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  • Should we be friends still?

    So I've had my best friend since my freshman year of college is been like 4 years. We've had some issues here and there but we have great communication and can always make each other aware when something is wrong. I am getting married and she told me she didn't wanna be part of the wedding party because she didn't have the best relationship with my fiance. We still talk every here and there when we need each other but she is open that she doesn't like my man. She has expressed to me so many times that she doesn't know him and has had "issues" with him (it's another story but he defended me one time and she said he was "aggresive") but I didn't think he's ever been aggressive. I love her but idk how close I should stay to her. I've had so many friends turn their back on me and my walls are high. What should I do ??

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  • Mac can light randomly turned on? Am I being stalked?

    So I've had my Mac laptop for maybe 3 years. Ive never had any need to use the FaceTime except recently I began taking a class online and the proffesor turns the app on and I watch the lecture through her computer. However I never turn my camera on (because I'm usually in pjs with no bra lol) and I occasionally turn on my sound if I need to ask a question. But last night I was working on homework and my husband says "why is your camera on?". I said it's not and he said "look at the light" and the camera light was green which means it's seeing me. It super freaked me out to the point that I turned my laptop off and emailed my professor from my phone and said I couldn't finish the homework in time and that I would get it submitted soon and she understood. What could be the cause of this? I haven't check it today because I'm freaked out. Thanks guys 

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  • Why does my dark randomly keep barking ?

    I've had my black mouth curr for a little over a year. She's always been very loving and needing affection. She typically only starts barking and trying to get my attention if she needs food or needs to go potty. Lately she's been just doing it constantly for no reason. She's been outside and she has food and water there for her. I don't think she's lack affection. She sleeps with us and is typically always with me or my husband. Why would she be doing this? And no it's not like a ghost. She's barking at me and like pawing at my hands. 

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  • Can someone view a house for sale with out your consent?

    So me and my husband just rented a house. We have been here for a week now. We were told the house was for sale for investment purposes (for someone to rent it out) but his year contract would still be honored if there were to be a new owner. We got a call someone was coming to view the house. On his lunch break they came and I took the dogs somewhere for awhile so they wouldn't be a bother. We were under the impression an owner would be there. He wasn't and neither was the real estate person. Basically, the people were talking about purchasing the house to live in. My husband was confused as this was not communicated to him. He was pissed having to show the house when we don't wanna move out and just finally got settled in (barely, its been a week). So basically my question is 1) Is this okay for him to be asked by the owner to show a house that he does not want to move out of?? 2) Can they actually choose to make us move out if they purchase? Also, it was just a coincidence that he was able to show the house because he was on his lunch break. I would NOT have chosen to show the house to strangers without my husband there so that would not have been possible if he wasn't off work. thanks guys!

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