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  • What supplements to help me get lean muscle?

    I want to build lean muscle I have protein powder, bcaa and creatine but not sure if to take the creatine because I’ve heard of stomach bloat and can cause hairloss, what should I take that will help me build muscle like an athlete 

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 months ago
  • Masturbating everyday?

    Everyday I keep masturbating and thinking is it ok? People keep telling me that semen retention is good and has benefits like more energy clearer mind, and more tesosterone, so I don’t know what to do? Would I look a better person retaining my semen?

    7 AnswersMen's Health7 months ago
  • When do I take protein powder and when do I take bcaa?

    I want to start gym next week today I bought protein powder and bcaa, when am I suppose to take them?

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness10 months ago
  • What would be better for me :)?

    I’m not sure if to buy a premium snap of a hot girl to look at and masturbate? Or buy a app that helps u quit porn and not masturbate? Which is the better choice and is better for a healthy mind 

    4 AnswersMen's Health10 months ago
  • Trying to build muscle?

    I’m trying to build muscle, I’m new to this and was wondering how many times a week I should be working out? Today I bought some dumbbells and barbell and a ab workout bench, I also got some protein, how many times a week should I workout to get muscle and do I need to buy anymore supplements

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness10 months ago
  • Am I wasting my time masturbating?

    Almost everyday I waste my evenings looking at porn and masturbating, my friend told me instead of masturbating and looking at a screen why don’t u go to the gym get a muscley body and get a real gf, afterwards I felt a loser, is he right?

    24 AnswersMen's Health11 months ago
  • What’s better out of these 2 series?

    What’s better out of the office and everybody loves Raymond

    10 AnswersComedy11 months ago
  • Should I take these supplements for muscle?

    I want to get lean muscle should I take protein powder and creatine or should I just take protein? Which would be better for faster results

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness12 months ago
  • Creatine question?

    I just started going to the gym I am taking whey protein daily just wondered should I take creatine too, I want an athletic body with muscle

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • Creatine should I take?

    I'm looking to get lean muscle like usain bolt or an athlete, I'm thinking of buying creatine and taking 3g a day, but have read things like damage to ur kidneys and heart and hair loss is it safe or should I just take protein powder

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • Creatine question?

    Today I bought some creatine and my friend said it causes hair thinning and hair loss is this true and should I take it??

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • Is creatine ok to take?

    Yesterday I bought some creatine to build some muscle but I have read some bad things about it like causing hair loss and stomach upsets etc I'm only taking 3g, should I take it or just keep to protein??

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • Putting on muscle?

    I'm trying to put on muscle by lifting 10kg dumbells, should I be lifting everyday or every other day

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 year ago
  • Will masturbation drain my energy?

    I haven't masturbated in 4 days now and have the urge, I have to be up early tomorrow tho and work a 7 hour shift, I have noticed my energy levels have been good, if I masturbate tonight will I feel drained tomorrow?

    11 AnswersMen's Health2 years ago
  • Would u travel to meet a girl?

    I met a girl online and we have been speaking for about a week and messaging and sending snaps, we really like each other and she has just started saying she loves me, would u travel 4 hours by train to meet a girl u met online it's a long time to travel and going to cost me money I like her a lot

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Should I stop viewing porn?

    Should I stop viewing porn when I'm horny? I've read that it's damaging to the brain and reality to real sex

    6 AnswersMen's Health2 years ago
  • eBay seller question?

    I am selling an item on eBay and it now has 5 bids but hasn't met the reserve price yet, im thinking I want to keep the item now, can I end it and keep what I was going to sell

    2 AnswersSmall Business2 years ago
  • Would u pay if u was a fan of someone?

    Do u think it's worth paying $20 or £15 to view a celebrity or models pictures if ur a fan on onlyfans site??

    4 AnswersCelebrities2 years ago
  • Do I have an addiction to masturbation?

    Every night I like to edge for 4 to 5 hours and watch porn do u think I have an addiction to porn and masturbation???

    9 AnswersMen's Health2 years ago
  • Can I lift 10kg dumbells everyday?

    Can I lift 10kg dumbells everyday or will doing this effect gains or will it make me gain quicker I usually lift for 1 hour

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness2 years ago