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Male, gay, atheist, incoming freshman in college. Now that that's covered, may I ask how many assumptions you have made about me based on those four facts? Some may be true, some may be false, but one thing's for sure: You must not assume your guesses are facts until you have proof.

  • How do I prevent excessive sweating?

    I have tremendous anxiety problems, and as a result I tend to sweat a whole bunch. It doesn't help that I wear size small shirts, and the sleeves for whatever reason tend to dig into my underarms and as a result get drenched. It gets really embarrassing and uncomfortable, is there any way to help stop it? I've tried antiperspirants, wearing bigger shirts, staying hydrated, pretty much everything imaginable.

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  • Problems with my laptop?

    I have an Alienware M17x laptop. You know, the kind that's supposed to be able to play awesome games? Well, every time I try to play awesome games (Skyrim, Civ 5, Starcraft II) it randomly shuts off and the top-left corner of the keyboard is hot to touch. It takes a few tries to get it to turn back on, and when I do the scroll and num lights keep flashing while the caps light stays on.

    Yes, I made sure it has all the specs needed to run those games. It passes tests with flying colors. I tried to open it up to get to the fan (In case there might be a dust issue) but the way the laptop's built makes it nearly impossible to get to it without special tools. I'm using a laptop cooler and everything (though it's not very effective given the weight of the laptop kinda crushes it)

    Is there anyone else that's having this issue and knows how to fix it?

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  • Help with CS homework?

    For a class in Hardware, a homework assignment asks us to do the following:

    "Create doubles representing infinity, negative infinity, and zero. For each operator listed, provide the results for all possible combinations of these values (i.e. inf+inf, inf+0, inf+ -inf, etc.)"

    I'm not looking for the answers, I'm just confused on how to represent infinity without using a package or anything like that. My professor suggested some obscure way that was basically this:

    double d;

    unsigned char* b = (char *) &d;

    b[3 /*address doesn't really matter?*/] = 0,11111111,00000000

    I'm assuming that's the bit pattern for positive infinity. Is what he said correct at all? Or is he totally wrong/did I incorrectly type what he was suggesting? He's not the most organize of professors so...meh. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Is my American Eagle application dead on arrival?

    I recently applied to American Eagle for a salesperson position. It didn't look good at all, and here's why: I've only ever had one job, and it only lasted a month (It was meant to be temporary; I was to update a company's client database. Once it was done, that was it) . Because it was such a short time, I didn't put that employer under references. Unfortunately, because it was my only job, and I'm going to school out-of-state and thus don't know anyone local to help me get in, I didn't have ANY references to list.

    I know I can be a very outgoing and confident person and can show that in an interview, but I'm worried that I won't even get called for one. Is my application screwed?

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  • Weird skin condition, possibly psoriasis?

    I always thought this was normal, but when a friend of mine saw the bottom of my feet, he was amazed and worried. Since puberty the bottom of my feet, between my toes, the proximal phalanges areas, and sometimes my palms would have little white spots of dead skin that I could peel off. It just seemed normal to me 'cause it rarely ever caused bleeding and the skin underneath looked good as new, if a little pinkish.

    I've looked at pictures of psoriasis since my friend suggested it, and they seem too severe to be what I have. They seem too red, bleeding, etc.

    Thoughts, people of the internet?

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  • Portal 2 replacement?

    I recently got my pre-ordered Portal 2 for the 360 when I meant to preorder it for the PC. Oh well, I'll just play on my 360 even though I wanted to play on my laptop. It's ok. Then I get home, and the disc is defective. The 360 makes clicking noises and won't read the disc.

    What would be the fastest way of getting it replaced? A solution that includes getting a PC copy instead would be fantastic.

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  • Why do people pretend like they have credibility?

    Every major psychological and psychiatric organization has declared that homosexuality is NOT a mental disorder, is NOT a choice, and can NOT be changed. Why is it then that there are people who, without a degree in psycology, psychiatry, or, hey, even -philosophy- refute this? Do they really think they have any credibility? It's like a cook claiming that E does not equal MC^2 just because he doesn't think it's right.

  • Should I move to Canada?

    Basically I'm fed up with American politics and people. We're constantly lagging behind other countries, especially in human rights (same-sex marriage, abortion, health care) legislation. I've heard Canada's pretty much got that part down, so should I move to Canada after graduating from college and earning enough money? How long does it take to get citizenship, and is it overly difficult? How are people considered "different" treated there?

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  • What would be the best computer for this major?

    I am going to college soon and looking into a Computer Information Systems major, with the ultimate goal of being a video game programmer. What kind of laptop should I get then for the best performance? The only suggestion the professors have given me is that it be a Windows product as the school's products are Windows as well, so there won't be any compatibility issues. Sorry if this was a little (well...very) vague.

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  • What excuse do homophobes have?

    We've come a long way in society in regards to what makes someone human. First we thought gender determined the perfect human. Then ethnicity. Then race. Now it seems to be sexual orientation that's been demoted to 2nd-class-citizen. But I have to ask: why? What excuse does one have?

