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  • Women’s to Kids shoe sizes?

    Is it true that Women’s shoe sizes are just 2 sizes smaller in kids? I was told this and i wanted to fact check. So if a woman wears a size 8, her size in kids would be a 6? And is it in girls kids or boys kids or both? For all shoes like Nike, Uggs, Adidas etc. 

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories9 months ago
  • Why does my dog keep leaving her puppies?

    Firstly - she just had her very first litter about a week and 4 days ago. She seemed kinda happy to be a mom. When they cry she is interested in why, she even whines to get back into the pin with them when she misses them or when they cry. Yes - she’s feeding them regularly, and cleaning them and doing all the super important stuff. When they are asleep, she leaves. At first she never really left the pin except to use the bathroom. Now she’s able to jump out of it, and every time i come home she’s not with her babies, she’s our wandering & stuff with my other two dogs. In the middle of the night she leaves them, and gets on my bed or under my bed and sleeps, then cries to get back in the pin. But why does she keep leaving them in the first place? Should i be worried? Should i make her stay with her babies? Is this normal? She isn’t rejecting any of the babies. She isn’t nipping at them at all. She’s been very loving and protective over them as well.

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  • I dyed my dark brown wig and now it’s super light brown. Can i dye it back dark brown?

    So i watched this YouTube video on how to get highlights using dark and lovely fade resistant honey blonde. So i dyed twice and it didn’t work for me like it did in the video. In the video her hair noticeable look kinda honey blonde. Mine just turn this red ish right copper brown :( and i did it wrong so it’s not high lights lol the entire hair looks that weird color. So i was wondering, can i just dye my wig again and use a dark natural brown or a black to make it look as close to what it did before i messed with it? (Keep in mind i did not bleach the hair, just dye)

    3 AnswersHair1 year ago
  • How bad does donating plasma hurt?

    Hi i have a very low pain tolerance, I’ve never donated blood before but i need the cash this week ASAP and i know i can get it by donating plasma. I’m scared when i have to get shots bc it hurts to me even though it’s quick. So how bad will donating plasma hurt? Plus my veins are small :((

    4 AnswersOther - Health2 years ago
  • How to make long distance relationship work?

    I have complete faith that it can work. I’m leaving my current college and going to a different one for two years. My boyfriend is staying at this college. His fear is that I’ll fall for someone else at my new school. That’s won’t happen. I’m not interested. I don’t even see guys that way anymore bc i only have eyes for my bf. And he feels the same for me. My new school is in my hometown so I’ll be 2hrs and 45mins from my bf. I can make visits ya know? Like every other weekend & when he has winter break/ spring breaks and still i can go see him and vise versa. Any other tips on how to keep our relationship alive and well for the next two years?

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  • Why does my vagina itch and burn?

    I don’t have an STD. Idk what’s going on. It doesn’t burn when i pee. But it literally feels amazing to scratch down there.. but it’s my vagina itself, libia, and the clit. Idk why it itches. Maybe it’s from sex with mybf.. or maybe it’s from a razor idk PLEAAASSSEE HELP I’m freaking out.. :((

    7 AnswersWomen's Health3 years ago
  • Why do i keep treating my bf badly?

    Lately these past few days I’ve been getting so annoyed with him. Which scares me b/c I’d get this way back in high school w/ guys i dates then eventually I’d break up with them. My ex.. he’s been on my mind a lot for some reason. I knew when i was dating him i never felt this way at all. I never got annoyed with him. I loved him a lot. My ex broke up with me for his ex.. so eventually i met my current bf and I’ve been sooo happy. He’s everything i could’ve asked for.. so why have I’ve been snapping at him so much lately?? I’ve been so mean and i wanna stop but Idk what’s the problem..

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • My exes keep appearing in my dreams?

    I’m in a new relationship & I’m super happy. I really like this guy but i have been hurt in the past so i know a part of me is holding back w/ him.. but i know I’ll get over it eventually as trust continues to develop. Last night one of my exes from high school that left me for a girl i thought was my friend appeared in my dream. And a few nights before that this ex i really dislike from my freshman year of college kept kissing for my forehead in my dream and my current bf was trying to fight him.. why does my exes keep popping up in my dreams??

    7 AnswersDream Interpretation3 years ago
  • Which apartment is cheaper to pay for?

    I'm a college student, looking to rent next year, as in fall 2018. (My junior year). So I'm debating between two types of apartments. Let's save one of them is called "The Connections" it costs $570 per person. (It'll be to roomates- myself and one other person), the $570 includes all utilities. Let's say the other option is just a regular apartment the total rent is $683 - still two roomates but we split that $683 and still have to pay for utilities. Which one would be cheaper? (Also do not worry about anything else - just the apartment costs. "Meal plans" and transportation is already covered - my only concern is the apartment)

    2 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • Is it cheaper to do student living in apartments or just a regular apartment?

    I'm a college student looking to rent next year. I'm still learning a lot about all of this stuff. So student apartments are like $570+, which includes all utilities so you don't have to worry about it - the $570 price is if you're going to be having a roommate(s), if I got a 1 bed room it would be around $1000+ (which includes utilities). Other normal apartments are like $678 (idk for sure, just throwing numbers out there that I've seen) and that does no include the water bill & light bill etc. I am going to have a roommate, so which would be the cheapest route? A simple small apartment where we split rent & utilities or student living that we both pay $570 a month?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • When renting an apartment, do they charge by the room?

