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  • What movie is this?

    I saw a movie 15 to 20 years ago and I can't find even a reference to it anywhere. It's an animated movie and the plot as best as I can remember is an astronaut is sent to space for some reason but was left to die and when he returned home he told the story of how he survived. He crashed on a Planet that was was inhabited by man sized nose people and he settled down and had little nose kids until one day the other inhabits of the world attacked them they were hand and feet people he managed to escape and get home with the help of the nose people apparently the snot was like rocket fuel. Anyway that was the story he told the truth was he actually spent the whole time in space with some test animals learning how to crossbreed them he eventually has an animal sex orgy that results in him having a team of mutant killer animals that he sets free and kills eveyone.

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  • what's wrong with this profile?

    okay so I got some advice and how to write a better profile on here about a week ago this is my second attempt and I'm still not having any luck can someone please help me and explain what I have done wrong this time or is it as simple as I'm just not attractive please be brutally honest because not knowing why I'm single is a lot worse than actually being single thank you for your time

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  • what is wrong with my profile that nobody will message me?

    seriously I've been on this and other dating website for the better part of 6 years I've had one disastrous date she turned out to be completely insane and I've gotten less than a dozen messages and only two of those message were from people I didn't message first one with the crazy woman the other a 70 year old man (please don't ask) oh also I send out three or four messages every week so it's not like I'm not trying. be brutally honest cause I'm really asking here because checking my profile several times a day everyday with absolutely no result is starting to get to me

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  • what do you think of this guys profile?

    I personally think he's an ugly loser but that's just me.

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  • What is the name of this cartoon?

    I saw this animated film about 10 years ago so it's at least that old I don't really remember what its about but this guy is in space and he crashes on a planet thats inhabited by walking noses and they come under attack by feet people and I think that race is led by these giant lips anyway he somehow makes it back to Earth and on the way back he has an orgy with the test animals he brought with him and they give birth to these mutant cross species that end up killing everybody and that's all I remember nobody believes me this movie is real because it's so weird and gross

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