    Homosexuals have been referred to as pedophiles. But has there been any evidence to support that? Actually, there hasn't been any. In fact, pedophilia has been shown to be separate from orientation and has to do with the age of the victim, not the gender. It is the inability to form a relationship with an adult.

    They've been attributed to the spread of AIDS. But were they the ones who caused it? If so-called "Patient Zero" (btw, the author who coined that term later expressed doubt on whether the gay flight attendant was really the first infected) hadn't done it, what would've stopped a straight person from bringing it in? It's a disease; it doesn't discriminate. Why should we?

    Religions have condemned it, saying it's unnatural and not God's intention. But if it's unnatural, why does it happen? No one would certainly choose to be hated by half the world (keep in mind it's punishable by death in the middle east). Why does it happen in multiple species of animals? You can claim that the body was made for reproduction, but then should we just go around having sex and making babies everywhere? Is there really no other purpose for us? I don't believe in an ultimate purpose for our existence, but that's just sad. Overpopulation wasn't an issue back when religions were first founded, unlike now. Don't you think the culture and situation had something to do with how the Bible, Quran, etc. were written? Why should we call homosexuality a sin, when the same religions ask for love of thy neighbor and to note judge others, and that you should marry your rapist and stone people who plant two crops next to each other?

    Therefore, I can only come to one conclusion. Based on studies that have shown that the majority of homophobic people have never actually been acquainted with a homosexual, I can assume that ignorance plays a big part in homophobia. You have heard terrible things from others, or have payed attention to a single unfavorable homosexual and have generalized such a diverse community. Homosexuality doesn't determine whether you are feminine or masculine, promiscuous or faithful, earlybird or late-riser. It is an orientation. That's it. So why all the disgust and hatred? There isn't any excuse in my eyes. So please, by all means, tell me yours. Tell me how you can face all the evidence saying that homosexuality is normal and okay and still say it's wrong.

    (TLDR: Why do you have homosexuals for no verifiable reason other than ignorance?)

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  • LGBT, what are your thoughts of Obama's presidential career so far?

    Please no hate speech. You could give a description or a rating (x/10 for example) if you so desire.

  • Can the people of R&S say something nice about other religions/beliefs?

    Too often we harass and throw hateful comments at each other, so I think it's time we start acting like adults for at least one question and say something nice about each of the following groups. I don't mean sarcastic or witty comments, but genuinely nice:








    (I know there are more, but these are the ones most frequently talked about)

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  • R&S: Can religion eventually be what it was meant to be?

    I'm an atheist, and will always be atheist. However, I have plenty of theist friends that I adore for their open-mindedness and acceptance. It's because of them that I have...let's say, 30% feeling that all religion will eventually become what it was meant to be: a message of love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

    However, lately I've felt that this just isn't going to happen, and my feeling has a chance of dropping down to less than 5%. Religion has caused me and countless others so much pain. Religion has been used to persecute blacks, women, homosexuals, what's next? I always used to respect people who had a faith, even if I didn't agree with it, but this is too much! I can't stand to see all the hatred religion has caused!

    I KNOW there are good theists out there, but it seems like they're constantly overshadowed by the bigots. I need some advice (not conversion please) on how to cope with this.

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  • What's going to be the next big issue?

    Disclaimer: I have plenty of theistic friends who are very friendly and accepting of everything. They use their religion for love, not hate. This question is based around the nutjobs, the ones who use religion in terrible ways to spread hatred and lies.

    What do you all think the nutjobs will rant about next, once the LGBT, evolution, atheists, etc. are finally accepted?

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  • LGBT: Is there a place where...?

    I can go, like a website or forum or something, and just post various ideals? I guess kinda like a blog, but most blogs aren't even looked at. I want somewhere to post what I think about certain issues and get peoples' responses. Anyone know a site like that?

    I've just been feeling rather...ignored lately.

  • Christians, what are your thoughts on this?

    I don't think all Christians would be this ridiculous, but hopefully now there will be people who will take medical advice seriously?

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  • Is there such a tendon in the body?

    A friend of mine recently asked if there was a tendon that went from your back to the middle of your foot. It rings a bell for some reason, though the largest foot-related tendon I can find is Achilles, and that only reaches to the calf.

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  • Was God really that fickle to condemn us after an apple?

    As a nice atheist, I try to understand and respect peoples' different beliefs. But there's one (well, okay, lots, but this one keeps popping in my mind) thing that seriously and constantly confuses me.

    The Christian God is supposedly benevolent. He's all huggy smiley goody-goody. So then why did he condemn all of mankind...because of an apple?

    Yes, I understand it was against God's orders to eat the apple, but come on! That's like starting a war over a bag of Cheetos! Can a Christian (respectful Christian, mind you, I know there are at least a few of you out there) please clear this up for me?

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  • What's going on between my keyboard and my computer?

    I just recently cleaned my keyboard and plugged it back in to its original USB slot. It started working, everything was fine and dandy, then my computer starting popping up messages saying: USB Device Not Recognized. It then proceeds to tell me that it's "malfunctioning" and "Windows does not recognize it." I go through the troubleshooting and it does nothing to help.

    Is there any way to turn off these notifications that keep popping up, or is my computer too stupid to identify a stupid keyboard?

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