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Magus (brown wizard)

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Magus the Wizard (or simply Magus) is a self-proclaimed "Pantas", the Philippine term for a magi or wizard. Protector of the Ancients and a strong believer in the power of nature, he believes that wizardry is not just all about magic but also about something that can be acquired through a process of searching for hidden truths...and in searching, magic can just come as an added bonus. Besides Mythology & Folklore, Magus' main interests in Yahoo! Answers also include History, Paranormal Phenomena, Religion, and Philosophy. His contributions were based on his personal opinions and he is not interested in debates or arguments. Magus believes that: "Knowledge is the path to the magical kingdom called Wisdom." You can visit Magus' Facebook account name Magus Brown or you can also visit the Facebook page Philippine Fantasy.

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