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  • Using Macbook with external screen on battery power?

    How can one use an external screen with a Macbook Pro that is running on battery power, while the Mac is closed? 

    If I close my Mac and connect the video cable to the external screen, it works for about 10 seconds and then it dies. I have tried disabling "Put hard disk to sleep when possible" but it doesn't help.

    It all works fine so long as the power cable is connected, however I don't want to leave it connected at all times. So I wonder how this can be done while running on battery power.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks2 months ago
  • How to set up morning exercise routine?

    I would like to start doing some physical activity in the morning, before getting started with work (I am working from home).

    However, when I wake up I am normally quite hungry and I crave coffee and breakfast, but I cannot work out after eating food. 

    Beside simply ignoring my hunger, is there any tip to efficiently doing some work out in the morning?

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness2 months ago
  • Productivity tip - job with constant short waiting times...?

    (I am not quite sure which category is best suited for this question... but here it is:)

    In my current job, I have to carry out a large number of operations on a computer, each of which takes ~20 seconds to 1 minute. These are to be carried out consecutively and require my attention in between, i.e. I cannot simply automate them and leave them to run. However, I end up wasting a lot of time because I don't know what to do during all those short waiting times, so either I get immensely bored, or I start doing something else and end up forgetting where I was at. 

    Does anyone have a tip for efficiently dealing with this kind of task?

    1 AnswerPsychology2 months ago
  • Amicizie in una università nuova?

    Ciao, sono uno studente universitario in visita per qualche mese in una città diversa dalla mia. Conosco già qualcuno, ma non sono di fatto inserito in un giro specifico. Credo di essere una persona piuttosto simpatica una volta che mi si conosce, ma ho un po di difficoltà ad iniziare nuove amicizie. In questo caso, vorrei qualche consiglio su come comportarsi ad esempio, a mensa o per uscire la sera. Ho un po di esitazione a contattare quelli che conosco, per paura di essere "pressante" o invadente, però al tempo stesso non so che altro potrei fare per entrare in un giro di amici e se non mi faccio sentire potrei risultare distaccato o disinteressato (spesse volte ho fatto questo errore). Per lo stesso motivo, a mensa non so se andarmi a sedere con gente di cui magari conosco uno o due se non vengo esplicitamente invitato. Che ne pensate?

    4 AnswersAmici2 years ago