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  • How do I stop comparing myself to other writers? ?

    I'm an aspiring writer. I mainly write fanfiction & stuff of that nature (fanmade work), and everytime I read a story that's incredibly well done, I always feel like crap after. Not because I don't like it, but because I love it so much that I just start to fixate and ruminate on the fact I'll never be as good as them. How can I stop doing that? Apart of me thinks it's because I've been diagnosed w/depression, anxiety, bipolar && OCD... but another part of me thinks I'll never be as good as them. I know this is a silly question, first world problems, really, but I can't help it and I just want it to stop. 

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  • my ex is upset that I've realized I am a lesbian and we can't date anymore? I feel guilty even though I should feel guilty for who I am?

    Ex boyfriend we'll call him Mark.

    Mark and I met at work March of 2018, and we hit it off right away. There was an obvious mutual attraction, and we quickly became friends and started dating soon after. Sadly, my family and I were moving so we only dated for about two months and then broke up due to us not wanting to do long distance, but he said he'd wait for me, even though I let it be known he didn't have to. We kept in touch and after the move, got back together around September and dated for a year since we didn't count our short lived break up. A few days after our 1 year, he broke up with me, and said he wanted to wait for me. I slowly lost feeling for him as the months went by and by June 2019, he said he was not going to date anyone else and wait for me, then July 2019, he said he has a new girlfriend. I didn't care though, sure I was a bit hurt, but it wasn't bad, also because I wasn't expecting him to wait for me, he's his own man and can do as he pleases, I'm not some controlling ex, I didn't really care. September of 2019, he said he and his girlfriend broke up and he wanted me back, but I turned him down, and by then, I lost almost all my feelings for him. Then by October 2019, I learned I was a lesbian. When I told him, he said he's not mad I'm a lesbian and he's happy, I'm happy, but upset he "can't have me" and that made me feel sort've guilty. Is it reasonable to feel guilty?


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  • would it be weird asking my step father to adopt me? ?

    I’m 21 years old and the only father I’ve ever truly known, and truly loved, is my ‘step’ father. I know I can complain about him, and say I “hate him” or “don’t love” him, but that’s far from the truth, and honestly, he raised me since I was 7, so it’d be hard to suddenly stop loving a parent who’s raised you since you were a little kid.. I want to ask him some day if he wants to adopt me, but I feel like it could be weird. I looked it up though, and it is actually possible to adopt an adult step child. There’s a court process and everything. I dunno though. 

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  • Is it weird I like to watch children shows/movies more than teen/young adult shows/movies? ?

    I’m 21(almost 22 by Nov) and I enjoy a lot of shows and movies aimed at a younger demographic. The music, colorful characters and appeal just attracts me more than shows with violence or more mature content. I do watch shows with a more ‘adult’ audience such as Arrow, Flash or Batwoman, but I am more into shows of my childhood (like Winx Club or My Little Pony)

    I even sometimes enjoy more disney movies and shows like Frozen or Sofia The First. Is this a bad thing or should I just not care when it comes to others opinions of me? I’ve seen people judge older animation fans and telling them to ‘grow up’ or ‘get help’ and I fear I might need help if I enjoy more child targeted content.

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  • How do you handle struggling with your sexuality?

    I’ve been struggling for a while and I’m still so confused. I don’t think I’m attracted to men since I haven’t thought about being with one for a long time and basically stopped feeling attracted to men in general. But I might be wrong too and just misguided because of my last relationship. I know I’m not straight though and it’s all so confusing. Any advice? 

  • DC comic book suggestions?

    I love the DC shows and know a bit of context from what I've read in the past but I am always open to suggestions.

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  • I can't find my deleted photos trash on my samsung?

    I accidentally deleted a few photos I wasn't intending on deleting off of my phone, and now I can't find it. I've tried looking through my whole phone and I still can't find the recycle bin or trash bin. Any advice?

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  • My ex wants me back. I still love him but I don’t think I can.?

    My ex and I dated for a year, a few months in the same state and the rest of it in a long distance relationship. He broke up with me because distance was too much and I got so busy with school. Then in July, he called to tell me he has a girlfriend (after lying he was single) and I blocked his number. Yesterday, he texted me on Skype (Which I forgot to block) and he was telling me he made a mistake and wants me back, and he won’t let go this time. I still love him, and I always will because he and I were really happy together, but also, he really hurt me. Not just because he lied but how things ended. (He basically said he wanted to date someone else who lives closer until I moved back) I don’t think I can go back to him despite my feelings still being there, but I hate the idea of hurting him because I don’t think he intentionally wanted to hurt me even if he did in the end. Any advice? I usually wouldn’t go to Yahoo unless I needed to (no offense, YA! Isn’t as good anymore) but I’m just lost. I’ve been focusing on myself, schooling, friends, family and my side hobby of writing stories, and I have been enjoying it so much.

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  • I dropped my laptop and cracked the screen. (I am taking full responsibility for my mistake). Is it possible for it to be fixed?

