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  • Getting ready to patch a roof leak with Henry's wet patch. Question. Please help..?

    The roof is a roof with paper and looks like White Rock on I need to go and take the Rock and the paper off and apply the wet patch to just the wood.,?

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs9 months ago
  • The man from DirecTV.?

    At first I thought the man from DirecTV with a pretty caring individual. I asked him my simple question wasif you have any information about how to use a television sap without a remote control... He seemed to become somewhat.agitated or delayed about my question and told me I could download an app that would act as a remote control..I looked into it and while there are apps that serve as remote controls they require a special feature. Known as a blaster. I hope he reads this d

    Ancers question and figures out his advice was  a waste of my time.

    2 AnswersTiVO & DVRs9 months ago
  • Am I too old to start skateboarding again?

    I used to skateboard when I was in my teens I'd like to try it again I'm almost 44 do you think I'll fall down break my face tricks we did back then are no way the same as the ones they're doing now. Heck even the board is different

    3 AnswersOther - Sports9 months ago
  • Question about bizarre family members.?

    My brother is older than me anyway he married a woman who seems like a normal lady . She is Mexican-American but the only thing is my mother is also Mexican American . So you think all would be fine but the weird thing is I did the DNA on my mother and her family came here a hundred over a hundred years ago from  Mexico through Texas.My brother has not said it at all when this woman has arrived here and she seems very ludicrously arrogant. She has been talkin down to my mother who is 86.Does this man my brother's think that I do not know we ( our side)came here over a hundred years ago from Mexico? And when did this lady get here from Mexico speaking of her and her own family? Is he saying I wouldn't look into this perhaps if she's  is new to this country than she should have some courtesy for how she speaks to my mother. My dad was a white man my brother  dad was an Italian man.I'm thinking somehow the woman he married could be like  some sort of a distant cousin of some type to my mother's side but the lady is there again and I don't think her family has been in the states as long.?  anyone have this happen to them ?It's annoying and its like one class of people of lying to the other. But is the same race basically .my dad was a Caucasian man from Ohio.seems like this one should just say it's nice to meet you at it's wonderful to be in this country God bless you but yes by the way her family probably arrived here 40.50 years ago but she's trying to BS people

    5 AnswersFamily9 months ago