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  • In the middle of a stressful work period, parents complain that I can’t visit at holidays this year: how to get them to back off?

    I live pretty far from my parents but would at least visit them at Thanksgiving and Christmas (and I used to more often).  

    I can’t this year.  My state has a 2-week quarantine period if I travel to my parents’ state.  

    And this year, I am up for a major promotion at work and just have to focus on that.  Plus if my parents find out that I am up for a promotion, they will bombard me with emails telling me how worried they are that I will fail, and I don’t want to hear that.

    So I’m just beyond stressed out at work right now, and travel isn’t an option anyway.  But my mother keeps emailing me telling me that she’s devastated that “I don’t intend to come” for the holidays, as if a coronavirus lockdown were my fault. 

    I just want to be left alone.

    How to get an elderly mother to leave me alone, without hurting her feelings?


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  • Trump really attacks Biden for being old and corrupt?

    Trump ads that I see online say that “Hunter Biden sold out the US to get rich.”  Isn’t that what Trump did with his friend Putin?

    And Trump says that Biden is old and losing his mental abilities. Isn’t Trump old and losing his mental abilities?

    Trump’s campaign tactics are bizarre: they focus attention on Trump’s own shortcomings.

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  • How to tactfully let friends know that my significant other and I will be separating?

    I’m a never-married guy in my 40s.  My circle of friends (mostly from school) keep asking about a lady who I’ve been seeing for the last 18 months.

    It’s nothing serious- we date because we’re compatible but we’re both so career-focused that we see each other once a week. 

    Now she’s moving back her country (in Northern Europe) for a job change.  That’s fine.

    My friends were asking today, “how long have you been dating and when will the bachelor party be”?

    Well, 18 months casually but we will be separating.

    How to let them know?  I mainly want them to quit asking me about my dating life because it’s nothing to brag about.  Thanks.

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  • Do the ministers in your church not like you that much?

    I've been a member of my church (about a thousand members) for decades.  I'm constantly asked to be on the church's governing council, and I am usually on it or another committee, so I volunteer a lot of time.  I also provided for the church in my will (which the church knows).

    The pastors in my church don't really like me that much.  The senior pastor's body language gives it off, even though he asks me to serve on the governing council.  One associate pastor doesn't ever say anything to me, even when we're sitting next to each other, and one other associate pastor constantly remarks how stressed I seemed to be at work years ago.  Lovely.

    The only other church in the denomination that I haven't tried and that is within a reasonable distance is a small one, so maybe I'd check it out.

    The church overall is OK.  It's close by and it does give opportunities to volunteer. I'm in a Bible study group.  The people are OK.  I'm not crazy about it, but it meets my needs, I guess.

    Would not being particularly liked by the pastors be, for you, the "straw that broke the camel's back"-would you leave the church because of it, if you were otherwise OK with the church but not crazy about it?

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  • Joined a new gym with unfriendly people: how to say hello?

    I joined a new gym for the first time in a decade.  (My old gym didn’t seem safe in the age of coronavirus.)

    My new gym is part of a private club where I have long been a member, so I figured that people at this gym would be friendly, since it’s likely to run into them at dinner.

    But nobody says hello or even nods, even though I see the same people there.

    I forget: OK to walk up to someone at the gym and say, “Real quickly- hi, I’m John, I see you here every day and I’m impressed by your dedication” or something?  Or just say hello in the locker room?

    None of us want to be interrupted by a chatterbox but since we’re all members of the same private club, we ought to at least know each other.


    Diet & Fitness4 days ago
  • Democrats, you called Mitt Romney a Nazi and a plutocrat: happy now?

    Democrats, you've called basically every Republican a Nazi, a murderer and a plutocrat, including John McCain, Mitt Romney and Susan Collins.

    You happy now with the backlash you've gotten (i.e., the election of Donald Trump)?  You still consider Mitt Romney a Nazi?

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  • Scandinavian-Americans, shouldn't we celebrate Leif Erikson day, not Columbus Day?

    Leif Erikson came to North America first, before about the year 1020.  Well before Columbus in 1492.  

    I'm Swedish-American.  Leif Erikson should get some credit.

    (Yes, I love my Italian friends--they're wonderful- but this is not about ethnicity; it's about recognizing a historical fact.)

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  • Trump son says that Donald Trump "lost a fortune" in running for president: liar and idiot?

    Trump's son said that Donald Trump "lost a fortune" in running for president.

    First, that's arguably false, as Trump's businesses earned a lot of money from customers seeking access to Donald Trump.

    Second, if someone somehow loses money by running for president, isn't that just evidence that the person is an idiot?  Even Sarah Palin made a lot of money by cashing in on her media fame due to her 2008 VP run.

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  • Who were Germans mad at just after WWII: the Allies or Nazis?

