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  • ap physics help?!!?

    What is the PE of a spring that is stretched 0.25 cm. with a spring constant of 240 N/m that follows Hooke's law?

    can you explain it out because this makes no sense to me. 

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    A force of 80 N acts on the block at the angle of 30 degrees. The block moves a horizontal distance of 3.0 m. How much work is done by the applied force?

    A: 208 J

    B: 240 J

    C: 1320 J

    D: 2354 J

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  • ap physics help?

    If a 600 newton person climbs a 10-meter tall ladder in 6 seconds, how much power did they generate in climbing the ladder?

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  • AP physics please help :(( ?

    How long does approximately it take a 19k W steam engine to do 6.8 x 10^7J of work?

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  • Ap physics help ?!!?

    Given that the total mechanical energy of a particular system is 100 J and if the amount of potential Energy in the same system is 28 J. What is the amount of the Kinetic Energy in that same system?

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  • Ap physics help?

    How much work is done by a boy pulling a wagon across a level playground while applying a constant force of 95 Newtons for 40 m. How much work has he done? The angle between the handle of the wagon and the direction of motion is 43°.


    work=force*distance but where does the degrees go??

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  • AP physics?

    How much work is being done by a person who applies 50 N of force against a brick wall for 5 minutes?

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  • physics? ?

    A marble rolls down a ramp for 15 seconds If the inital velocity of the marble was 0.8 m/s and the final velocity was 7 m/s, what is the accleration of the marble? 

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  • PHYSICS HELP please :(?

    A person kicks a rock off a cliff horizontally with a speed of 20 m/s. It takes 7.0 seconds to hit the ground. Find:

    a) The height of the cliff.

    b) The final velocity of the rock just before it hits the ground.

    c) The distance the rock travels horizontally before it hits the ground.


    it needs to be drawn but I have no clue how. 

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  • help!!!!!!?

    A boy throws a tennis ball straight up into the air with an initial velocity of 39.2 m/s. The ball reaches a point in the air ( its peak) and falls back down into the boys hand. What is the velocity of the ball when it hits his hand? *

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