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  • Video Card?

    Does the AMD Radeon HD 8470D video card need fan for it to work?

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  • Videocard coolers?

    So i have a AMD Radeon HD 8470D PC ( i know it's very old ) but i kind of want to still make use of it. Surprisingly it can play League of Legends, Minecraft etc. decently without having a video card.

    I have the Video card which is AMD A6-6400K APU but it doesn't have the fan on it. i asked around for a fan but to no avail, i asked online but some people said that it shouldn't need a fan. My PC case has a lot of airflow with 2 Fans i tried putting the Video card on the motherboard and touched it ( the chip where a fan should be ) and it was very hot.

    Now i'm not sure if it's okay to put the Video card in the motherboard without its fan. Should the video card chip usually be that hot? Should i get a fan first before installing it inside? 

    i know this hardware is not very good and some of you may advice not to spend any dime on it but i also don't want it to go to waste since i can still play some of my favorites games and possibly use it for work

    Thanks in advance

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  • AMD Radeon HD 8470d Cooling fan?

    Hi i am new with computers and an old computer was given to me but the GPU doesn't have any fans to cool it. Can i ask what kind of fan/cooler/heatsink should i get for this GPU? Also i don't know whats the measurement or size for the fans. so far i've seen 40x40 or 80x80x25mm and 120x120x50 fans

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  • Windows 7 won't boot up past logo?


    I tried booting up this old PC that was given to us. Hoping to make use of it instead of sitting to gather dust.

    I don't have much knowledge when it comes to Computers.

    I tried booting up the pc but it won't get past the logo and it ends up restarting and launching the Startup Repair, on the startup repair it says about an error that startup repair cannot fix. Asked me to remove any peripheral devices but still no avail. The system recovery was not an option since there was no previous recovery point. I tried booting it aswell on safemode but even that does not work.

    Is the OS the problem here? The bios? Any ideas?

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  • Google Spreadsheet Codes?

    Is there a working code/formula for Spreadsheet that i can use to put a text on a cell based on a value of different cell.

    EX. if A1 has the word "YES", then put the word "GOOD" on A3

    A1-is the text box where i can type

    A2-is where the formula is coded

    A3-is where the word will be created

    Sorry it might seem confusing, im still kinda new with these things i hope you understood what i meant.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Fallen Teeth?

    Today i went to the Dentist to have my Hopeless tooths removed, the Dentist had removed 4 Teeths that was obviously no way to remedy. So i became sad when i realize that i can no long eat the foods that i want, and so i did a research, some articlea says that human are given 2 sets of teeth , since it was my first time losing those teeth. I don t know if those articles speak of the truth. Will my tooths grow back again a second chance to redeem myself?

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  • Salt Water Electricity?

    our group is planning to use salt water as electricity to power a 12v lightbulb , i know it needs a Copper and Aluminum and ofcourse Salt Water, how do i increase the power it generates ? do i have to add more Salt water? or add more/bigger Copper/aluminum? or do i have to do both?

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  • Copyright?

    Me and my team a band of ragtag students, are planning to make a commercial to advertise a certain bussiness.

    there where ideas that we turn the scenes into animated glitchy from reality thing.

    during these scenes, we re gonna show a montage , footage or video of some sort of a certain game .. now we don t have any affiliations to the company that owns that game, will this count as a copyright?

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • So i after finishing a lot of things i tried to sleep?

    It was already 3:30 AM

    I tried to sleep In my favorite flat position...

    but then few minutes later..

    It felt like there was something heavy on my back , i can barely breath , i can't move my body , and the sound in my ear ( it sounds like my ceiling fan at first but then) keeps getting louder, but i thankfully got out of that state by mustering my will to move starting with my fingers..

    My question is this what they call "Sleep Paralysis"? It absolutely terrified me at first but then i got curious after getting out of it.. curious if there really was something in my back..

    is that Sleep paralysis?Thanks for listening..

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  • Complaced?

    so here me and my Ex broke up a week or so.... she was rather too complaced that i would never fall for another girl (which might be true) so here... she dumped me...

    i just wanna ask... if i happen to hit on other girls or fall in love with other girls... will she try reaching out on me? or regret that she dumped me? no im not planning to intentionally fall for other girls to get my Ex back...i just wanna ask so i wont be surprised so i can prepare myself..

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  • LOVE? Please help?

    I had a girlfriend and we just broke up... we spend atleast 2 years... together... although this is the 3rd time of us to break up (sorry for the wrong english)... we had fights ofcourse... and i do loved her with all my heart......then one day.. she just said that her Love wasnt "True" she just treat me like a trash... a garbage... like we didnt have any sort of relationship before...

    My question is.... didnt she really loved me? Not one bit? Im ready for the answer even though it hurts..

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating4 years ago
  • Installing Windows XP SP3 from Bootable USB Help! please me?

    So ... my really old laptop has Vista Starter as its OS, But i heard Vista OS need a much higher requirement on its Hardwares so i want to install Windows XP , but i cant do it since my CD Rom Drive doesnt read CDs , so i figured to install it from a bootable USB , but when i did it , theres an error:

    windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


    please re-install blah blah

    something like that.... please help

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  • Recommendations..?

    umm i have this really Old Laptop Acer Aspire 4715, they say it has really old specs but can you guys recommend some Great games i could play in this? thanks

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks4 years ago
  • Old Tier Laptop?

    hi! i have Acer Aspire 4715 , i know its pretty old but is there a possibility that i can run games like Total War : Medieval II? or Fall out 3? Thanks

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