & Plans5 days ago