    Long story short: Last night, I dropped my laptop. I won’t get into too much detail but it cracked from the inside. Now the entire top half is cracked. I can still see a little bit of my screen on the bottom half, so it’s possible nothing else was damaged, but I’m still screwed cause I made a dumb choice. I just want to know if it’s possible to have it fixed. I have a 3 year warranty of Apple care + also so I am eligible for repair or replacement. Also. If I need it replaced, is it possible to backup my stuff. This is a laptop I mainly use for school.

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  • Why is it hard to own up to our mistakes?

    If we made a mistake or did something stupid, and we need to tell a friend, parent, ect, why is it so hard to get our selves to do so? Curious is all.

  • why do I always feel anxious?

    I always feel anxious except when I am asleep, and I don t know why. My counselor said I have all the signs of anxiety. but I don t like self diagnosing with something so serious. My life isn t even super stressful but I feel stressed out and anxious almost all the time.

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  • is it weird I'm not that protective of my little brother?

    I'm 12 years older than my brother and I'm not that protective of him. I will defend him if something goes weary but other times I just don't want to interfere because he's a really smart kid and at the age of 8, he's able to stick up for himself. some people find it weird also that I'm not like some sisters who think their little brothers are too young to be into girls. he's only 8, so his "girlfriends" aren't actually "serious". Is this normal?

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  • I need some advice about this situation.. why does my ex do this stuff?

    Ok so my last question was about whether or not I should feel guilty about liking somebody and I was told I shouldn’t, thank you for answering those..

    Now here goes the issue. My ex keeps calling me ‘babe’. He tells me he still loves me and everything but he doesn’t want to date me because I live so far away. I’m confused on why he’s doing this if he doesn’t want to date me and it makes me feel worse about ever thinking of moving on because he keeps telling me he will wait for me while I’m here developing feelings for other people. What should I do?

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  • Can guys and girls really just be friends?

    My best friend is a guy, he s a year younger than me and he is basically my brother. We ve been best friends for a few years now, probably 4 or 5. He s handsome, sweet, funny, and also hella tall lmao but I have never seen him as someone I d want to be more than friends with, and vise versa. His friends keep teasing him, telling him in 10 years I m gonna be Mrs. Hanson but we truly think we can be just friends and remain that way. What s your opinion?

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  • I get attached to things that aren t super important and I need help letting things go. Any suggestions on how?

    Long story short, I get attached to certain things that I won t need or ever need again in the near future. For example, I misplaced and I m fairly certain I lost a study guide for my unit 2 in math, but I already took the unit 2 test, therefore I won t need to look at the review page/study guide until finals which is not until May. I feel so pathetic losing sleep over it and I even asked my professor for another copy, which it s stupid I felt the urge to even ask considering I don t need it anymore! I know some people might consider this hoarding and perhaps I am hoarding things, but the fact is, I don t WANT to hold on to little papers or pencils/pens and trivial things that I don t need anymore in the future but I can t get myself to let things go and it drives me insane. Sometimes it gets to an insane point where I double check the trash and the recycling because I want to make sure it wasn t thrown out. I honestly think I have an issue and I want to know how to resolve it. any advice? Sorry this is wrong and I sound like I am a little kid (in a way I do cause I know little kids like this) but I ve dealt with this since I was in 6th grade and I m in college now, and it s killing me inside.


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  • Have you ever lost a pet?

    My dog Rover, passed away almost 3 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't miss his cute face and the way he would comfort me when I was sad.

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  • can someone try and explain this situation to me?

    ok so I know I am better off asking a doctor/therapist /psychiatrist but I just need help.

    I have depression, it was pretty obvious from the start of 7th grade because i was being bullied badly by almost every kid in my grade and on top of that,being pressured into dating somebody I had NO feelings for. I am 19 now and I still deal with it but it comes and goes, there are times where I will just get really sad and then just not want to do anything and there are other times where I will get angry about something and all of a sudden I have all these 'thoughts' again and i don't know why. any ideas? some people think i am not actually depressed and get mad when I don't have things go my way but that isn't it at all, it's like its here for a few hours maybe 5 to 6 and goes away and nothing wrong happens until I start to feel randomly sad again or i get really mad.

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  • why do people hate on others, who may not of even done anything wrong to them.?

    I am just curious. For 19 years, I've never really found myself not hating anybody, except a few people in particular who I won't mention. I've always seen or tried to see the good in people and always found it but sometimes there's no good left to see.

    your opinions?

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  • how to feel less insecure about myself?

    Most of my life, I felt insecure about myself. How I look, how I act, my face, my body, everything..when I met my ex best friend, my insecurities sky rocketed through the f*cking roof tops! she'd always make fun of me cause I "have no butt" and I have a flat chest and she'd make fun of me for that too. I was gaining confidence at the start of high school and I just realized it was because she didn't go to my school at that time. When she attended it 10th to 12th, my insecurities returned.I am no longer in the same state as her and I am working on cutting her out completely but I was wondering how I can gain myself confidence back? Man, she was always prettier than I was and we both knew it (or as I'd say bc I was her lap puppy) but she'd always tell me I'm never going to be as pretty as her and when someone would say I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, she'd look at me judgingly.

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