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  • The humming sound that only I can hear. What is it?

    My husband and I bought our first house together in May 2019. We lived about 500 yards down the road in a rented place fir 10 years prior.

    Since moving in to our house though, I've been able to hear a whirring/humming sound that fades in and out. It's almost like a vibration. It's not permanent, but I can hear it quite frequently. I can only hear it when it's quiet, or if the TV is on low. If we open a window, I can't hear/feel it anymore until the window is closed again.

    I'm the only person that can hear it! My husband can't, and neither can anyone that visits.

    It drives me nuts!

    The house was built in 1950's, it's a semi detached, we live opposite a school and down the road from a railway line. It's not trains, I can hear them passing by.

    Any ideas what this could be? Or does anyone else experience something similar?

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  • Does anyone know who this song is by or what it is called (the 10 year mystery)?

    I have had this song in my music library for over 10 years. I don t know who is by or what it is called. Shazam doesn t know it, Google didn t know the lyrics.

    Some lyrics are missing, I can t make them out - it sounds super stalker/creepy:

    So I followed you home

    You stopped by the canal

    You didn t see me

    Because I was invisible

    My robot heart it cries - for you

    My Robot heart it cries - oh god

    When we got to your house

    (------) shed my electric skin

    Your hair was the colour of (------)

    My robot hands were shaking

    My microchips (------)

    You went through your front door

    I climbed a tree to see if I could catch a glimpse of you through the thatched window

    I missed one of the branches with my robot feet and I fell to the floor

    Your father came out of the house

    He d been drinking with the mayor

    That was the last time I ever saw you

    My robot heart, it burns for you

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  • How to un-bridesmaid someone?

    I worked with a girl for 3 years (we'll call her Beth) and I always thought we got on really well/were really good friends.

    I went travelling for 2 months earlier this yr and whilst away Beth moved jobs. I got engaged whilst travelling and when I got home I called Beth and told her, and asked her to be bridesmaid. I instantly regretted it - she has this really high pitched "fake" happy tone about it.

    The 1st time we met up since she found out was her for "leaving drinks" that I'd arranged. Beth brought another friend along and told us as soon as she got there that she wouldn't be staying long - she had other plans.

    45 mins later she left. No hug, no congrats, no question of how plans are going, etc. Nothing.

    Two months later she final text, the first thing she asked was how work was.

    I've made a mistake and don't know how to un-do it. I hate confrontation and don't want to upset her, but she's upset me. I'm embarrassed because everyone knows that somebody I cared a lot about doesn't seem to care much for me.

    Only thing I can think of is to tell her mum's not happy that I haven't asked someone I've known my whole life but have asked someone I haven't known long and so to stop arguments I've had to reconsider.

    Beth was pretty bitter when her own sister got married (Beth has had marriage problems herself). People at work have said how selfish they found her as a person.

    What do I do? :/

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