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  • Desert "carnotaurus" appearance?

    I'm working on an alien species loosely based on carnotaurus. They're a desert-dwelling species, probably around 10 feet tall, and vaguely humanoid.

    Would it be reasonable to give them coloration similar to that of desert vipers, with bright colors around the face and horns on the males? Maybe give the males little throat dewlaps for display purposes?

    I won't be giving them feathers, since carnos and the like apparently didn't have any.

    3 AnswersGender Studies4 years ago
  • Medieval treatment of viral pneumonia?

    If I have a character in medieval times and they contract viral pneumonia due to a combination of stress and malnutrition, how would one go about curing it? Or, rather, treating the symptoms- clearly you can't cure a virus with herbs.

    The symptoms can include:




    Difficulty breathing




    Aaand chest pain.

    I assume there are some herbal methods for easing said symptoms?

    1 AnswerRespiratory Diseases4 years ago
  • What would a minotaur eat?

    Yes, I know THE Minotaur ate people. If we were to come up with a race of minotaurs, though, what might they eat?

    Something that similar to a cow would most likely have evolved from a bovine of some sort, so I doubt they'd be strictly carnivorous, but a large and fairly active animal most likely wouldn't be purely herbivorous.

    5 AnswersMythology & Folklore4 years ago
  • Would this be asexual or autochorissexual?

    I m working on a character who s essentially a vampire, and I m trying to figure out if they re ace or autochorissexual. Their heartrate is barely a tenth of a human s heartrate and their blood pressure is pretty much nonexistent by most beings standards, so they aren t really physically capable of arousal. They are very intrigued by sex, though, and will gladly (albeit awkwardly) participate in non-penetrative forms of sex, mostly just out of curiosity. Where would this fall on the whole "no sex for me, thanks" spectrum?

    1 AnswerBiology4 years ago
  • Zoo or aquarium game where you catch your own animals?

    Is there any sort of zoo/wildlife park/aquarium/etc game where you capture your own animals?

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games4 years ago
  • Power of abnormally large longbow?

    I have a LOTR OC who's seven feet tall and built like a brick outhouse.

    If I were to give him a longbow, approximately how large/long/whatever could it be? And what could it do, in terms of distance and destructive potential?

    4 AnswersHistory4 years ago
  • Indoor bog garden?

    I have a large rubber tub I'd like to turn into an indoor bog garden. It's about four feet long, three feet wide, and a bit under two feet deep, so it's a decent little bit of space.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for plants I could keep? I'd prefer things that don't require live food, but I'd like some sort of carnivorous plant if I can feed it things like bits of shrimp or meat. I also much prefer plants where I can establish a good habitat, get them well-established, and then pretty much leave them alone aside from water and fertilizer. Also, I need them to be nontoxic, we have cats. The cats won't be allowed to get in and rip the garden up, but I don't want to risk them getting sick if they take a nibble before I notice them.

    Anyone have some good care sheets?

    Any good general tips?

    I'd like to water the garden with water from my fish tank, but we have a water softer. The fish and aquatic plants don't care, but I'm not sure if that would upset bog plants.

    Can I keep ferns if I anchor them to driftwood or make an area of elevated soil that's slightly less wet than everywhere else?

    Is there any moss or lichen I can grow indoors?

  • What should I keep in this tub?

    I have a rubber tub intended to be used as a water trough in my room. I tried to make it into a pond, but the water evaporated far too fast and fish kept jumping out. Fish have been re-homed, and I want to keep something else in it.


    No live food needed (can do frozen dead stuff)

    Does not require constant water level

    Does not necessarily need to be aquatic

    Reasonably low maintenance (less-than-daily feeding would be preferred)

    Won't escape

    Not (too) smelly

    Will come out and be observable

    Not a rodent or bird (we have cats. They don't care about fish or tadpoles and they're afraid of toads, but they'll probably eat a warm-blooded thing)

    What about a toad? Are there any toads that don't require live foods? I can wiggle dead food around in tweezers, and I can do it convincingly enough that a warmouth sunfish thinks it's alive.

