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  • Period question?

    So I am going to Jamaica on February 4th. I am on the birth control pill and my period comes on the 4th sugar pill every single month. Anyways when I had my last period I made a joke to my mom saying “my luck my period will come the one week of the year that I’m going away on my trip” Sure enough, I figured it out and it’s supposed to come the exact day I leave, the 4th of February. The timing could NOT be worse, lmao. I read online that if I skip the sugar pill week of my birth control pills, and start my new pack of pills right away when I should be starting the sugar pill week, that my period will not come. I also asked my nurse and she said that should work. Has anyone ever tried this and did it actually work? I know I should be listening to what my nurse told me (I am) just want to hear if any girls actually tried this and had it work, or if it didn’t work. 

    My periods aren’t even that bad (3 days of it being fairly heavy, but then it lingers on for about 2-3 days which is super annoying, like not enough for a tampon, but I’ll be wearing a bikini pretty much the whole time and can’t really wear a liner in the water. Just want to hear your stories with this method, as I’m going to try it anyways lol. Also did you still get cramps and stuff, or did it skip the period + it’s symptoms all together? Thank you in advance.

    Women's Health9 months ago
  • My moms boyfriend is mentally abusive?

    And she won’t leave him. We all moved together around 2 months ago, and he has had 4 major outbursts since. It started when I asked for a drive to work. Im a 5 min drive to work, my mom also doesn’t have a car rn so we’re using his. Before we moved in together I was told by him that I’d have ways to and from work to help.My mom asked to drive me and he lost it and went on a rant about how I don’t pay bills (couldn’t afford it at first) how I’m not his responsibility, and how I need to suck it up and take the bus to work. He said some bad things about me. The outburst after that he was getting in our faces telling us to f*** off and to f*** ourselves. (He has major trust issues and was on a rant that day that my mom was our cheating on him when she was out with ME) he called her a whore, etc. 

    And the last (worst) outburst was about 1.5 weeks ago. He was on another cheating rant and I told him to grow up (she’s not a cheater she was with me, he once again told me to get the f*** out of his face. I started crying and fixed my makeup (I have bad anxiety) and he made a comment about how “makeup won’t make me look any better, I’m not that impressive” and then he brought my boyfriend into it (he wasn’t even there) calling him a hillbilly and saying how he’s not allowed here he’s acting like nothing happened and is great with my mom, but hasn’t said 1 word to me or even an apology. Idk what to do and I’m getting depressed the longer I’m around him, advice?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating10 months ago
  • What’s the difference between sterling silver and white gold?

    So I can’t wear gold because I am allergic to it. (Plus I don’t really like the look of it). I love silver so I’m wondering what is the difference between sterling silver and white gold? Would I be able to wear white gold if I’m allergic to regular gold? I looked up pictures and they look the same just not sure what the difference is. 

    Ps. My boyfriend was wondering what the difference was and I really am not sure so idk what to tell him 😂

    6 AnswersFashion & Accessories10 months ago
  • What can cause a credit score to go down for no reason?

    It was the same number for a few months. It was in the “good” range. I was happy with it. I just checked it and it went down about 15 points. But nothing has changed. I’ve done nothing different. I payed my credit card the same day I always pay it (which is pay day). and I never owe much on it. could it be because my pay is this Thursday and it will go up once I pay it? I’m just not sure of reasons that could cause it to go down so much with no changes. 

    I’m 20 and really worry about my credit because I’ve seen how it can mess up your life if it’s bad :(

    I guess I’m just wondering if this is a normal thing that will happen (that it fluctuates) or if it was something on my end that I did? This seems dumb to ask but I’m just curious 

    5 AnswersCredit10 months ago
  • Advice to help me stop wearing foundation?

    So here we go. I have always had problem skin. I got bad pimples 2 years ago and went on accutane. That cleared me up so I don’t get bad pimples anymore. But my problem is, since I started puberty I’ve had pretty bad redness (that the accutane didn’t take away) it almost looks like little red pimples spots/scars. I’m 20 now and still have the redness/little red spots. I’m pale so everything is noticeable. But for 2020 i want to start cutting back on foundation (which I wear every single day because I am SUPER self conscious of my red uneven skin) I want to give my skin a break. I just need to hear stories of people of how they got less self conscious of their skin and pushed themselves to go bare. It would save me SO much time in the mornings for work. I will still wear mascara but foundation/concealer is what I want to cut back. I’m always worried about how I look so this is going to be hard for me because I’ve been wearing foundation since I’ve been 13-14. If you’ve done this while being super self conscious please I just want some tips and tricks of how to not worry all day about how “bad” I’ll look. Need some advice from other

    Makeup10 months ago
  • What can cause little red pimples to pop up on your face?

    I used to have bad acne. I got it cleared up a few years ago and usually only get a small pimple or 2 around my period time. I’ve had the same skin/makeup routine for over a year now and I never break out. But over the last almost 2 weeks I’ve noticed I’m getting little red pimples in weird places. (On my temples, random spots on my forehead, corner of my nose, on cheeks and cheek bones, there was even one under my eye brow.) I never get pimples in these spots. Their not white heads like I used to get, just little red dots. I can get them covered up, I’m just wondering what could cause this to happen if I am doing NOTHING different with my skin than I have been for a year now. Literally nothing in my life has changed except a bit of stress, but I’ve also been stressed for a while and i just started breaking out now. Is there a way to stop this before they get worse? :( I would love to be able to stop wearing makeup but I also have a lot of redness and these pimples are not helping, I am very self conscious of my natural skin. 

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions10 months ago
  • Anyone else just have really bad baby fever all the time? ?

