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  • How long until my hair grows back after a bad haircut?

    I recently got my haircut by a lady named Karen, and she cut it horrendously, how do I grow it back super fast and nicely, how fast does it grow on its own too?!

    3 AnswersHair3 months ago
  • Budgies flying rampant inside house, how do I catch them?

    My budgie recently got a playmate in his enclosure and my son Wallace left the enclosure exit open, now the dumb birds flew away and are running rampant inside the house, destroying tissue boxes and anything else they can get their little head in, how do I trap them and put them back into their enclosure, they could die and get lost inside the house.

    9 AnswersBirds3 months ago
  • My son is acting strange after getting a " Covid"?

    Recently, this month I discovered something called Covid, Im not too sure what that means and I researched and it said Covid 19, so if it happened in 2019 why is it still an ongoing event. Anywho, my son Wallace recently contracted the disease and is now having strange symptoms, he is starting to eat bird seed mix and is sleeping under his bed, basically, acting like a parrot + cat hybrid. He is being quarantined inside his room with food delivered every 12 hours to his door. Why is he acting like this? Are these the Covid symptoms?

    3 AnswersFamily3 months ago
  • My son isnt donating to my gofundme page.?

    Why isnt my son, who I PROVIDE FOR, not funding my gofundme page. Im just a bit confused because when I give him stuff I get nothing in return??? What the hell!

    2 AnswersFamily3 months ago
  • Ferret gone wild, is this a good idea?

    My pet Ferret recently escaped his enclosure midnight and ran all around my homestay, it wondered astray in my child's room and attacked and scratched him, my Wallace had to retrieve MEDICAL CARE. The ferret is back in its enclosure and now is being fed bird food instead of its regular food to try and treat its symptoms, is this a good idea?

    7 AnswersOther - Pets3 months ago