    Surely Germans just after World War II must have been mad and upset.  Their cities were destroyed and many millions of people had been killed.

    But who were Germans mad at: the US and UK, which had demolished their cities and killed soldiers and civilians, or Nazis and their accomplices, which started the war and wouldn’t surrender before so much death and destruction had occurred?

    13 AnswersHistory2 weeks ago
  • Why not have Prince Harry be the US head of state?

    The head of state of a country is someone who just does ceremonial things such as attending funerals and hosting dinners.  A head of state has no political power or responsibilities to govern.  Queen Elizabeth, for example, is the head of state of Canada.

    Since Prince Harry is in the US, why not make him head of state?

    We would keep the President but the President would just deal with politics.  The head of state would deal with ceremonial stuff. Plenty of countries have one head of state and another head of government.

    6 AnswersPolitics2 weeks ago
  • Business sent me a check for its mistake, but check is lost: tacky to ask for a replacement?

    A business that I like accidentally overcharged me and caught its mistake and sent me a check for the difference.  The post office lost the check.  

    Is it tacky of me to ask the business for a replacement check?The check is for $750, a refund for me being charged too much commission for some work it did.  It charged a below-market commission and I would have been fine paying $750 more.  And the business caught the mistake.It’s a small business and I expect that they would see that the check hasn’t been deposited.  They might think I rejected their generosity.

    2 AnswersEtiquette2 weeks ago
  • Do TV reporters get car allowances?

    And if a TV reporter is in an a traffic accident, in the reporter’s own car, while on the job, wouldn’t the TV station pay for the damage (on its own insurance)?

    1 AnswerMedia & Journalism2 weeks ago
  • Can dogs feel love from people?

    Do dogs know that we humans love them?

    9 AnswersDogs2 weeks ago
  • What's Trump's mental impairment, riding in a car with others, for show, and returning to the White House while he has coronavirus?

    Narcissist? Psychopath?  What's the name of the mental impairment that Donald Trump has?

    With coronavirus, he got driven around, with Secret Service agents in the car, just to show himself to his supporters.  Now he's returning to the White House, with coronavirus.

    Clearly he has no concern for anyone's well being.  But what is the mental illness that he has?

    5 AnswersMental Health2 weeks ago
  • Sexist and anti-LGBTQ for Jaime Harrison to tell Lindsey Graham to “be a man”?

    At the debate between Sen. Lindsey Graham and his opponent, Jaime Harrison, Jaime Harrison told Lindsey Graham to “be a man”.

    Isn’t that sexist and anti-LGBTQ?

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  • British people, do you wish that the UK had stayed out of World Wars I and II?

    The UK did not have to join World Wars I or II, at least not when it did, since in both wars, the UK declared war first.

    Yes, the UK saved the planet from “a new dark age”, particularly in World War II.  But this came at tremendous cost: massive loss of life, financial hardship, arguably the acceleration of the end of the British Empire and physical destruction of British cities during the Blitz.

    I am not British, but I am eternally grateful for British sacrifices during both wars, particularly in 1940-41.

    But does anyone in the UK now think that the UK should have stayed out of either war?  Sitting by the sidelines in either war would have been easy to do and would have avoided huge costs.

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  • What if the USSR had joined the Axis in World War II?

    In 1940, Germany and the USSR discussed having the USSR join the Axis.  This Germany, Italy, Japan and the USSR would have fought against the UK.

    I think that Hitler could have won the war then, by being able to focus his attacks on the UK.  Even if the US had eventually joined, it would have been harder for the US and the UK together to win because Germany wouldn’t have had to split its efforts and have a two-front war.

    What do you think; who would have won the war then?

    6 AnswersHistory3 weeks ago
  • Do you think that either of your parents should not have had children?

    If so, have you ever told the parent or anyone else?  If so, how did the person react?

    5 AnswersFamily3 weeks ago
  • After WWI, why couldn’t Germany keep its gains in Eastern Europe?

    Germany beat Russia in World War I and conquered what are now the Baltic States, Finland, Belarus and Ukraine.

    Why didn’t the Allies let Germany keep those lands, which were German protectorates?  

    The Soviet Union was already forming, and having many of those lands become Communist was worse than letting them be semi-democratic German puppet states ruled by German royalty.

    Surely keeping gains in the East would have offset Hitler’s appeal, too, so World War II would likely have been prevented.

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  • Is Melania Trump as hateful and awful as Donald Trump?

    Melania Trump was recorded while cursing about Christmas decorations and making callous remarks about immigrant children being separated from their parents.

    Is she as hateful and awful as Donald Trump is?

    I assume that anyone who would marry someone as hateful as Donald Trump must be OK with his hate.

    5 AnswersPolitics3 weeks ago