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  • I started dating a black woman. I'm a white male. Things were going well, then we got into an argument.?

    We were watching TV and my glasses broke and I was upset about that. But then it escalated and has become horrible where she just acts like I'm a terrible person because we watched the TV shows that I wanted to watch. She divorced and has grown children. I'm taking care of my mother who is 99 years old. My girlfriend and I do not live together. We both do similar kinds of work - in the healthcare industry. Maybe she's really kind of 'bossy' and I'm not the kind of person that will be pushed around. I have 25 years of management experience in the corporate world and in the healthcare field. Is there any chance of our relationship getting back on track. In an email I suggested that she pick the next movie we watch and she just launched into a lot of nastiness toward me. I am also an artist, a painter and she knows nothing about art. With her there are a lot of topics that she doesn't want to talk about. Any suggestions as to how to get things back on track? She's turned into a perpetually angry woman.

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  • My brother is giving me a very hard time...?

    My brother is giving me a very hard time because I would not let him visit my mother who is 97 years old. My mother is very fragile although doing well now. But my brother has been sick and his wife has been very sick. I do not want my mother to get sick from being around my brother. Now my brother is calling the police and telling them I am abusing my mother. They came and investigated and interviewed me and my mother and found no abuse or neglect. Now my brother has called my mother's lawyer and told her I was abusing my mother. I take very good care of my mother and she has friends of hers from church that come and visit her. My brother's wife has been very ill and I don't want my mother to get sick from being around them. My brother is lying to everyone he knows telling them I am abusing my mother. He has called the police five times. Each time they have come and found no problems. But it is very stressful.

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