    Do pac-man frogs take dead food from tweezers?

    Or what about something like a stinkpot turtle?

    What about a Surinam toad?

    The tub is about four feet long, three feet wide, and slightly less than two feet deep. It's oval-shaped and the sides are sloped so that the interior wall on each side is about five inches offset from the outside rim.

    I'd prefer something that I can occasionally handle, but if it's a no-touch pet, that's fine.

    If I can't come up with a suitable animal, I'll just keep a cactus garden or something. I'm not about to adopt an animal that I can't adequately care for.

    1 AnswerReptiles5 years ago
  • How can a period bleed so much?

    A uterus not currently in use is about the size of a thumb, but blood loss during one's period can be up to a quarter cup. That's an extreme, but it's still usually quite a lot of blood. How the heck is that happening?

    3 AnswersWomen's Health5 years ago
  • How much should someone 9 feet tall weigh?

    Fictional species resembling humanoid cats. 9 feet tall, very heavily built, chest probably 3 feet across. Anyone have any idea of how much something like that would weigh?

    3 AnswersBiology5 years ago
  • When to stitch a wound?

    I'm working on a story and need to give someone an injury that would require stitches. This is in a situation with only field care available, and the injury would be somewhere on the victim's side. About how long/deep would a wound need to be in order to require stitches without being outright life-threatening, assuming infection doesn't set in?


    2 AnswersInjuries5 years ago
  • What is waxplay like?

    What does waxplay feel like? Need to know the general idea for a story.

    And, no, I can't find out for myself. I'm ace. Yes, I know I could just drip candle wax on myself, but I don't think it'd feel quite the same without all of the hormones and emotions and such that come from a sexual situation. So- is there anyone who's tried this and can give me a general idea?

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors5 years ago
  • Healing of self-harm scars over hips?

    Doing some research for a story I'm writing. In a time period with only medieval class medical care (so basically just field care), what sort of healing time could be expected from a series of deep and criss-crossed slices across the hips? And what sort of scarring is likely?

    1 AnswerOther - Health5 years ago
  • Length of time it takes to earn trust?

    Writing a story in the Lord of the Rings sandbox.

    The two main characters are a very friendly (and quite large) half-goblin and a somewhat paranoid, quite twitchy former Ringwraith. What would be a reasonable length of time for it to take for the wraith to decide that he can, in fact, trust his companion? The half-goblin has proved a couple of times that he has no sinister intentions, but it's only been about 10 days, so I'm guessing not much trust there yet. And I have no idea how long it would take.

    I know it varies between people, but... what would be a reasonable amount of time?

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors5 years ago
  • Guilt reaction to being forced into evil?

    This is research for a story I'm working on.

    It involves someone who's been mind-controlled for quite a long time and has been, essentially, an evil overlord's minion. Many, many, many people have been hurt. The mind control has been broken, and I'm trying to deal with the aftermath.

    What sort of thing would be accurate behavior for someone suffering from extreme guilt and a feeling that they were responsible for what happened rather than being a helpless puppet?

    I'm assuming there would be some urge to self-harm out of guilt, especially given that they keep being reminded of what they did. This is not a stable person, due to multiple things but mostly due to the whole mind-control issue.

    I know it varies, but is there anything else that would be likely?

    3 AnswersPsychology5 years ago
  • Average person clothes in Lord of the Rings-type universe?

    Doing some research for a story. If I walked into one of the villages in LOTR and looked around for a clothing shop, what would I find inside? I'm assuming mostly just typical medieval-era clothing, but I'm not entirely certain what that would be.

    In particular, what did people make underwear out of? Cotton?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories5 years ago
  • Tattoo pain level?

    I'm thinking of getting a weedy sea dragon tattooed on my upper arm. All the charts I've found say that's a low-pain area, but I don't know what "low pain" means. Does anyone have a good comparison for the pain level of getting a tattoo there?

    5 AnswersTattoos5 years ago
  • How long were the Ringwraiths around?

    I know it was quite awhile, but was it a few centuries or more like a few thousand years?

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors5 years ago