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  • I cant put a new earing on my new piercing?

    I had my lobes pierced nearly 2.5 months ago and I want to put in a new earing.When I try to put one on it doesnt go in.The earing tha the piercer put in goes in from the back and it always goes back in with no trouble but when I try to put an earing that goes in from the front it doesnt go in.

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body8 months ago
  • I found out my father has depression.What to I do?

    This mornig I found his antidepressants.I already had some suspicions because of his convos with my mom but I never wanted to believe it.I am at total loss and do not know what to do.Should I tell my mom that I know?Should I tell my sister?Were they even planning to tell me?

    18 AnswersMental Health10 months ago