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  • Rude/pushy to call and email an acquaintance (instead of calling or emailing) when you want something ?

    I was told that if you want something from someone, make it as easy as possible for the person to do it.  

    If you want an acquaintance to do an email introduction to someone for you, for example, email the acquaintance and include the other person’s email address and even text for the introductory email that can be used for the introduction.

    One of my acquaintances (through school) will call, leave a voicemail, and then email a few moments later, saying only, “I left you a voicemail.”   She will do that in the middle of the workday, when I’m really busy and am dealing with a barrage of emails and calls already.  Most recently, she did that when she wants me to do an email introduction between herself and someone I know.

    Isn’t it rude of her to email and call nearly simultaneously?  And isn’t it inefficient for her to email saying only “I left you a voicemail”; wouldn’t it be smarter of her to email all of the information that I need?  

    Etiquette14 hours ago
  • Trump supporters, do you find Trump pretty consistently honest?

    We all make mistakes in what we say, and everyone says little white lies.  But if you’re a Trump supporter, do you find him to be pretty consistently honest (with the exceptions above)?

    4 AnswersGovernment16 hours ago
  • OK for Christians to file for bankruptcy (without big medical bills)?

    Is it OK for Christians to file for bankruptcy if the reason is that they just spent too much money?

    It’s understandable if the person had a major medical bill through no fault of his or her own.  

    But if you file for bankruptcy because you just spent too much, doesn’t that show that you borrow and don’t repay (see Psalm 27:31), make pledges and don’t keep your word (prohibited in the Book of Numbers) and don’t treat money, God’s gift, in a faithful manner?

    8 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 day ago
  • Why don’t political campaigns release their internal polls to the public if those polls are so favorable to their candidate?

    Whenever a candidate isn’t doing well in a political race, the campaign announces that its internal polls show the candidate in a strong position.

    What are internal polls, how valid are they and why don’t campaigns release them to the public?

    6 AnswersPolitics1 day ago
  • Normal for interior design job to order furniture a bit at a time?

    If an interior designer designs your home and handles installation of furniture, is it normal to order a few pieces of furniture at a time and not have seen an overall plan?

    I bought a new apartment and hired an interior designer to handle all aspects of the interior design.

    I thought that I’d be shown all the furniture and a total plan so that I could see what the finished project would look like, before placing orders, but I’ve been shown a few pieces of furniture at a time and have been told to order them.

    No painting or other background work has been done and I haven’t seen a plan showing how the interior will look when done.  I also don’t have a TV but have been shown a media cabinet to order, even after I’ve stated that I won’t have a TV and don’t think I need a media cabinet.

    Is this how it works?

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  • How obnoxious is it to send a framed Bible verse (Psalm 27:31) to a former friend who cheated me out of money and didn’t repay?

    Psalm 27:31 says that “the wicked borrow and do not repay”.

    I have a former friend who I loaned money to.  He didn’t repay me, even though we had a thorough contract, prepared by lawyers.  I had to hire a lawyer after he repeatedly threatened to sue me (baseless claims to have the contract voided) after I started pushing for repayment.

    I’ve now gotten my money back (as he violated the loan contract so my lawyer turned the tables on him) and I never want to se him again.

    He constantly claims how Christian and righteous he is.

    How rude would it be for me to send a framed copy of Psalm 27:31 to him (along with shredded copies of his legal demand letters and a gift that he had previously given to me)?  Maybe I’ll also include 1 Corinthians 6, warning against filing lawsuits in court, as he repeatedly threatened to sue me.

    4 AnswersEtiquette2 days ago
  • Why couldn’t the UK send an equal number of planes to shoot down German bombers in WWII?

    In World War II, Germany sent hundreds of bombers per night, night after night, to attack London and other cities.

    Why couldn’t the Royal Air Force simply send a huge number of planes to attack the fleets of bombers?

    I don’t understand why British cities seemed to just be defended by anti-aircraft guns and small numbers of planes.

    1 AnswerHistory4 days ago
  • Why couldn’t the UK send an equal number of planes to shoot down German bombers in WWII?

    In World War II, Germany sent hundreds of bombers per night, night after night, to attack London and other cities.

    Why couldn’t the Royal Air Force simply send a huge number of planes to attack the fleets of bombers?

    I don’t understand why British cities seemed to just be defended by anti-aircraft guns and small numbers of planes.

    3 AnswersPolitics4 days ago
  • Were German citizens horrified by bombings of Warsaw, Rotterdam and London in WWII?

    Given the outcry in the US against the second Iraq war and brutality of US armed forces: weren’t German citizens at least concerned by Germany’s bombings of European cities in World War II?

    If I lived then, I think I’d be concerned, both for humanitarian reasons and out of concern that the bombed countries would retaliate and bomb me.