    Lol so I just turned 20 and constantly think about how I can’t wait to have kids. (I’ve always wanted to be a mom) I’ve been with my guy for almost 2 years and he wants kids as much as I do. I go into stores and always look at the baby clothes and my ovaries go nuts, lol. I am on the pill (it’s the only form of birth control that we use) and some times I just hope that it fails and I end up pregnant. (I’ve never missed a pill and would never try to get pregnant on purpose at this age by the way) we have talked about it and if it did happen we will make it work. I’m just wondering is anyone else like this at my age?? I feel crazy some times hoping I’ll accidentally get pregnant and stuff and feel like people are going to judge me but it’s how how I feel. And like I said I’ll never try to on purpose until we feel the time is right. Most girls my age don’t want kids at all at this stage in life and I feel like I’m oddly different. Just curious to see how many other girls have gone through or are going through this “baby fever.” 😂

    3 AnswersPregnancy11 months ago
  • Opinion on this gift for my boyfriend?

    So I just turned 20 and he’s almost 19. I’ve been thinking for Christmas I wanted to get him a “printed” canvas photo of us from one of our proms (we both went to each others proms I just have to find a pic that I like best) this can be done at Walmart. Just curious if I guy that age would like something like that or think it’s stupid? He’s not picky and usually doesn’t care but I don’t want him to be dissatisfied with “just a picture” (I will be getting him more smaller things as well, just that would be a bigger gift. I know I would love that as a gift but yet again I’m a girl and love just about anything lol...opinions?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating11 months ago
  • Poll: have you ever stolen anything from a store?

    Like in your whole life time. I have back when I was little and I was definitely punished by my parents and they made me go back and explain to the manager what I did :’)

    6 AnswersPolls & Surveys11 months ago
  • New betta has his gills puffed out?

    So I just purchased 2 bettas last night and bought a new tank with a divider (since bettas can not be placed together) the girl at the pet store recommended that tank to me. I got it all set up and everything is good except one of the bettas keeps swimming around with his gills puffed. The divider is not see through, just has some tiny holes through it, so the bettas cannot see eachother. i know when they do that it means “fight mode” but he’s been looking out the glass which usually means he sees himself thinking he’s another betta, and wants to fight. I had the tank light on but I ended up turning it off thinking it might help. Can bettas do this if they’re stressed from a new environment and stuff? Or is it likely from his own reflection? And if it could be the reflection what could I do to help that out? The other betta seems fine. Just don’t want him stressed if I can help it unless like I said it’s just from the move and stuff. Tia 

    1 AnswerFish11 months ago
  • Does this sound like a type of virus or something more serious?

    Ok so I know I can’t get a diagnosis on here and I’m not looking for one I just want to see what you guys think. (I’m going to doctor tomorrow if it’s still happening regardless). Anyways I woke up in the night last night with bad stomach pain and I ended up having diarrhea. It wasn’t super watery just like mushy poop that came out in a pile (gross I know lol) that happened twice until I fell asleep. So today I didn’t have any more diarrhea but I’ve had a small headache all day and when I peed today at work (this is what’s concerning me) little chunks of green mucus came out after pushing because I felt like I had to have a bowel movement when I sat down. It was just green mucus. Then if that wasn’t bad enough when I wiped there was mucus on the toilet paper with blood (Same colour as period blood, not dark, but seeing any blood is concerning to me). The blood is what’s concerning me. There was no blood in the toilet, just toilet paper. I feel ok today (other than having a mild headache all day) and the odd little cramp) I don’t feel sick and I’m still eating. This all happened at once. I’m just wondering if this sounds like a type of virus or more serious? I’ve also struggled with constipation for a while if that helps anything.

    And like I said. I know I can’t get a diagnosis on here and I will be going to a doctor tomorrow or the next day, just googled my symptoms now I’m more worried because of what I read, lol. Has this ever happened to you? Any help is appreciated.

    3 AnswersOther - Health11 months ago
  • Why are people so mean on yahoo answers?

    I mean like someone will ask a question and some of the answers are just plain rude. I had another account and asked about lymph nodes in my neck swelling (which never happened before so I was curious) and someone commented and called me an attention seeker and called me really horrible names (attention whore for an example was one of the names) and said people like me aren’t respected. I ended up making this new account because I can’t stand negativity, and I read answers on other people’s questions and can’t believe the cyber bullying that goes on when people ask questions and some of the responses shouldn’t even be allowed. Does yahoo not check things that are posted? I’m just wondering why this question platform seems like there is so many more mean people than others I’ve seen. And wanna hear if you guys notice it as much as I do or if I’m just crazy lol. Cyber bullying is not okay I lost someone to suicide and I know how much words can hurt. I know this isn’t really a “question” but I guess I’m kinda asking does anyone else notice this?

    11 AnswersYahoo Answers11 months ago
  • What can cause period-like cramps?

    My period is not due for 2 weeks and I usually don’t cramp until a few days before and the day of, then not again until next month. But for the last about week I’ve been getting period feeling cramps on and off every other day. Now today they’ve been there all day. It’s the exact same feeling as my period, and In the same spot (lower stomach). I’m just confused because this has never happened before. What can cause this? My breasts are tender as well, but they usually are tender on and off throughout the month so that’s nothing out of the ordinary. Just wondering if anyone has ever had this happen before and what it turned out to be. Tia 

    1 AnswerWomen's Health11 months ago
  • Why do sore throats related to colds make you feel the urge to keep swallowing?

    This doesn’t happen every cold that I get, just the odd one. It usually happens during the night on the first day of my cold and I’ll wake up with a sore throat and I have the urge to swallow constantly. It’s happening to me right now and I’m just wondering why/how it happens. My throat doesn’t even really hurt at this point, just feels weird. And does anyone know how to stop it from feeling this way? Cause mannn it’s annoying and kept me up half the night 😂

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management11 months ago