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  • Why do cameras provoke anxiety in people?

    Even the biggest camera-whores (like me) feel a change in the physical composition of reality once a recording device is turned on and filming.

    This gets a little scientific (Quantuum Physics) I watched "What the Bleep: Down the Rabbit Hole (2006)" and there was this part in the movie where once a recording device was put upon electrons, the electrons acted differently than they did when the camera was switched off, or when a person was not present to physically "watch" the electrons.

    Does this mean that when reality is exposed to perception (in any form), reality becomes contorted and a different reaction is produced?

    I am just exploring the possibilities here. This is extremely far-fetched and goes into illuminati and conspiracy theory, but...

    Is it possible that the camera is the eye of Satan (or an opening to another worldly portal) and that is why we get nervous or we change our behaviour in front of a camera? Because we are being watched by the "other" ones?

    Let's debate! let me hear your thoughts...

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  • I wish my boyfriend was bigger?

    I know this sounds terrible, and I feel so bad thinking this or feeling this way. My boyfriend and I dated online for half a year before we met last summer. We fell in love for many reasons, one of them being because he was so much sweeter than other guys, he didn't pressure me into anything and he treats me like a princess, he is so romantic and dreamy and he is a fantastic listener. He is so giving and I love him so much.

    We met on Facebook, and for months I began imagining him being a certain way in my mind from the photos. I learned early on that he was 5'8 which isn't really that short, but to me I didn't know how dramatic it would be until in person. He has huge muscles in his Facebook photos but in real life they are not as big and wide. He is generally really slender in real life and on the shorter side. It didn't bother me at first, I thought that he was super attractive and I was widely affectionate for him, but lately I have started to have a wandering eye for other guys. I will look at them and get upset and think "That was the type of guy I thought my boyfriend would be," but when I met him, he turned out to be different. I had a mental image of what kind of guy he would be and what I was lusting after and now I have him its different. , and in every other way I am so happy. What do I do? Is there a way I can get him to bulk up? I am so afraid to tell him this since I deeply care for him and I do want to be with my fairytale prince forever <3

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  • How to Tell/Ask My family if my boyfriend can stay with me this summer?


    I just started dating a guy for 6 months online in an LDR and he is coming to visit me for the first time in 2 couple weeks. We haven't booked the ticket since he still has to ask his mom and I have to ask my family if its okay if he stays with us.

    I haven't had a boyfriend since I was 14 and I am 22 now. I barely talk about guys with my family (I live with my Sister and her boyfriend and their son, and my Dad). The topic of BOYS & relationships/sex//liking guys has been a secret since I was in middle school and since my mom passed away I've found it hard to discuss anything remotely relating to relationships. I come off as a studious, innocent daughter.

    The fact that I am even dating a guy will come as a huge shock and surprise to my family and I need to ask them this week so I can book the ticket for my BF before summer's over.

    ****I am most afraid of having them just KNOW that I am into a guy. I feel like it takes away from the magic of being in a relationship, it makes it less sacred**** that is the scary part for me. I am afraid of being teased by them, or being judged that he's here. I am afraid of them instantly thinking of him and I having sex whenever they see us walking in the house together or getting breakfast or leaving for a movie date.

    Do you have any advice on how to ask them? Should I sit everyone down over dinner, or tell each person separately? I'd rather rip the bandaid off quick.

    Any words of comfort from ppl who've had this experience?

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  • How do I have sex at my parent's house without making too much noise?

    I'm a 22 year old girl, not yet moved out since the city I live in is far too expensive and its so much easier to live at home. My sister lives with her boyfriend and son a couple rooms down the hall and I never hear them but I'm sure that they do have sex. I also live with my Dad who is a widower and his room's also down the hallway from mine.

    I masturbate everyday at least 5-9 times a day and I can't *** or feel pleasure unless I moan and whimper. I have tried everything else and I cannot *** by being silent, or by just breathing. I have to hear myself and it turns me on even more (I am a singer and love music so the audio is a huge part of sex).

