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  • Faraday's Law question?

    I don't understand how they got the answer.

    A fixed 12.5-cm-diameter wire coil is perpendicular to a magnetic field 0.65 T pointing up. In 0.22 s , the field is changed to 0.23 T pointing down.

    Answer:  4.9×10−2 V

    Thank you very much! :D

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  • TV shows like Star Trek?

    I'm trying to figure out what to watch next.  I really like a few sci-fi shows, but I feel like most sci-fi doesn't cut it for me.  I'm looking for a show that

    1) doesn't have lots of sex (I'm O.K. with violence and a little language)

    2) tries to treat ideas seriously (Not like Doctor Who's farting aliens or its baby aliens that pop out of fat people.  I'm O.K. with unrealistic aliens as long as they aren't totally cheesy and cringy) 

    3) has decent character development

    I love star trek, doctor who, and the x files, but I am preferably looking for a show that's more like star trek.  I want to watch a show that's not afraid to have scenes where a robot is reciting poetry or playing with his cat.  I don't want a show that's all about space battles.

    Any suggestions (they don't have to fit my criteria perfectly)? 

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  • Dumb Physics Question: If acceleration is 0, then a force could still be being applied as long as static friction is countering it?

    So I'm just checking to make sure I understand what I learned two semesters ago in my first physics class.  

    It's not just Force=mass*acceleration, but SUM of forces=mass*acceleration, otherwise you could be pushing on a large piece of furniture with all your might, and it wouldn't budge, and then you wouldn't be applying a force as there is no acceleration.

    Is the above statement correct?

    Thanks!!! :)

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  • How do I rinse the dye from my hair when coloring it at home.?

    I have never colored my hair at home before.  I am concerned that I will ruin the tile in my shower if I rinse my hair out in it.  I was thinking of using my laundry sink, but I do not have a hose and am worried if I am bending face-down over the sink that the dye will get all over my face.  My husband is very particular about the appearance of our tile, so I want to be sure I don't get any spots on it. I am also worried about the dye splattering on the walls.

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  • In a closed circuit with little resistance, why doesn't the PE of the electrons get converted to KE and then the electrons accelerate? ?

    This is my reasoning and my conclusion.  My textbook, however, said that the electric current is the same at any point along the circuit.  Please help me understand what's wrong with my reasoning.

    Imagine a simple closed circuit (with no resistor), and minimal resistance throughout the circuit. 

    Wouldn't the electric potential at the negative end of the battery be less than that at the positive end of the battery, since a positive test charge would be attracted to the negative end and repelled from the positive end?

    As a certain amount of electrons travel across the circuit, then they would move from an area of low electric potential to an area of high electric potential (since electric potential is defined in terms of potential energy per positive charge).  As they do this, they would lose PE. 

    If there is a difference between the electrons' PE at the positive end and their PE at the negative end, then their PE must be getting converted to some other form of energy as they travel through the circuit.

    Since this hypothetical circuit has practically no resistance, the PE can't be turning into heat.  Where is it going?

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  • Beginning an SAT essay with a question?

    I'm practicing for the SAT essay.  I was wondering if the college board would like an essay that began with a question.  Here's an example from the practice essay I'm writing:

    Are Americans' long work hours essential to American society, or are they hurting the American worker? Richard Schiffman argues that long work hours are detrimental to American workers.  By using logic, facts, and emotion, he develops a persuasive case for the American worker to work fewer hours.

    Thank you so much!!!!!

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  • If sin x = 1/2 and x is between pi/2 and 3pi/2, what is the value of x/2?

    The answer is 5pi/12.

    Please explain how to get this answer.

    I am new to radians, so please go slow :)

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  • I think I may have scared a mother duck away...?

    We have a duck nest in our yard. Last night, there was a big storm with 2" hail, so I put a board over the duck's nest to protect it. The mom just watched as I place the board over the nest carefully and promptly returned to the nest. This morning, I woke up to find that the bird isn't on the nest, and two of her eggs are uncovered (she normally covers them up with feathers when she leaves). How do I know if the mother duck has left the eggs permanently, or if she will be coming back? If they are abandoned, how soon must the be incubated before they die?

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  • Why can't I divide or take the square root and get a decimal answer on my TI-89 calculator?

    If I type in 6/3, my calculator says 6.

    If I type in 2/3, my calculator says 2/3.

    That's how it has always worked.

    Before, if I needed a decimal answer, I could type in 2.0/3 instead of 2/3 and I would get .66666...

    Now, if I type in 2.0/3, I just get 2/3 as the answer.

    The same thing is happening when I try to take roots.


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  • What are some problems with Thanos's plan to undo overpopulation by killing half of all people?

    Basically, why is Thanos's logic and understanding of science flawed? How would killing half of all life screw up ecosystems?

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  • Why are the 'tails' of a phospholipid repelled by water?

    My biology book says that because the fatty acid 'tails' of phospholipids are nonpolar, and water is polar, the fatty acid tails are repelled by water. I can understand why non-polar and polar molecules are not attracted to each other, but why do they actively repel each other?

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