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  • Did the ending of Clueless change? ?

    So i have watched the movie Clueless multiple times, and i NEVER seen the wedding scene. In the original ending Cher’s dad won the lawsuit they worked on (cant remember exactly how) but i remember there were these men with briefcases walking on their stairs filmed from above and Cher’s dad put out an offer and the men didnt accept but at the very last moment they did. It ended with Cher and Josh in her Jeep riding away... 

    In the ending now they didnt even say anything about the lawsuit that Cher ‘ruined’! i tried googling that the ending got changed but i cant find it anywhere?

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  • can i remove my belly button piercing after 2 days?

    so i got a navel piercing but i dont want it anymore. i dont want to wait until it is healed because then i will have a hole. i want it to close, so is it save to take it out when it is healing so it will close?

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  • Can i removemy bellybutton piercing after 2 days?

    i dont want it anymore, and i also dont want to wait untill its healed cuz then i have a hole. i want it to close.

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body2 years ago