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  • J&G Steakhouse or Steak44?

    I am looking for a good dinner and have narrowed it down to these 2. It would be great to hear from someone that has been to both about which has better food, ambiance, service, etc

    2 AnswersChicago2 years ago
  • Is my credit score good enough for the iPhone upgrade program?

    I am looking to upgrade to a new phone as mine is broken. I would like to do the iPhone upgrade program and get the 8. My credit score is 582 and I was wondering if that would qualify for the program or if I would get turned away.

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans3 years ago
  • What are some of the more secluded island tours we can do off of Koh Lanta, Thailand?

    I'm going to Koh Lanta with a small group of friends and we are looking to do some island hopping one of the days we are there. I know there are the 4 island tours and they are great but I also hear that they are very crowded and touristy. We are looking for more of our own beach on an exotic island. We've done the Maldives multiple times and are looking for something similar to that. We are willing to charter a boat to get us where we need to go. I'm just not sure if anything like that exists.

    2 AnswersThailand4 years ago
  • I need a travel itinerary from December 28th through January 7th. I know it s not much time but it s all I have.?

    I ll be arriving in Bangkok a few days earlier to explore Bangkok on my own but my other friends won t be there till the 28th. We would like to go to the full moon party on New Years but don t need to if it s more worth it not to because of our amount of time in Thailand. As well as a few days in the islands we d like to also do something near Chang Mai. We will be flying everywhere as to minimize travel time. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1 AnswerPacking & Preparation4 years ago
  • How long will it take to clear customs at Narita International Airport in Japan?

    We will be flying into Narita airport from Singapore and our arrival time is 8am, we have an 11 hour layover so we decided to leave the airport and visit some friends. I'm just wondering how long we can expect customs to take and when we should schedule our train to head into Tokyo. We don't have to get our baggage because we will be boarding another train later. I figured if we arrive say by 830 and have an hour to go through customs and no baggage to get we could get into Tokyo by 12 if not earlier. Our departing flight is at 715pm so we'd get on a train back to the station well before. So I'm just interested to know when we should schedule the train into Tokyo and not have to worry too much about missing it and how long clearing customs would take at 8am. The date of our arrival would be June 24th.

    3 AnswersJapan5 years ago
  • Should I go back or stay in college?

    I currently am a sophomorebusiness student at Arizona state university. My problem is that I have an internship back in redondo beach that I love but I got a dui which screwed that up. I may be able to keep that internship but I would have to leave ASU and go to a college that s closer. Sadly my GPA sucks at a 2.8 so going to any good school is out of the question. ASU doesn t have the best reputation but the business school isn t bad and ranks a lot better than say cal state fullerton or cal state long beach. I want to go back and do my internship but my parents suggest I stay at ASU and finish, but I would lose my once in a lifetime internship. So should I try and apply to cal state long beach or some college close to there? or should I stay at ASU. its a really tough decision and I just need some different opinions. Should I stay or go and if I could go what would be a good college choice.

  • What should I do if I want to attend SDSU or Cal State Fullerton?

    I am a current business student at ASU and am thinking about transferring to either SDSU or Cal State fullerton, I would also consider other schools like Cal State Long Beach or Chapman. I have a 2.82 considering my first year was rough but I would like to transfer out and I was wondering what my chances are and what I should do to transfer. I m expecting a much better GPA this semester to bring it up. I m a California resident which i hope helps and need no financial aid.

  • Girlfriend deletes certain texts?

    My girlfriend has a 64gb phone and always tells me that she deletes her texts when they get old. But on her phone she has texts that are incredibly old but yet deletes the texts from some guys a day after she starts texting them. To me its just weird that she can say she deletes her text but really she just deletes the texts to guys. I don't know what to do

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • What does this text mean?

    I've been dating my girlfriend for almost 2 years and she's had this family friend thats a guy for all her life. Because they've known each other for so long i usually don't get jealous when they hang out and even when they do she usually brings another girl along so i don't worry and stuff. Recently i was using her phone and i (being a jealous guy) looked at her top couple texts. One conversation was with him and i opened it. I saw a text from her to him earlier that day saying "hey bb r u home." the text kind of freaked me out and made me wonder what to think. It was also weird to me that she was on a friend date with one of her girlfriends during the time. he ended up being out of town so the texts didn't go much further and i couldn't make anything of it. But to me bb is baby and thats weird to call anyone else really. So i just wanted some opinions on what it could mean or if i'm just turning making this into something that its not.

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating5 years ago
  • is this how it works?

    Last semester i quit my fraternity because of financial issues before the second payment was due and explained this to my fraternity president. the fraternity is now threatening to call collections if i don t pay the money required for the second half of the semester after i quit. is this how it works?? because at this point if i have to pay that money it will **** me up

    1 AnswerCredit6 years ago