    My boyfriend will be staying with me for a week next month and the bigger problem - what about sex? How will I have sex with him and drown out the noise of enjoying losing my virginity? I am thinking of renting a bed and breakfast in the country side to take him to or even going to the forest late at night, or having car sex with him. Renting a hotel...I don't know what to do. We haven't even discussed sex yet and we will when we can talk face to face...but do you have any tips for having sex at home?

    Should I just let lose and assume my family knows that I'll be having sex and making noise since he is a boy and I'm a girl and we're staying in the same room? Should I just get over it?

    What should I expect bringing home my first boyfriend?

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  • Why won't this guy call me? What should I say? Should I go HAM ON HIS ***?

    I've been dating this guy online for 2.5 months, and we've known each other for 5 months. He has called me once back in April (July 3rd now), we talked for 2 minutes and his phone cut out and he hasn't called me since. We have just been messaging back and forth every day all day. But his lack of keeping promises is starting to bother me. He told me he would try to call me yesterday and it was the last straw after asking him to call me at least 4 times throughout 2 months.

    He keeps saying he has to put money on his phone card and I know he is less wealthy than I am but I mention to him that we could Skype (FREE!) he just has to download the free app. He keeps saying he has forgotten to do that and then switches the topic. I have a feeling he uses his grandmother's credit card and maybe he has to ask her to download things on his phone so he doesn't want to bother her? But Otherwise, I have no idea. Its really unusual knowing a friend for 5 months and yet he won't call you. And he doesn't try.

    He didn't even call me for my birthday a month ago. That's all I wanted was to hear his voice.

    So what do I say to him? Is this acceptable if a lady wants you to call but you won't budge a finger to download an app to call me? Heck, he could call me through Facebook video call! Its not hard at all.

    continued below...

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  • My Long-distance Boyfriend is coming to visit, my family likes to be in my business? How do I keep it sacred?

    I am 22 and in a long distance relationship. I love my family very much, and I'm on the brink of a successful real estate career.

    I've been keeping this relationship pretty secret and haven't told my family since they tend to judge me, and get into my business, and not respect my privacy when it comes to dating.

    I met this guy, and so far our relationship is sacred to both of us, one of those soul-mate romances that you would protect with every ounce of your body and he's planning on visiting in the next month or two.

    Ever since I was young, my parents would humiliate me whenever I grew a crush on a boy or a celebrity and I am scarred for life when it comes to telling people about someone I like in fear that I will be humiliated again, and all their respect will be lost for this relationship (making rude jokes, asking personal questions, judging and always asking where I am, what I am doing, who I am thinking of, who I am texting etc.)

    This man is someone I want to show everything to, I want him to see my room, my city, I would like him to meet my family. But I am terrified that this will all be ruined if he stays here. My sister will constantly tease me about him being here, my Dad will make uncomfortable statements ("you shouldn't have a boy over its not right….") when I've been a sweet, obedient, virginal angel all my life. I know what I want and I 22

    I wish to GOD that I had my own apartment right now. How do I battle these issues and anxieties around him coming?

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  • If I sleep next to him will I get pregnant?

    My long distance boyfriend will be staying with me this summer and we haven't slept together or had sex yet. I have never slept in a guys arms, spooned or cuddled next to a guy before so I don't know what its like. If I am sleeping next to him and he has a wet dream or ejaculates in his sleep on accident will I get pregnant? Is there a way to sleep so this won't happen?

    Of course we will both be wearing clothes but can't semen soak through clothes?

    We are planning on saving sex for marriage also but there is only one bed at my place and who wouldn't want to be cuddled up next to each other sleeping?

    Although I'm new to this and wondering if any of you ladies have tips on how to sleep safely next to a guy? (I feel like I won't have a minute of sleep constantly worrying that he might ejaculate near me!)

    My last resort is actually wearing layers of shorts under denim shorts to sleep but that would be so uncomfortable throughout the summer!!!

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  • Is it too early to talk about sex with my online Boyfriend?

    I ended up dating this guy through Facebook and we've been dating for 2 months now. Sex has come up once when he mentioned he has thought about having sex with me. Once he said that I immediately told him that I'm terrified of getting pregnant although I have fantasized about being close to him. I told him that when we meet I cannot guarantee that will happen with him because of my fear. He was very supportive and said we don't have to "do it". He was more concerned about not losing me rather than ensuring we have sex. He made it clear he has needs as a guy, but he also just wants my company and love.