    7 AnswersHistory4 days ago
  • Friends who don’t pay you back on time, when asked?

    What is wrong with people?

    I loaned Former Friend 1 a lot of money.  He defaulted on the debt and I had to go after him with a lawyer to get repaid.

    I vented about this to Friend 2.  Friend 2 also wanted to borrow so I agreed to loan a little bit to him.  We also have a strong contract, in my favor, with clear due dates.

    Friend 2 missed a due date and I reminded him of the due date and that I wanted the repayments to be automatic; I didn’t want to be in the debt collection business.

    Friend 2 then paid, but this month he missed another payment date.

    WTF is wrong with people (other than me for being so retarded; I know not to lend to anyone ever again)?

    3 AnswersFriends5 days ago
  • Friends in the United Kingdom, would you have the US back as a Commonwealth Realm?

    I'm American (largely of English and Scottish stock), and I'll concede: we in the US have blown it.  Rather than being similar to Canada or Australia, we've descended into riots, disastrous responses to deadly pandemics and with an orange Benito Mussolini as our executive.

    Would you have us back, please, at least as a Commonwealth Realm (a member of the Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth as head of state), like Canada or Australia?

    5 AnswersGovernment7 days ago
  • How offensive is it to return a groomsman's gift to the groom?

    I was a groomsman in a former friend's wedding a few months ago.  Then he stole from me and threatened to sue me.

    I still have the groomsman's gift that he gave me, still wrapped in the original packaging: a small bag with my initials on it.

    We're in settlement discussions re: his restitution for the theft, and we both have lawyers.

    How offensive would it be for me to return the gift to him, still unwrapped, now?

    8 AnswersWeddings7 days ago
  • Trump supporters, why is it OK for Trump to delay the 2020 election?

    Yes, voting by mail seems like an opportunity for fraud but the solution is just to tighten controls, not delay the election.  And if it’s OK for Trump to delay an election, will it be OK for the next Obama to?

    11 AnswersPolitics7 days ago
  • How can Christian denominations be OK with divorce when Bible is clear that there are only very limited grounds for divorce?

    If I recall correctly, Jesus said that adultery or the like is the only permitted basis for divorce and that anyone who wrongly divorces and then remarries commits adultery.

    With that, how can Christian churches be OK with divorce and with allowing remarriages to occur inside their church buildings? 

    Mainline Christian denominations in the US have divorced and remarried pastors, leaders, etc. and do not have a problem allowing people to leave their spouses for a range of reasons and then remarry inside cn rich buildings.  How?

    22 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 week ago
  • After 2020, will Democrats and Republicans go back to having large in-person conventions?

    Political conventions in presidential election years are now just ads for the party and the nominee.  Now that the ones in 2020 will be small, will both parties ever go back to having large conventions?

    1 AnswerPolitics1 week ago
  • Have you ever encountered someone who was a long-time church member, but actually lived a very un-Christian life?

    For example, have you ever known someone who was in your church for a long time, but it turned out that the person was a thief, a serial adulterer, convicted for fraud or something else, showing that the person really was not Christian?

    In mine, one deacon was caught stealing funds from the offering plate.  Clearly that person has some issues and is not a "true believer".

    Any other experiences in your church like this?

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 week ago
  • Why do people in the UK call the US “America”?

    Every now and then you’ll hear someone in the US call the country “America” but the more usual term is “the US” or “the United States”.  And doesn’t calling the US “America” overlook Canada, which Her Majesty still owns?😊

    7 AnswersPolitics1 week ago
  • Why do these countries exist?

    Kosovo: It’s inhabited by Albanians.  Why not become part of Albania?

    Moldova: It used to be part of Romania and is inhabited by people who used to be Romanians and who speak either Romanian or a language that is the same as Romanian.  Why not become part of Romania?

    Other - Europe1 week ago
  • Calling a coworker “Doogie Howser”: acceptable?

    My office has a young employee who graduated from an Ivy League school and is clearly really smart.

    One mid level manager calls him “Doogie Howser”- the young brilliant prodigy featured in the 1980s or 1990s TV series.  The manager will even page him over the office intercom: “Doogie Howser, report to Mr. Smith’s office.”

    Is this appropriate?  The young employee doesn’t laugh or say anything.  

    7 AnswersEtiquette1 week ago
  • Are the models in George Michael's "Too Funky" attractive?

    The world's most beautiful women were models in George Michael's "Too Funky", a dance hit from the early '90s.  The video shows them wearing various costumes on a runway at a fashion show.

    I find the costumes that they're wearing to be bizarre, and they don't do it for me. But they are inherently beautiful women.

    Thoughts?  Are the models just a gay guy's (George Michael's) desirable women?  Is the video bizarre? Great song in any event.

    1 AnswerRock and Pop1 week ago