    I know this might seem like a dumb question, but I'm in college and some apartment listing are confusing. I'm not looking to rent until next year (my junior yet). So the campus apartment are like $570+ but those are per person/room. So if it's 2 roommates they each pay $570 a month(includes utilities and stuff). I was wondering if normal apartments that are for students just anyone - if I wanted to get a 2 bed room and the price is listed as $685 a month, is that $685 per person? Or is that the total amount for rent?

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate3 years ago
  • Period longer than usual, just started birth control help?

    So I was trying to delay my cycle last week by eating lemons. I delayed it for a day because I stopped eating the lemons on a Wednesday. Started taking birth control on Thursday. Anyways my cycle started Sunday night. Usually my cycle goes heavy for 2 days then light for 3 and then it's over. Well this time it was extremely light for 4 days straight - light enough to only wear a panty liner. And then I had sex on Saturday and my cycle became heavier. Now I'm wearing pads again and it's been 9daya and I'm still on my cycle.. what's going on?? When will my period stop?

    4 AnswersWomen's Health3 years ago
  • How do I fix my relationship?

    I'm in love with him, he's my everything. I know he loves and cares for me. Yesterday we had a long talk, and he told me that we can't be together because he's afraid to disappoint me or hurt me (emotionally). I tried to explain that he wouldn't hurt me, but he said that he praied to his God about us and me. And he's thought about all positive and negative outcomes and that it's mainly negative. I told him everyone deserve second chances, and he said that he gave himself a second chance with me, but he really thinks he's going to hurt me so he can't be with me. He doesn't think relationships are for him because they always end the same. Me and him were both crying really hard..he told me he thinks he won't go to heaven because I lost my virginity to him and he doesn't think we will get married because of how he feels about disappointing me and hurting me. I told him that I was happy I lost it to him and everything. I'm just not sure how to fix this. Before I left he was playing in my hair and rubbing my neck then we kissed for a few mins.. it was really passionately. Then he wiped my tears and I had to go. How do I get him to understand that he won't hurt or disappoint me? He still wants to remain friends because he doesn't want to lose me. He just thinks he can't hurt me if we are just friends.. what should I do?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • Will eating a lemon make me taste sour/bitter?

    So my previous question was how to postpone my cycle so I could have some fun w/ my bf when I visit him next weekend. Anyways, everyone online is telling me that eating a half a lemon a day will postpone it. I've been doing that as of yesterday. My concern is, since lemons are so sour, will it make me taste sour? Or bitter?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • How to start period early or postpone it?

    I'm going to visit my man next weekend. The problem is my cycle is suppose to start on Saturday and I'm suppose to go over on Friday.. obviously we want to hook up. I don't mind starting my cycle now, or at least postponing it until that Sunday when I leave his house. What should i do?!? Someone please help

    5 AnswersWomen's Health3 years ago
  • How to start my period early or delay it?

    I'm able to visit my man finally after not being able to for most of summer because he always had work but he was able to get some time off :). So the problem is, two weeks ago I was on my cycle. I have regular periods. I'm able to visit next weekend..and my cycle is suppose to start on Saturday 🙃. I really would like to have my period rn so I can get it out of the way, but I'm fine with trying to delay it as well. What should I do? I don't have much time.. is there anything that's worked in this short time frame for anyone?

    Women's Health3 years ago
  • Legit modeling agencies?

    I finally talked my boyfriend into go into modeling as a side hustle to make money so he can open up his own gym in the future. We are in college, he's about to be 20z he use to box, so he's very toned. He works out daily. He's ******* beautiful, idk if I should post his picture or not. But he's finally going to get some headshots taken on Wednesday, and a body shot b/c he's super toned everywhere 😍. Anyways, he wanted my help with finding legit places to submit his photos to online and in person. Pleaseee help. I'm googling places but I'm not sure if they are truly legit or just scams. Know of any legit modeling angencies?

    1 AnswerOther - Beauty & Style3 years ago
  • How do I get my gums pink again?

    So I brush my teeth twice a day, my teeth are really white. People tell me that all the time, but I'm self conscious because the sides like behind my cheeks are beautiful and pink but then middle front are darker. I've been trying to use warm water to massage the gums but is there anything else I can do? I see the rim at the bottom of the gums are turning pink but I need the rest to catch up

    1 AnswerDental3 years ago
  • Is it possible to only be allergic to crab legs and not all shellfish?

    When I was young I every so often my dad would make some shrimp and crab legs and all of that. This one particular night I was eating the crab legs, my face broke out and my lips started to itch. And we noticed that continued If I ate it again anytime after. My mom assumed I was allergic to all shellfish. But I can eat shrimp and be unaffected sometimes. Back then My lips would itch, but now that I am older I am able to eat shrimp just fine. I eat all other fish just fine, and fried clams as well. I wonder if maybe I built a tolerance for shrimp? Or I'm just allergic to crab legs alone? Is that possible?

    3 AnswersAllergies3 years ago
  • Can someone interpret this dream?

    My friend is freaking out. Lately her dreams have been her seeing demons. Last night her dream was she didn't all any teeth, all of them were gone and there way a yellow hole on her mouth, and she saw the devil himself. What does this mean?

    6 AnswersDream Interpretation3 years ago