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  • Is sharp pain normal after a grade 5 ac seperation?

    Is having sharp pain normal after a grade 5 ac separation surgery? i got surgery about 27 days ago on right shoulder for a grade 5  ac separation using the dog bone and ligament allograph  technique  but just 4 days ago im getting sharp pain around the incision area feels like someone got a pin and just quickly stabbed me around the area it come and goes depending on how i move is this normal and if so what else should i expect to feel during the recover time 

    1 AnswerInjuries11 months ago
  • Need a good catering waiter staffing company to hire me?

    I m looking to work as a catering waiter but I have no experience so does Any1 know any catering/waiter staffing company in Manhattan that will hire me even tho I have no experience

    2 AnswersFood Service5 years ago
  • can i sell a bike if the serial number on it doesnt show clearly?

    i have a used bianchi san jose in good condition i want to sell but the serial number cant be fully seen half the numbers cant be seen and i dont have a receipt to show its not stolen will it still be bought ? also would $300- 400 be a reasonable price to sell it for. do bike shops buy bikes or let you trade for another model of same value ?

    4 AnswersCycling6 years ago
  • does body fat burn off evenly around the body when working out ?

    i was told that spot training is a myth so lets say i do chin ups and dips along with dumbell curls and deadlifts ,would my body fat fat be burned evenly all over my body or not . or if i only do hammer curls will i still loose body fat all over my body as well instead of just my arms ? just curious

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness6 years ago
  • can you be 25 and get medicaid in nyc?

    im 25 and am working part time , i live at home with my mother but help pay rent and care for my younger brothers. i was wondering if i can apply or is the minimum age limit 65?

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics7 years ago
  • best werewolf and vampire films from around the world?

    im a real werewolf and vampire fan but i cant find any good ones other than dog soldiers, a american werewolf in paris and london .badmoon.van helsin ,underworld, the wolfman, wolf,The Howling. for vampire movies Let the Right One In,30 Days of Night,Bram Stoker’s Dracula,Interview with the Vampire,underwold, the thirst. are there any foreign films from places like asia russia etc that are good plz tell me

    4 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • what may be wrong with my dog?

    shes an chiwhawha about 10-12 years old shes had a few seizure in the past which we gave her medication,, but now she is randomly geting up and walking fast with her back curved like a banana after a few seconds it goes away. she hasnt had a seizure in months she eats well and goes to the bathroom she not very active but i think its mainly cause she a senior dog she doesnt seem to be in pain when it happens she just seems surprised and uneasy when it happening. what could it be

    3 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • why does my toe feel like its swollen or numb?

    my toe nest to the big toe to the left feels like its numb or swollen but its not swollen any1 know why

    1 AnswerOther - Diseases8 years ago
  • is it true u can get ride from used metro cards?

    i see some people take all the used metrocards from the floor in subway stations and check how much unused money is left in em is it true u can gather as many used metro cards and use em to get the subway clerk to add all the remining unused money into a brand new card any ever try this if so can you explain it to me plz or how people bend metrocards to get free rides?

    3 AnswersNew York City10 years ago
  • any1 know if this security guard training place is legit or any good?

    im planing on geting the special 125$ pakage but i need to know if its legit any1 with security guard expeirance plz let me know if its worth geting or if any1 know if this place is good 4 becomeing a security guard heres the site

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment10 years ago
  • my college grade needs to be change but will finacial aid pay?

    its the end of the semester and my teacher gave me a wn but i wasnt sopose to get a wn but a wu but now school is on break at bmcc . a wn grade will not be paid by finacial aid will there still b time for finacial aid to pay for the class after my teacher fixes the grade, do i have time to have finacial aid pay for the class before the start of the spring

    1 AnswerFinancial Aid10 years ago
  • finacial aid problem?

    my friend is failing all his class 4 colege due to lack of attendance which was caused to family problems he is told he could not pass his classes by his teachers due to all the missed days will this effect his finacial aid its his 1st year at bmcc and hes hoping he can attend the next semester

    in november you see he missed the 1st month and got a wn grade but he is starting to go classes even tho he will not b able to pass will his wn grade b changed i think finacial aid will not pay 4 wns can a change of grade at the end of the semester change the wn n allow him to get the finacial aid even tho he didnt pass his classes

    3 AnswersFinancial Aid1 decade ago
  • hi hp officejet j4680 printer question?

    i jus got the hp officejet j4680 and installed it but it wont print i can scan n copy fine but the printer isnt working i cnt even use the printer setup option it has it doesnt work when i try to print something off the net i get a search 4 printer wat could b the problem plz help

    2 AnswersPrinters1 decade ago
  • how du i get started in getting a drivers licence?

    i live in nyc and want to get a drivers licence how du i find a good driving school and wat du i need to know b4 looking for 1 also wat type of information do they ask for taking driving lessons? and how much does it cost

    1 AnswerInsurance & Registration1 decade ago
  • wats wrong with my plants?

    i have 3 anubis plants im my aquarium with 2 gourami but now im finding a white fuzzy stuff on the stem n roots of plants n leaves r turning yellow n rotting how can i fix this

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • is there any website that gives cabel channels?

    is there any website that has a 1 time fee that lets u watch cabel channels for free ive tried tvu n it suked so is there any site thats not a scam n gives good quality nhas all the popular channels like hbo sci fi comedy cental etc/

    2 AnswersOther - Internet1 decade ago
  • how many freshwater african siclids can i keep in a 20 gallon high tank?

    i got a 20 gallon high tank with 2 gourami a pearl n a gold n i saw african siclids at PD 4 3.25 a peice still babys n they r very colorfull fish i may need to sell my gouramai as they may get killed i also have a stried raphael idk if they will attak the striped as its a nighttime fish is it possible to trade my gourami 4 2 siclids and tank is also planted with anubis how many adult siclids can my tank have oh btw they r freshwater fish right i was told they r but sometime they dont know sqwat about the fish they sell

    5 AnswersFish1 decade ago
  • help finding a good job free job finding website?

    well im looking 4 a good job but im finding it hard to get a job searching the streets going from store to store is there a website where it helps you find a job and be free

    1 AnswerFood Service1 decade ago