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  • Should i get another bunny after one of mine died?

    one of my bunnies died today. i had to bury it, and i’ve basically been bawling all day. but i feel really bad for her partner because now she’s alone. I don’t want another rabbit because i don’t think i can live with the loss of three adorable little buns, but my bunny seems REALLY sad and i think another rabbit would help after she’s had some time to grieve. BUT that rabbit is already 5 and once she passes the other bunny will experience the same thing. any help on this decision is greatly appreciated.

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    Is a bumper intake resonator something required for my car? (2011 honda civic)?

    So yesterday I was going down a ramp and i think i hit a patch of ice so I spun around and my car flew over the side. At first glance my car seemed fine, But after getting home and really inspecting it, It was a mess underneath. The splash shield was heavily damaged, and what i believe to be the intake resonator (I don't know anything about cars) was broken. It was barely hanging onto my car. Just to be clear, It was that black piece right behind the front bumper in that area the left front tire is in. Not only this, but when I started my car to go to work the next day, It made an unbelievably loud noise that only styopped after my third time shutting it off and then turning it on. is that relating to the intake resonator, or is that a separate issue. And do i NEED to replace the resonator, or is it something my car could live without? Thanks for any help you can give me! This is what it looks like:

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