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  • What is the best cat harness?

    I have two kittens that I am preparing to be therapy cats. They need to be in harnesses, so I need one that they can't slip out of and one that doesn't cover to much of them so the patients we are visiting can pet them. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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  • Are there any other pet adoption sites like petfinder and petharbor?

    are there any others besides those two sites? Im just wondering.


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  • Tips for socializing feral kittens?

    I have four, seven week old foster kittens that were caught in a trap and brought to the humane society. They are very scared, and when I come near them they hiss and try to claw and bite me. I have given them a small area to came out of their cat condo and play in. They have come out and played with the toys but if I even look at them they will run away. Anyway, I hold a lot, and often just sit near their area and read or watch tv, just to get them used to my presence. I have also wrapped them up in a blanket like a little burrito (: so they cant rip my arms apart. Is there anything else I can do to help socialize them? I want them to be adoptable before they are too old, because, sadly, people usually want the younger kittens. So, any ideas to help socialize them? Oh, and if you have any cute name suggestions too that would be great.

    Sorry it's so long.


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  • Good names for my kittens?

    I have three foster kittens that I need name ideas for. The boy is all black, the girl is a tortoiseshell, and the other girl is a muted tortoiseshell. The names can be themed or not, and they should sound cute or unique so they get adopted. Thanks!

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  • Can you spell your first name name in a different language?

    What language is it?

    Lei - Ella

    Italian (:

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  • I Can't Think of Any Good Kitten Names?

    I have two questions. First, I have 5 four week old foster kittens that I can't think of names for. I was thinking Roman or Greek god names? Would that be cool? If you can think of any other suggestions that would be great! Here are their descriptions:

    Male: orange tabby, biggest of the litter, adventurous and cuddly

    Female: Muted tortoiseshell, mostly gray, adventurous, somewhat shy, loves to play with her brothers

    Female: brown tabby, mostly just solid dark brown, lap cat, sometimes adventurous

    Male: white with gray points(gray muzzle, paws, ears and tail) shy, also sometimes adventurous,Male: White with orange points(orange muzzle, ears, and tail) shy, lap cat, runt of the litter

    What names do you think would be good?

    I was thinking Flora and Fauna for the two girls, is that weird?

    Anyway, the kittens tend to not go in thier litter box, and pee or poo while out playing in the room, or right next to the litter box. is there anything I can do to stop this?


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  • Questions about guinea pigs?

    1. How much veggies should I give them a day?

    2. How much time should they have outside their cage a day?


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  • Waht are some fun games to play with kittens?

    I foster cats and my kitties seem to be getting bored of the feather wand and balls. Does anyone have any suggestions for fun and unique toys I can make or buy?

    I have the usual cat toys(toy mice, catnip,ping pong balls)

    I want something to keep my kittens active and occupied when I'm not around.

    Does anyone have a toy that their cats love?

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  • What Pets Do You Have?

    Im really bored so if you want you can name your pets(breed,names, how many,etc.) I dont know why but I like talking about my pets and hearing about other peoples pets. Oh yeah and if you volunteer at a shelter or somewhere animal related you can say that too.

    I have a dog,foster kittens,rats,guinea pigs, and frogs. A total of nine. How about you?

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  • Where can I get a pan for a rat cage?

    I have the Critter Nation cage for my three rats, and the pan is not deep enough and they always kick the bedding over the side. Please do not suggest using fleece because I tried this and they chewed giant holes in it within the first day. Anyways, if anyone has a link or some suggestions for a deeper rat cage pan please respond it would really help. Oh yeah, the cage dimensions are 36 inches long and 24 inches wide if that helps.

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