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  • No more WWE Smackdown for Satellite TV?

    does anyone know what channel My Network TV is on DirecTV? I can not find it and i heard that it may not be available until 2009. anyone know?

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  • Xbox360 "Disc Unreadable" and scratches on the disc?

    I have a 360 and bought GTA 4. Everytime i play the game i have to first wipe it with a cloth to get dust off otherwise i get the error message "disc unreadable" while playing.

    It doesn't happen right away but rather 10-15 minutes into playing.

    I have also noticed that little scratches are appearing on the disc.

    anyone else having this problem?

    do you know how i may be able to clean the 360?

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  • Can you really say Cena is a good wrestler?

    The man cannot wrestle. I give credit where credit is due and the man is great on the mic and has plenty of charisma but he can't wrestle. Cena is no different than Hogan or the Rock. Both men had no wrestling ability but could talk on the mic all day long with no competition.

    Please, tell me the last time Cena actually wrestled. Oh wait, i can tell you...his debut match against Kurt Angle and angle carried him through the entire match.

    You talk about great wrestlers and you have got to think;

    Shawn Michaels, HHH (unfortunately) Benoit, Lesnar (the man can wrestle), Eddie G and all relatives, CM Punk, Bret Hart, Owen Hart...the list goes on and on..but no where on ther list should be Cena's name.

    Bottom Line

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  • Anyone going to the TNA PPV in april in boston?

    looks like fun. i'm going. Angle vs Joe in a cage is a selling point all by itself. Those two will put on one hell of a match.

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  • what kind of feud would be interesting to watch on WWE or TNA? What do you want to see?

    I would like to see some factions again.

    when i first starting watching TNA they had faction. they had the canadians and such. WWE was great when it had DX, the corporation etc.

    i'd like to see CM Punk work a feud with HBK. i think those 2 would steal the show everytime.

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  • Do you think the wrestling business is headed in the right direction?

    i'm talking about the quality of work. should wrestling revert back to some of the old stuff or continue along this path of crappiness with all the punching, kicking , and signature moves. think if it continues, pro wrestling is going to die.

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  • why do you people take this so seriously?

    i'm a wrestler and i'll tell you this. this is a sport where we wear spandex and wrestle around and make fools of ourselves. why must it be taken so seriously? sharkboy acting like austin is funny. take it for what its worth. COMEDY. if you take this too seriously then you have a problem.

    jay lethal acting like macho man is awesome. it gets over with the people and thats all that matters.

    when it comes down to the main event stuff, its alittle more "real". everyone needs to chill out and relax. Pro wrestling is what its always been, A SHOW. get with the program and relax, enjoy the shows, and have a good time.

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  • someone give me the run down of RAW last night?

    missed the show,not that i make it a priority to watch it, but WWE is coming to town on sat and i'm watching the Rumble at Hooters on Sunday so i need to know what happened.


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  • Who won the #1 contenders match last night?

    i saw ODB's match. i love her. the TNA knockouts are fantastic. way better than anything wwe has to offer.

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  • anything usefull happen on ECW?

    i was too busy watching Nip/Tuck to care abou watching the waterdown ECW.

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  • Who do you think will beat Flair @ Wrestlemania to "become the man".?

    i'm betting on CM Punk.

    the man has pure wrestling talent and is better than 98% of the WWE roster.

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  • How do you feel about pro wrestlers using steroids or HGH?

    i personally don't like it. I'm trying to make it in the wrestling biz and with guys like batista who has no talent but is a monster, it makes it difficult for me to make it. I've been to WWE training school and i've been told i have talent, but i was also told to put on more size. another 20lbs of muscle, only steroids will do that. so i ask. do you think the sport is better off with monsters in it or should they being taking in guys like CM Punk who does not use steroids or HGH but has unbelieveable talent?

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  • What would your Tag Team name be if you were in WWE or TNA?

    how about "those guys" LOL

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  • Have any of you been to an INDY wrestling show? Do you know what it is?

    if you want to see up and coming guys who know how to wrestle then check out an INDY show sometime. you'll see banners on telephone poles or in stores. check it out. there are alot of good guys in the indy world (this includes former WWE and current TNA stars.). check it out.

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  • TNA Knockouts or WWE Divas?

    i actually look forward to TNA girls wrestling.

    95% of TNA girls can wrestle while 5% are for looks.

    5% of WWE girls can wrestle while 95% are for looks....sad ..sad...sad...

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