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  • Why is Ben Carson now against deporting illegal immigrants?

    When starting campaign Carson said "illegals do the work Americans won't do". Two weeks later (after being corrected) he said that we must follow rule of law and deport illegals. Now, he states that you can't round up millions of illegals and send them home. He is very nice, but think could be swayed by special interests and doesn't have the knowledge of all that's going on with our corrupt government.

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  • what should be done about illegal aliens who keep killing police, others? Can their temperments be changed for prevention?

    So many illegals killing people. Couple days ago in CA., Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamonte (who gave name Marsel Marquez) killed 2 officers in Northern Ca, shot another officer and shot a driver during multiple car jacks. Suspect was deported TWICE, dealing drugs for drug cartel, Sinaloa, had an American wife here who may or may not have known his past. Hard to say suspect is still alive, the cockroach monster. Cannot convicted killers have quicker executions? CA is epicenter of illegal immigration, most inmates are illegals in CA, and they are spreading to rest of U.S..

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  • Did you hear about first jihad terrorist murders by a Muslim radical in June? Not covered much by media. They were not beheaded but shot.?

    Mohammad Ali Brown self proclaimed Jihadist:

    He shot a gay couple June 1st, 2014, he targeted them beforehand.

    He also killed young Leroy Henderson during this period as he was walking to his house.

    He Shot around end of June Brendon Tevlin, age 19, as he was at a street signal in his jeep. Brendon Tevlin was every parent's dream, and much accomplished for a young age. If there had been a nationwide search in June and Brown caught, Brendon would still be alive.

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  • Southern Border Program to Improve Passage, is signed! What do you think!?

    I have a link but can't make it work. This agreement was signed by Presidents of Mexico and Guatemala on July 7, 2014. If you type words of question in search box article will come up. This agreement creates more check points and makes it easier for illegals to come here giving them a registration card, and it will work for any So. American they say. 300,000 illegal minors, mostly teens and pretending to be teens have come to U.S. since April. Only about 45 children have been deported.

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  • RE: New overtime wage law pays time and a half for health care workers after 9 hrs.?

    Does someone know reason WHY this law was MADE?, SINCE IT TARGETS mainly workers who work 12 hr.. and 24 hr. shifts, these workers are "already" get higher wages! Most workers work 8 hr. shifts and can be paid minimum wage. This law hurts patients, employees and employers. Why, why?

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  • Hillary Clinton said in interview they were broke and life was difficult when they left white house, why she?

    not criticized like Anne Romney was? Clinton was corrected by interviewer and so she added some words to help herself. Anne Romney was young living in basement of apt. without money from any parents. If Cllnton's were broke at their age what does this say about managing money. I heard on news they had 30 million when left white house.

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  • Can you name good things about government shutting down?

    One is they won't import more immigrants when government is shut down, which is a very good thing. Here in L.A. it is jam packed with people via immigrants, illegal and legal. It sure hurts Americans getting jobs! As well as the quality of life.

    P.S. Fox News had a "studio audience" where one black woman spoke on how illegal immigration hurts us, and four white people jumped on her with how they do work we won't and all the government fake phrases. It was clearly 'set up' to sell to the public to brainwash. Just to tell you all not to listen to TV news regarding politics aka "globalism".

    If you will all vote for the libertarian or republican who is clearly more libertarian, in other words "whoever" the TV media is NOT promoting is the ONE to vote for!!!

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  • Remember Media said 1 month ago that Al Qaeda ready to do imminent "significant attack" in mid east?

    RE: western interests? Then, when chemical attack in Syria happened, this imminent attack by Al Qaeda suddenly dropped from news. Do you think this attack could have been the Syrian chemical attack of August, 2013?

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  • If a man knocked you down, held you down threatening your life, would you hit him?

    Would you hit him to get FREE and run away? Would you yell for help right up untll you were shot, likely feeling gun barrel against you? Wikipedia said if a person is trying to get away from someone's grip they might hit them to break free and run away. The "only" person claiming he was attacked for no reason and without cause, is George Zimmerman.

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  • Have you noticed that Fox News is extremely biased for Zimmerman?

    With every sentence Fox News speaks bias for George Zimmerman, and for all credible witnesses for prosecution they try to discredit them, including a medical examiner. Fox mentions witnesses for defense like John Good, but don't speak of witnesses for prosecution llike Selma Mora who said Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon martin and then she saw him get up and walk after gunshot. She said Zimmerman "was wearing patterned jacket between blacks and reds". Three others testified that they saw someone who appeared to be Zimmerman on top of Martin during incident. Several were close enough to hear struggle, but none of them heard profanity death threat that Zimmerman says Martin made moments before he shot him. SOURCE: Reuters June 27, 2013


    I'm a white conservative but can't stand the lies in this case, it was murder, it's obvious why hot head Zimmerman with past violence/arrests did not leave a mark on Martin. His self defense. Martin got away once by punching Zimmerman but was tackled again and pinned down.

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  • Why is media not reporting crucial witnesses testimony in Zimmerman trial?

    Media is reporting John Good's testimony for defense and on teen Ms. Jenell, but is not reporting on most other witnesses testimony who said Zimmerman was on top of Martin and had him pinned down. Wonder why?

    Obviously, any average person can tell it's Martin's voice pleading for help on tape after they hear Zimmerman speak only a few words. Voice experts said so too. Why is media siding with lying Zimmerman and his questionable testimony. If you were pinned down with threat of death and feel/look of a gun which was 'out' of holster, you'd be desperate to get away and punch the hothead to do so. He may well have been forced to punch Zimmerman to get away, which he did once but was tackled again and yelled for help till the moment he was shot in the heart.

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  • Did you have a happy Easter?

    Can you share what you did on Easter, a favorite holiday?

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  • Looking for salt with lower sodium?

    I found out that Kosher salt is much less sodium than regular table salt or sea salt. Of Kosher salt brands, "Diamond crystal" Kosher salt is lowest with 280 mg. per one-fourth tsp., while table salt and sea salt are 590 mg. per one-fourth tsp. Also, Kosher salt is said to taste more salty so you need less.

    I wish I'd known this years ago, hope it helps those who need low sodium diets; heart failure, kidney failure, etc. Less sodium is better for everyone, too.

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  • How could anyone vote for Hillary Clinton in future, she lied about video and Benghazi attack on embassy?

    First thing she said right after attack was to go on and on about awful video and finally that a video should not be any reason for attack on diplomatic embassy of peace. She and administration already knew attack was not due to anti muslim video which only around 300 people even knew about in the middle east and that protests there were not due to video at time of Benghazi terrorist attack. This speech was published Sept. 13, and the speech cuts off before she is finished speaking. She said in this speech that she said the same things "yesterday".

    She also called the place of attack "embassy". It was not a consulate or embassy, it was the largest CIA headquarters in North Africa and maybe the whole middle east. She ended up taking blame for lack of security in Benghazi (for Obama), so she owns it and should never hold office again, this is an extremely serious issue, it's a completely inept event in Benghazi by present administration with many months of warnings and two recent prior attacks. I used to think she may be woman of century, but not any more.

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  • Do you think that the next Republican candidate will likely win since four more years of Obama?

    IMPORTANT: Many surveys for a few years and during this election state that Republicans will NOT ever again choose an establishment candidate, but they will instead choose someone completely outside the Washington loop, they will choose a candidate who is NON establishment for small government.

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