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    Trust is Needed: Unlike public blockchain that doesn’t require you to trust anyone, the integrity of the private blockchain network relies on the credibility of authorized nodes. They must be trusted to verify and validate authentic transactions. Additionally, the validity of records cannot be independently verified. External actors have to trust a private blockchain network without having any form of control over the verification process. That is why there needs to be a degree of trust and reliability over authorized entities.

    Security: With fewer nodes, it is much easier for a ‘bad actor’ to gain control of the network and endanger the entire network. A private network is much more vulnerable to risks of hacks and data manipulation

    Centralization: The private network must be built and maintained by the project (or business) or a consortium of industry players, which include maintaining a complex Identity and Access Management (IAM) system for the users. This often leads to centralization, which is also something we specifically try to avoid with blockchain!

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    Faster: Private blockchains can process much higher transactions per second (TPS) as compared to public blockchains, since the existence of a few authorized participants results in significantly lesser times in acquiring a consensus for the network. This allows more transactions to be processed for each block; private blockchains can process thousands or even hundreds of thousands of transactions per second (TPS), compared to Bitcoin’s 7 TPS.

    Scalable: Since only a few nodes are authorized and responsible to manage the data, the network is able to support and process much higher transactions. Unlike a decentralized system where achieving consensus could take time, the decision-making process in a private network is more centralized and therefore, much faster. An analogy is that it takes much longer time for 100 teachers to mark your test paper (and agree that it is correct/incorrect) as compared to a single teacher marking it.

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    The main difference between a public and private blockchain is the level of access granted to participants. In the pursuit of decentralization, public blockchains are completely open and allow anyone to participate by verifying or adding data to the blockchain (a process called ‘mining’).

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    Some people may struggle to deal with these emotions and they may move between emotions as they adjust. They may feel afraid about the future, scared about moments of confusion and forgetfulness, and upset about the impact dementia has on those around them.

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    Encourage the person to continue exercising such as going for walks, stretching their limbs, and being as independent as possible with other activities of daily living.

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    An effective Alzheimer’s therapy can’t come soon enough. Now, with no drugs for advanced Alzheimer’s and clinical trials mostly focusing on earlier stages, the troops on the front line of treatment are caregivers.

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