    Since then (probably around a month ago), he hasn't brought up anything directly sexual, except when him and I talk about cuddling. We haven't even discussed kissing yet. There are also times where he's indirectly said "you send my mind running," or something like that. He is like a saint and a gentleman.

    Is it too early to talk about sex together? Will it ruin the surprise when he comes to visit me one day?

    I am a very, very sexual girl. I am one of the most sexual and freaky girls you will meet. I masturbate all the time & I have tried to hint at it to him but I don't want to spoil the surprise. Should I wait til I meet him in person to talk about sex and how he makes me feel when I touch myself and my naughty fantasies? Or is 2 months enough to begin talking dirty and enjoying sexting etc? I am so horny for him I just don't want to ruin it by speaking too soon.

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  • Do I Tell an FTM I have a Crush on him?

    Dear Yahoo,

    I am utterly in love head over heels with an FTM I met at school earlier this year. He is in an open relationship in a leather family (slave-master) and he has been avoiding me recently. he invited me to his house in the summer where we romantically sung songs with his guitar in his garden. He was all I could think of all summer long and now its the fall. I see him at school every week. I want to tell him that I am into him somehow. Btw I am a straight girl, mostly into guys, (but I used to be lesbian). Should I tell him? and how? Will I seem like a predator by telling him I have feelings for him?

    These are some ideas. Which is the best?

    1. Make him a cover of "Guilty as Charged" by Tegan and Sara and send it to him

    2. Make him a mix CD (we discussed doing this but never sent them to each other)

    3. Tell him through facebook and then drop out of the classes we've had together

    4. Ask him to coffee and tell him to his face (problems: I will be super nervous and may not get my point across and he NEVER has time to do anything or go anywhere with me)


  • Why Doesn't He (FTM) Like Me (Straight girl)?

    I am a straight girl, generally. I have been attracted to females when I was younger and was very lesbian before.

    I met this awesome guy last Feb. He is an FTM and he is in a complicated open relationship involving slave-master and the leather community...he is a slave.

    He expressed an interest with me in the spring and we have been flirting here and there, back and forth through FB and seeing each other at school. He stands with his legs wide apart whenever we talk, and has this super cute side-smile when he talks to me. He speaks to me different than his friends. He puts on a more mature and respectful way of speech.

    I went over to his house once to sing with him on the guitar for the afternoon. He was so sweet to me, and we had an amazing time it seemed, besides a few awkward moments and my SUPA STRAIGHT GURL SWAG lol. I embarassed myself a couple of times mentioning how I used to be into lesbian music and I was SUPER shy, because at that point, I was very lusty for him and almost couldn't control it. We even talked a (little) about cunnilingus! :O and he was the one to say the word. As you can imagine, I almost died.

    I have had a crush on him ever since he told me in class that he wanted to sing with me, in a super sexy voice. I was instantly head-over-heels.

    I don't know why, but he's been ignoring me, or just not wanting to have anything to do with me. The last time he posted on my facebook was to a sexy photo of me with pink lipstick on saying "OH :)"

    The last time we had a convo was when I asked him on FB to go to a movie with me, and he waited til I got back to school but I missed class that day and told me over messages that he couldn't go and we had to rain check it. I still haven't heard from him. I am dying to be alone with him and make love to him. I am sorry. But this is the honest truth. There is no other thing I want more right now than to connect with him.

    I haven't really been on a good level with him since mid-september. It is Oct. 5 now.

    Why is he ignoring me? I am very attractive, I have many guys chasing after me at the school we go to. I am social and bubbly, positive and mature. Every time he talks to me, he tries to get away as fast as he can, or he is too busy to go to a movie with me or anything else of the like.

    It seems like he wants nothing to do with me, and I don't know WHY HE DOESNT LIKE ME.

    I cry every night, because all I wanted was to get to know him more. He seems like a wonderful person, and I don't know what in the world I did wrong.

    Are there any FTMs that can help me out and give me perspective on what's going on?

    Many thank you's.



  • When you first meet someone, do you imagine how they would be in bed (if you like them or not?)?

