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  • Can someone help? (my vets is doesn't know whats going on!)?

    Long story short two of cats burned their nose about 2 weeks ago, they were put on antibiotics and were fine until Christmas. My male cat started having a seizure. The first one was less than 2 minutes(the vet said to monitor), the second was 2 minutes exactly(vet said the same thing monitor) and then he was free for a few days before the 3rd happened. Roughly 45 minutes until the vet got him to stop. They put him on meds and said he'd be fine. Well he passed away on December 31st. 

    Now my other cat who burned her nose is having seizures, the first one was early this morning at 2:51 am and lasted less than 2 minutes and she just had another! my wife said the second was 3 minutes long. We have a vet appointment today at 3:30 to have her checked out at a different vets office. We are still monitoring her and we are trying to think of anything they could have gotten into but we keep all cleaning products away. The only thing i can think of is we uses lavender which i just found out is bad for cats. Has anyone here experienced this? Could possibly help???


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  • Seriously what is wrong with people?

    I took my service dog out to Walmart with my like I do any other time. I had to grab a few things and worked with her around shopping carts. As I was heading towards the check out line there was a guy and a little boy playing around, laughing, giggling and being really loud. My service dog handled it fine but as we passed the gentleman and the little boy the man THREW the little boy at my service dog! My service dog handled it fine she kept on walking and ignored everything going on but how can a parent throw their child at an unknown dog?! Do they not care for their child? 

    A lot of entitled people feel the need to bring their untrained dogs into Walmart so I guess I am concerned with what if he didn't do this us and did it to an untrained dog? That kid would have most likely been bitten! People honestly blow my mind!!

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  • How many people know about service dogs?

    I only ask this because I am tired of taking my service dog out and they tell me she is required to wear a vest or that she can't be one because she is a GSD or that she is too intimidating to be one because of her breed. I've even had people tell me she isn't one because they require those fake ID's that people get online or that they don't believe she's a service dog because mental illness isn't an "actual" disability. Meanwhile my girl is well behaved and does all her tasks when she needs too. It's a shame!!

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  • Help! My neighbors pig...?

    Okay so I live in an apartment and my neighbors in the back have a bunch of farm animals and household pets. There dog has gotten out numerous times and recently we noticed that they took the collar off the dog so there is no contact number for the pet...but recently yesterday I was trying to leave for work and I'm heading into my car and their pig got out and charged at me and when I tried to reverse to get away it still kept charging after me...a couple of hours after I've been at work my mom calls me and told me that there pig charged at a woman who was returning there dog that got out. Chased her up on a picnic table. I called and texted their landlord and he kinda just blew it off as the pig is friendly. I have a 5 yr old little brother and my other neighbors have 3 little kids as well...

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  • Help!! I rent a house and need help?

    I rent a house in upstate ny basically columbia county. Shortly after I moved in neighbors in the back moved in and they started getting farm animals. I don't have a problem with farm animals but not that close to my house where I can't open my windows or even be outside because of the smell of crap! They say it's an agriculturally zoned area but is there ruled and regulations about having a farm on property that's not yours that your renting or anything. I need help, please help.

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