    I was just wondering if other people do this too. When you first meet a person, whether its some ugly person or someone you just have an instant crush on, do you think of how they would be in bed?

    I consider myself one with a pervy mind, and I always imagine that whenever I meet someone, whether its a friend or a potential lover. I guess its a thing to help us choose our mates wisely? Idk... I wanted to know if many other people had this because I wonder if other people think it about me?

    If we think of each other in this way, does that mean everyone is a potential mate? It just depends how much you would sacrifice to have them?

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  • He asked me over to his house (for sex?), does he like me?

    I met a guy at college. We are both shy and haven't talked much at school. I developed a crush on him quickly around february and we talked once about singing together. Before summer was out we talked online about meeting up and singing (we both do music). He recently asked me to come over to his place and it is our first actual time hanging out alone away from school or friends. First of all, I came over expecting us to have sex or make out - because I thought that's what you do as a 20 year old girl going over to a 25 year old guy's house. I guess I thought this because I felt some mild flirting between messages back and forth and in class but VERY VERY mild, mostly friendly.

    I came over and I met his roommates. He was extremely polite, hospitable and friendly. He ensured I wasn't hungry or cold and that I was comfortable.

    I was extremely nervous and reserved because it was my first time hanging with him and I was super shy since I'm also attracted to him. We ended up singing away the afternoon in his yard. It was better than sex. It felt so good to sing with him all the songs we loved. He seemed interested in me, but also kind of shy at times (mostly confident and like a leader) He seemed a bit afraid of me, too, because I can be intimidating and judgemental and I'm working on that. But he is very easy going and I know he expected that asking me over.

    There were times when things got akward and his roommates said some things that made things akward for him. I could tell he was uncomfortable. I also learned that he has multiple relationships at once. And I am secretly into that lifestyle too (but he doesn't know yet - I haven't told him). He is such a sweet, hot and caring guy. I have fallen so hard for him since the beginning of february this year and I can see us being partners and really good friends.

    From this information do you think he'll ask me back over? Do you think he likes me by asking me over? He told me after that he loved the company and thanked me for coming all this way. he said he'd love to come to my place next time. implying that we'd meet up again. There were also times where I'd be singing, and out of the corner of my eye, I'd catch him looking at me a certain way while he was playing his guitar. I'd look at him and he'd look away. He had this look like he was...turned on? You know when a guy looks at you randomly for a long time and you can feel that there is some kind of thing going on, and you just have to turn your head. That was literally the ONE time our eyes actually met. We were both so shy singing for the first time infront of each other. and when it happened, it was like this rush of energy. It was so perfect...but I wonder if I'm reading it wrong. Can I be wrong that he likes me? I know he has mulitple relationships - is it possible I could BE with him to? I want to know him more than just on the surface. He is such a deep person, and I would love to get intimate with him and for us to be completely ourselves and look into each others eyes like its okay to like one another. Why does it feel like it is so forbidden? Its like we're two shy puppies but to the other people we know in life we're like confident and crazy and even rude sometimes.

    I know there is chemistry. There were these moments when our voices synced up and it was just pure bliss. It was just unbalanced with the akward moments and misunderstandings between us. We're from two different social backgrounds and different parts of the city. Even though, it was uncomfortable at times, I would give it a second chance. Do you think he will? Do you think I'll get asked out again? Or is it my turn to ask him to come up to my house? I don't want to sound desperate, though. But I can't wait to meet him again <3

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  • Going out with an FTM guy? Help? He doesn't know I know!?

    I am going out with an FTM guy...sort of. And I really really like him. I've developed a huge crush on him, I don't know if he likes me the same way, though. It seems like we have flirted a bit, but its also coupled with us being very shy around each other. We're basically just hanging out on what I perceive as a "semi-date."

    So my problem is, I've been looking up his profile, twitter etc for ages, trying to get to know him and what he likes, because I was oh so curious...and I stumbled across that he's FTM. this was a few months ago. At first I thought he was a full out guy. I am totally fine with him being FTM. I think he's sexy and sensitive, sweet and funny! Everything you'd want in a boyfriend. Him being FTM is a beautiful bonus.

    But i've been researching, (and this is going to seem like I'm stereotyping), but because I'm a regular girl who hasn't gone through his life, I don't know what to say if he asks "by the way, did you know I'm FTM?

    Do I say..."yes, I've been stalking you" or "no I couldn't tell!!!" which is sort of true since I couldn't tell until I saw his Twitter and his friends and it all linked up. Like do FTM guys get upset when you say "Yes I know," isn't that an insult like - all you've been doing to be integrated into male culture isn't working, and I totally knew you were FTM, even though I'm fine with it? Or am I supposed to lie and say no, I couldn't tell. I will do whatever to make him feel comfortable and make him feel like the sexy man he is to me.

    What is the right thing to do?

  • My Dad constantly thinks he's going to die, how can I reassure him?

    My Dad has diabetes, he always talks about how he is going to die soon and how we all have to be prepared etc. I feel like I upset him sometimes by mentioning that my friends' dads died and it reminds him. There are numerous situations where I feel like I stress him out by accidentally mentioning something to that effect.

    People don't live forever, I know, but his rationale is that he will die any day soon. I mean, it makes sense in 10-15 years maybe, because that is the average life span of a diabetic, but he is really healthy right now, excercising, keeping in shape, eating mostly well. How can I make him feel better and lose this mindset? Its understandable to get yourself used to the idea but worrying about it everyday is manic!

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  • How do I get Facebook Timeline when I can't click the 'Get Now' button?

    I know that you get facebook timeline by clicking on one of your friend's profiles (who have timeline) and clicking the green "get now" button, but on every profile I see, it only says 'learn more' instead of 'get now.' Why is this happening? Thanks! :)

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  • Why do pizzas taste better at party places than from domino's and regular brands?

    party pizzas at bowling alleys and birthday party places ROCKKKKKKK!!!!

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  • Is it wrong for a 19 year old girl to like a 61 year old man? Are 60 year old guys really "slow"?

    I have this crush on this guy, and its driving me crazy. I know its "wrong" in the views of society etc. and I'm not planning on dating him or even meeting him for other complicated reasons. I don't want to be in his life because I know I would be ruining it. But, it sounds crazy but I'm soooo attracted to him, and I don't care what anyone has to say, but I think he's so sexy. Is it wrong for me to feel this way? Does anybody else have similar feelings for a man with such an age difference...? I hate age! Its just a number...why does it even matter? Things like this happen behind closed doors (usually) anyways... ;) I can be really mature and really immature at the same time (gemini lol) so I can guarantee we'd have things to talk about and the same kind of interests.

    Also, are 60 year old guys actually slow? By slow does that mean it takes a long time to get it up? or...slow as in how fast he thrusts? lol sorry for the details, but ya I mean slow or fast it doesn't matter to me, as long as its with him. I like it slow and hard anyways.

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  • Three sketchy vans meeting up in a parking lot every night?

    I drive by in my black pick-up truck smoking on a marlboro every night at around 1:45 am - 2:15 and see these three vans, one rusty brown, one white and one greenish-blue parked side by side (one facing forward, one facing backward and the other facing forward) they are usually there on the weekends and it looks like they are doing some sketchy activity.

    one guy looks like a hippy with a hat on, longish hair, big glasses and kind of like the bigger version of john lennon, one guy is old and looks like he's in his 70s, hunched over, the other guy is really big and has dark hair and a moustache and go-tee ish mess.

    I don't want to call the cops because I'm too curious to find out what they're doin haha.

    Anyone have any idea what they could be up to?

    Some people have said its the paper boys meeting up, but I think its a drug mule.

    Any ideas?

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  • Can you tape your passport page?

    I have a canadian passport and I am going on a trip soon. My page recently fell out of my passport (with all the info on that page) and I was wondering if its okay to tape it in, if I did it very well and you can't really see the tape, except a small line going across the top of the part that says canada? I went home with it ripped out and the lady saw it ripped and she said that it is valid for me to go home but I can't go anywhere else unless its fixed. I don't want to get a new one because it costs so much money (87 bucks) to get a new one, and I taped it in pretty well. Is it okay to do that? Will they notice? Is it a big deal? Can I just say that the binding was coming loose, so I taped it so in the future it doesn't fall out? HELP GUYS!!! :) thanks!

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